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What Is Considered Normal Blood Sugar | Coordinación Estatal De Protección Civil Morelos

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Damn, how could there be such an adventurer Before being stationed in this world from the God Realm, Misha had listened to the intensive course given by the senior Demon King Alisa in the Demon King Crash Course.Alisa said that every brave man longs for his destined demon king, his mortal enemy who will fight him to the death.For this reason, they are willing to sacrifice everything to kill the evil demon king, and then become the rightful leader of the world.king.And every demon king sent from the God Realm to the human world is a test of the gods for adventurers, and it is a necessary condition for the selection of the king.Therefore, when the brave man struggled to push open the stone door of the divine tower, he couldn t help but widen his eyes curiously, and carefully looked at it.The golden holy light leaked from the crack of the huge stone gate well, it s just a regular special effect, and the gate of his Demon King s City can also emit black mist, no difference.Behind the door is a huge and beautiful hall.The side walls are carved with murals and stone carvings that are common in the God Realm, which makes Misha feel nostalgic.In the center of the tower is a huge teleportation circle, which the brave man took Misha into it.The dwarves there should still remember him.Of course they would be willing to help, what is considered normal blood sugar but he didn t know whether he should do this.After all, among the self righteous divisions of human beings, He can also be regarded as a member of the dark monsters.As the chosen one, the brave man might repel the dwarves.Misha hesitated and turned his head to look at Lance.Then he noticed the way Lance was looking at him at the moment.Full of eagerness, the blue eyes were shining brightly like Misha had never seen before, just like Misha Oh no.What did he what is considered normal blood sugar do Misha nervously recalled what he did after the brave man accidentally fell off the cliff.Misha Yes.If so In the case of the messenger, it is indeed possible.Misha has always thought that human messengers are extremely miraculous.It seems that no matter where the brave man goes, they can always deliver the letter on time.Such messengers are omnipotent.It seems reasonable for them to know that there are dwarves living in the bottom of the volcano.what should be done.Misha nodded, believing the brave man s words, but couldn t help reminding Dwarves are monsters.Lance Did they do anything blood sugar level 400 medications that raise blood sugar levels Misha But you are a brave man.Misha Taking a deep breath, Aren t you afraid of them Lance replied calmly Have I done anything Misha Very good, this classic sentence pattern, Misha thinks that the brave can use it all the way to the Demon King City.Lance propped his chin, frowning slightly, The supervisor told me that if this state continues, Sky City will be abandoned what is considered normal blood sugar in a few years.Mi Sha added a sentence for him If they are not destroyed in the Doomsday War.They will not be destroyed in the Doomsday.Lance said seriously, I will not let them be destroyed in the Doomsday.He seemed to be promising, Swearing that he will protect human beings is really like what a normal brave man would do.Misha couldn t help feeling a bit dazed, and he couldn t help but sigh in his heart.It s great that the brave man has finally grown up Make more money, please Some mages.Even though Misha had been to the dwarf city once before, when he saw the dwarf s Crystal Palace again, he still couldn t restrain his inner emotion the shining brilliant spar glowed with a soft glow, like a star dotted on the dwarf city.Crystals of the dark ground.The dwarf guards were already ready.They lined up neatly on both sides of the aisle, trying their best to show the bravery of the dwarves type 2 diabetes low blood sugar symptoms what is considered normal blood sugar in front of the human brave.The dwarf city lord sat on the throne, his robes were covered with gems, and on his chest was a sword bigger blood sugar too high after eating than his fist.The gemstone pendant, with one hand resting on his chin, looked down on all living beings He tried his best to raise his head, barely staring at the brave man s chest.Misha was surprised A human house Ao Shien En proudly raised his chest Yes Under the bed of the lord of Sky City Misha Oshien I even dug into the bishop s bathtub Misha Humans will welcome you Bar Weird dwarves Lance was not interested in where the caves lead to.He was more concerned about the current situation of these caves.He couldn t help frowning and asked, What about these caves now Oshin sighed long.Humans have blocked the cave.He pointed to the red crosses on the map, and sighed, They also poured gravel and mortar inside, sealing the entrance of the cave tightly, making it difficult for us to dig through.Fortunately, Lance had already grabbed his arm, and said to him in a low voice, You stay.Misha Lance turned his head again, and looked at the light ball floating in mid air, representing Ginnysus.Do you still remember the oracle about the fire of the last days three years ago Lance didn t want to beat around the bush, Is the fire of the last days mentioned in the oracle a nearby volcano Genesis was even more moved.Very good The brave finally began to worry about this impending destruction of the world.He has finally become a normal brave man, and he just needs a little more guidance.Genesus believes that the brave man will soon complete the mission of God and become the king of this world.Misha Me Lance You go out too.Misha Misha frowned slightly, and he couldn t how to check blood sugar at home without meter blood sugar level 400 tell what he felt in his heart.That feeling was like being rejected by Lance for the first time, but this kind of emotion was too slight and sensitive, almost almost inexplicable and weird.With just a slight leap in Misha s heart, he disappeared.He still walked out with Samuel and the others, while fabricating a lie very naturally, in order to respond to Samuel s inquiry about his burn.Finally, only Lance and Arlo were left in the room.Arlo was a little nervous.He obviously didn t have a good impression of this brave man, and he was a little afraid of being alone with the brave man.Misha You Forget it, he gave up.Why would he waste his time on such a thing It is impossible for the brave to listen to his suggestion.Misha sighed deeply, and turned his head to look at Samuel who was talking with several templars not far away.When he met Samuel for the first time, he only paid attention to Samuel s figure.He couldn t understand how an ordinary man like Samuel Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is considered normal blood sugar could knock out Arlo with a punch.But now, he has extra energy and distracts his attention to other areas related to Diabetes treatment what is considered normal blood sugar Samuel.For example, Samuel s character and etiquette, this is a model of a humble and polite knight, with such teammates joining them, maybe this weird brave man can really be brought back to the right path.Samuel was full of guilt A gleam of joy finally appeared on his face.After he had done so many wrong things, he finally had a chance to make up for Arlo.Of course, he could not suppress the excitement in his heart, and hurriedly asked Misha to introduce the rules of their competition to Arlo, while he walked back obediently.Passing by the Templars, pitifully picked up her wooden sword and shield, and looked at the calm Lance on the other side of the court.After Misha and Arlo introduced the overly simple rules of the competition, he hastily lowered his voice and quickly said what he had just talked with Lance.At this time, he is willing to answer all the questions of the brave man, and of course he is willing to cooperate with all the thoughts and actions of the brave man.So Lance, smiling, asked Samuel his first what is considered normal blood sugar question.Samuel.Lance said gently, How old are you this year This is a common question, and Samuel hardly thought about it, so he what is considered normal blood sugar answered seriously Twenty five years old.Very young.Lance Satisfied and nodded, It s good to be a knight captain at such a young age, and have such good normal blood sugar range chart sword skills.Samuel coughed embarrassedly, and whispered, My father and brother are what is considered normal blood sugar both knights.I have been a knight since I was a child.Although they have not gained the reputation as the saviors, they still promote history.Hero.Lance rubbed his chin thoughtfully.Misha had no idea what Lance was doing.He stood aside, listening to Lance ask Samuel a lot of inexplicable questions, but he never got back to how to get tested for low blood sugar the topic of asking Samuel to join them.He always felt that if this went on like this, Lance might pull Samuel to talk with him about the meaning of God s existence.Arlo grabbed his arm.Wait a minute.Arlo said with a complicated expression, Misha, don t you think this scene is very familiar Misha Familiar Feeling that the scene in front of him was familiar, what is considered normal blood sugar he just wanted to hurry up and interrupt the two of them, and then how to check blood sugar at home without meter blood sugar level 400 formally propose his invitation to Samuel, lest the talkative brave man completely mess up the matter.But with Samuel like this, Arlo was even more afraid.He simply clenched Misha s sleeves tightly and dragged Misha to his side so that he would not be left alone and be murdered again.Misha walked slowly, and Lance also slowed down.The road became extremely long.Even if they could reach the dwarf town today, they would have to stay at the dwarf s place for one night.Misha had mixed feelings.Looking at the relationship between Samuel and Arlo, he always felt that before the adventure started, there seemed to be strange differences among them.Arlo tries to divert Samuel s attention.He coughed a few times, and called Samuel stiffly Samuel, I have a question.But these are not important.He didn t need to ask Misha this kind of thing when Misha was talking to Arlo.Misha breathed a sigh of relief.He looked at Samuel, waiting for Samuel s next explanation related to the angel.Samuel really didn t see anything unusual in it.He explained to several people that some hundreds of years ago, some of the oracles sent what is considered normal blood sugar down by the gods were extremely obscure, and people could only barely guess the meaning of the oracle.These oracles often predict the major events that will happen in the future, and the content is extremely accurate, so both the Holy See and the Kingdom attach great importance to these oracles, and even set up a special research meeting to study these oracles, and the two gods mentioned by the bishop The rumor of the envoy is one of these oracles.With tears in his eyes, he felt sorry for the poor human hero.Lord Demon King s attack was too ruthless, this brave man must take off a layer of skin if how to check blood sugar at home without meter blood sugar level 400 he is not dead.It was almost dawn.The door of the brave man s room suddenly opened with a bang, and Misha rushed out of it in a huff, and disappeared into a infection causing high blood sugar puff of black mist.Oshien swallowed nervously, cleared his throat, and pretended that he had just discovered this place.Strangely, he rushed towards the brave man s room.Panic stricken, he rushed forward and shouted, Lord Lance What happened here The door creaked and barely hung on the door frame, and Oshien only touched it lightly, and the entire door panel responded When it fell down, a cloud of smoke and dust was thrown out, causing Oshien to cough heavily, and he raised his hand to disperse the dust, impact of low blood sugar only then did he see the miserable situation in this room.From the very beginning, Arlo felt a little strange.For a brave man who has just left Novice Village, no matter how great his talent is, it is absolutely impossible to exaggerate it to this extent.Of course he would be curious about what the brave man did in the past three years when he didn t come to the tower.And Misha had asked Lance about it.He was curious about what Lance had done in the past three years, and Lance replied that in the past three years, all he had done was fishing, farming and hunting, and helping the land what is considered normal blood sugar low blood sugar and death of well being to improve its economy.Arlo felt even more strange.You think, considering Lance s personality.He has already seen through that this brave man has a bad personality, and the demons that fall into his hands will not end well.Even if he has been captured by the brave man, he must find a way to protect other demons from being harmed by the brave man.It s time for him to make some contributions to the Demon Race Ashby interrupted the brave man s meditation loudly.I won t take orders from you.Ashby said, Ugly brave man Lance Misha Ashby showed his face full of blood with the charming smile that succubi are best at If you want to seduce me, you have to do it yourself.Arlo, a well known beauty in the god world, froze, feeling that she was humiliated and provoked by the devil.Misha was startled by his actions, looked around, and saw Lance walking towards this side through the garden from a distance.At this distance, as for Ashby But after experiencing what happened to Ashby, Misha deeply felt the brave man s indifference to the devil.He also stood up nervously following Ashby, and looked cautiously at the brave man who was walking towards them.Misha cleared his throat and said, Lord Lance, is there anything else you need Lance Go back and rest.Lance said, I ll just watch him.Misha Huh Ashby Lance Have a good rest, good night.Misha Huh He was at a loss, but Ashby hugged Misha with tears in his eyes leg.Misha also closed his eyes in pain.Sorry, Ashby.I probably won t be able to save you today.Chapter 34 The Name of the Succubus Of course, Lance understands what the succubi mean by eating.Human beings rely on food to maintain their lives, and the never satisfied hunger of succubi drives them to indulge their desires and obtain a short term sense of satisfaction by having sex with humans.Even if they don t eat, it won t have any effect on their bodies.They don t rely on the energy of these human beings to survive, but it s rare for a succubus to resist the painful and endless hunger and thirst.Lance knew very well that this was the nature of succubi.Lance emphasized seriously.Misha Succubus A weakly raised his hand.If we need their consent, can we use illusion He asked in a low voice, In illusion, after humans agree, we Lance interrupted him No.Succubus B hurriedly interjected Then What are we going to Lance A friendly invitation.Misha Misha couldn t imagine the picture of succubus friendly invitations to humans.Lance knocked on the table again and said, Second, don t get involved in other people s feelings.Succubus A But they are all voluntary.Lance raised his eyebrows slightly, and the succubus closed his eyes.Mouth.Third point, this is not a forced decision.Lord Lance, if you leave here Misha lowered his voice, pretending to be whispering, and approached Lance, Have you thought about these succubi, what will happen Lance Ah Shibi is afraid of you, and you are bound by the contract with him, so he can maintain his current restrained appearance.Misha said nonsense seriously, The other succubi are similar, they are willing to do so purely out of fear of how to check blood sugar at home without meter blood sugar level 400 you.Put on your clothes, change your name, and sit how to lower blood sugar level while pregnant here and listen to you.He wanted to tell the brave man that no matter what kind of creature it is, the word nature is not so easy to get rid of, let alone the extremely indulgent succubus, Lance It was okay when they stayed with them, they were afraid of Lance, so they were willing to show meekness, but once Lance left the succubus and went to Sky City he couldn t even imagine the outcome of all this.Even though the mission reward was generous, he still hesitated for a while, then turned his head to look at Lance, and said in a low voice Lord Lance, this Quest, looks weird.Lance nodded.It s nice to have capable angels.He will help screen and sort out tasks, and he is good looking, who doesn t like such an what is considered normal blood sugar envoy.Misha I d better ask.Lance continued to nod.Of course he didn t hear what Misha said, but he just stared at Misha with enthusiasm, and seriously agreed with all the suggestions of his lovely envoy.Misha stood up and walked towards the counter in the tavern.In most adventurer guilds, the owner of the tavern is the one who sorts out these Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is considered normal blood sugar commissions and puts them on the task board.The number on this list is several times higher than what is considered normal blood sugar the salary slip just now, and it is almost a huge sum of money.The lord obviously couldn t figure out where this sum of money came from, and the intricate numbers on it Looking at the calculation method gave him a headache, he inevitably hesitated, hesitantly raised his head what is considered normal blood sugar and asked what is considered normal blood sugar Lance This is again Lance The overtime wages of the messengers.The lord was taken aback for a moment.They have hardly had any vacation in the past three years to deliver the letter.Lance raised his eyebrows slightly.Financial difficulties in the city Lance But now I have money.Lance might spend a lot of time convincing the lord, but he never imagined Not long after Lance stepped into the lord s study, he came out with the signed documents.Misha couldn t help asking curiously It went well Lance smiled and said, Get ready to call the succubi what is considered normal blood sugar over here.This matter has to trouble Ashby, and Lance took the document to the director of Sky City , and then take Ashby to the open space in front of the warehouse of the Sky City Station, let the three couriers who have worked what is considered normal blood sugar overtime to the point of fainting go home and rest earlier, and then prepare the tables and chairs, and ask Ashby to find a way to make the nearby charm Demons are summoned here.This is a bad habit of his.Sometimes he likes to be a teacher, and he what is considered normal blood sugar can t help but give some suggestions to others.He is very aware of this problem, and he is already working hard to correct it.But that s not a bad thing, is it If it s just because of this, why is Misha so Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is considered normal blood sugar angry Lance what is considered normal blood sugar scratched his head and began to think hard about what he had written in the letter to offend others.He cautiously followed behind Misha, carefully observing Misha s every move, and then watched Misha with a sullen face, angrily walked to the garbage dump on the side of the road, took out a paper ball from his pocket, and threw it into the garbage dump.It s over.It s zero o clock, the day s normal hero limit is over, and the familiar despicable hero is coming back.Poor farmer, poor ghost.The devil loves you Chapter 45 The Truth of the Brave 1 Misha felt that Lance should have accumulated a lot of dissatisfaction with the farmer and Todd during this day.In normal times, he would have been angry long ago, but today he just bumped into him and insisted on playing some normal brave man, which led to these inexplicable developments later.But twelve o clock has passed, and Lance s normal day of brave experience Diabetes treatment what is considered normal blood sugar card is over.The anger that has been accumulated for a long time is far more terrifying than the current anger.I understand.Zebulun s eyes were strange, but he responded in a low voice, Don t worry, I won t interfere with you.Misha Wait, something seems wrong.Chapter 48 The Brave s Team Lance narrowed his eyes slightly, always feeling that Misha and that elf were too close.The surrounding spells were shining brightly, which happened to block the two people s close faces when they were whispering, but this was even more imaginative.Misha didn t can a person die from high blood sugar pay attention, but Zebulun felt that he had to pay attention.He has already seen a displeased expression on the human brave man mentioned by the Demon King.There is obviously an unspeakable danger in that gaze, and this man is too strong, high blood sugar in the morning but normal during day and he has fallen into the hands of this human being.Lance continued to ask nonchalantly, You look very unhealthy.Dark Elf Zebulun This was the first time he heard such a description.Are you hiding in this abandoned house to avoid the scrutiny of humans Almost without thinking too much, Lance himself denied his own thoughts, The Holy See and laws of humans do not apply to monsters.Zeb Lun Lance For stargazers, is there anything special about this place Zebulon Misha was shocked.For the first time, he saw such an interrogation.The party being interrogated said one word from the beginning to the end, and the rest was all Lance s own speculation.Forget it, he still didn t say anything.Standing so conspicuously outside Misha s room, they watched the door of another room at the end of the corridor open.If Misha remembered correctly, it seemed to be Prince Derwent s room.He frowned, feeling awkward that something was wrong.Very well, the person who walked out was indeed Ashby.Misha took a deep breath.Seeing the smile on Ashby s face, looking happy, he tried to look away, pretending that he didn t see anything, but Zebulun was very surprised, even though Ashby had already done something about his appearance.Even though he put on some disguise, he could still faintly detect a familiar magic power from it.Misha No, even if he dies, he can t reveal his true identity because of an accident caused by his stupidity.But recently there are too many lies made up, it seems that all excuses have been used, Misha thought hard, but really couldn t make up anything.Lance is still quietly waiting for his response.A long silence will always bring deeper doubts to the other party.Even if he can t think of anything, it s time for Misha to say something.He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, looked up at the calm Lance, swallowed again and decided to try to delay some time first.Eyes Misha looked innocent, What s wrong with the eyes Lance Misha raised his hand and touched his eyes as if nothing had happened, then put on an even more innocent expression, very puzzled and asked Is there something in my eyes Lance Misha sweated from the forehead, and whispered Maybe I didn t sleep all night.Arlo still couldn t see what he was thinking, and the next moment, he saw the brave man raised his hand uncontrollably, and gently touched Misha s head.Arlo No, wait, there are still so many people here, what are the brave ones doing Misha was also very shocked.No, can this be done Lance s fingers ran through the brown hair and touched the dragon horn on Misha s head.Of course, it is not the kind of ornament that Ashby wears on the head.This dragon horn is connected with flesh and blood.It is an illusion created by Misha with his own horn.It looks or feels like a dragon s horn, but Misha has only touched the horn of a juvenile dragon, and he can only imitate the posture of a juvenile dragon s horn.According to the tradition of the elves, only those chosen by the gods can approach the tree of life.Arlo thought for a while, and then said, When monsters approach the tree of life, they will become weak, that is to say, Ashby and Zebulun, and that dark elf can t get too close to the Tree of Life.He almost forgot that Lance didn t know Zebulun s identity, so he almost said Zebulun s name, but fortunately he responded In time, he swallowed the last two words abruptly, which didn t seem to arouse Lance s suspicion.Lance just frowned and asked, Is that the elf s name Arlo nodded, and Misha hurriedly followed suit.Lance probably didn t want him to hear it, but he did.Misha was hesitant to ask further questions, but Lance raised his voice again and said, We re here.Misha subconsciously stopped and looked up.There seemed to be a sudden light in front of my eyes.The tree of life has luxuriant branches and leaves that almost cover the entire sky, and the radiance comes from the tree, like all holy things related to God, it emits a very faint light, but the branches and leaves intersect to reflect, so that reasons for high blood sugar levels the tree body The surrounding open space was almost as bright as day.Lance touched his chin and said, Should I climb up Misha Lance looked back at Misha beside him, and said, Forget it, I ll climb.He felt even more guilty.There were only four beds in total, and he collapsed one of them.He blood sugar level 400 swallowed nervously, and asked cautiously, Then where do you usually sleep The elf priest looked at the ground.Misha Misha insisted on stuffing the gold coins he paid for the bed into the arms of the what is considered normal blood sugar elf priest.He is so guilty.The elves actually slept directly on the ground The priest gave them all four beds, and he broke one of them But the elf priest was convert blood sugar to a1c calculator very panicked.He tried his best to avoid Misha, resolutely refused to accept the what is considered normal blood sugar money, even when he looked at Misha, there seemed to be a trace of panic in his eyes, as if he was extremely afraid of Misha s enthusiasm, and he couldn t wait to escape.Arlo said, That s something that is difficult for you and me to do.Misha was stunned for a moment, a little surprised We can t do it That s the divine power from the Supreme God King.Arlo lowered his voice and said softly, It is said that only ancient magic can destroy it.Misha frowned and began to think In the human world, how many people can master ancient magic.Well, as far as he knows, the dwarves seem to know some, but it is impossible for the dwarves to come to this place.The so called ley line magic does not seem to be an offensive spell, and it should not have the ability to damage the what is considered normal blood sugar low blood sugar and death gate of the other world As for the others, Misha thought, ancient magic, which is difficult how much blood sugar level should be after eating for even the gods to study thoroughly, is even more impossible for humans to achieve.He may not be what is considered normal blood sugar Blood Sugar Levels Chart as powerful as this strange and terrifying brave man, but he can still do it by simply resisting and creating some opportunities for himself to escape.But he felt no need to run away.He felt that the brave man didn t want to hurt him, and he also had a lot of questions, so he wanted to ask the brave man clearly.Besides, dates cut blood sugar he is an immortal demon king.Even if the brave man really attacked him, he would just return to the God Realm.Moreover, the brave man only knew that ancient magic could destroy the gate of another world.Destroy the gate of the other world.Misha was still lucky, so he asked cautiously You Lance It s me.He couldn t possibly have started planning so long ago, right Misha quickly made a series of inferences in his mind.The brave like him.He is subject to the brave.The brave made him lie down on the bed.Damn, this human hero What exactly do you want to do If we keep at this stalemate, people passing by will be suspicious.Lance said, Turn off the lights, lie down, and I ll tell you.Misha He stared at Lance vigilantly, but Lance didn t make any changes.With further actions, he looked really non hostile and with such a sincere expression.After a while, Misha finally took a step towards him, and said cautiously, Don t lie to me.Most ordinary protoss will never have the strength to destroy the gate of another world.The brave man is capable enough to defeat those ordinary gods, but Misha thought, it is impossible for the brave man to be able to defeat the god king, right So Misha took another deep breath, and threatened in a low voice Just wait and see.Lance seemed to think his weak threat was extremely cute, the smile on his lips deepened, and he even winked slightly at Misha, Said I m waiting.Misha The king of gods is does nac raise blood sugar omniscient Lance interrupted him this time, and said slowly, The king of gods is not omniscient.Misha Bah, you weirdo believers.Ismail It s over.Ismail felt that this world must come to an end.Misha couldn t restrain the anger in his heart, and he couldn t wait to punch the brave man in the face twice.But he knew he couldn t do this.All the knights here thought he was Lance s envoy, that is to say, once he made a move that did not qualify as an envoy, he would immediately attract the attention of others.At what is considered normal blood sugar such a time, Misha did not want to attract the attention of the knights.He couldn t figure it out.The Brave has just committed a major crime, which has attracted so many knights to investigate.At this time, the Brave has no intention of keeping a low profile, and he doesn t seem to be afraid of being investigated by the Knights.He felt like an idiot who was brushed around by Lance.The brave man s every move was clearly intentional, just to see his jokes, so hateful to hate the brave man, why did type 2 diabetes low blood sugar symptoms what is considered normal blood sugar he think of a way to help him Misha looked away.He didn t want to talk to the brave anymore.How could he have forgotten that this brave man has done so many weird things, and his mind is full of strange schemes.At least so far, Misha has never seen anyone who can make things difficult for him, why can t he make up an excuse This in itself is an excuse for the brave to talk nonsense.The brave man can do whatever he wants.Anyway, it is the brave man who is captured.But Ismail just smiled, looking very calm, and said The relationship between you two is really good.Misha No.Lance Well, he said no.Misha said loudly and sternly Not good Lance nodded Not good.Misha Ismail Ismail nodded thoughtfully.Ismail No wonder Samuel wrote to me and said Misha turned his head and stared at Samuel who was beside him.Samuel Samuel hastily coughed twice, and hastily interrupted Ismail.What s the relationship It doesn t matter.Samuel spoke incoherently, It s just the relationship between an ordinary angel and a brave man Misha Why does he seem to be deliberately covering up.He said that he could tell Misha the truth only after he found a way to prove all this, and he repeatedly emphasized that the place where he was going to tell all this was in the Dragon Clan, Zebulon once said that in the dragons there is a glimpse of truth, and the words used by the true light happen to be truth.Misha felt that he had vaguely guessed something.He thought, at present, things that the brave are unwilling to say, or things that are extremely difficult to prove at the type 2 diabetes low blood sugar symptoms what is considered normal blood sugar moment, seem to revolve around the swindle of the gods.In addition, no matter how important things are, the brave man does not seem to hide from him.Ismail didn t think much about it, he just nodded in response to what Lance said, and explained to Lance seriously, saying The technique of insight can roughly sense the flow of magic power and the breath of what is considered normal blood sugar magic power around it, if someone dehydration effect on blood sugar really destroys it If he enters the gate of the other world, then he will inevitably be surrounded by a lot of magic power from the other world, and it is easy to detect and perceive.Lance actually asked a question What if that person has already left Ismail was taken aback what is considered normal blood sugar for a moment, what is considered normal blood sugar low blood sugar and death and couldn t help showing some turmeric for blood sugar distress, saying, If that person leaves, even if the high priest comes, I m afraid it won t help.He thought, it must be because Lance s eyes were too impolite.How could anyone stare at someone they met for the first time how much does dexamethasone raise blood sugar like that.Well, it may also be because he feels that the high priest is type 2 diabetes low blood sugar symptoms what is considered normal blood sugar an outsider.If Lance stares at Zebulun like this, he will definitely not find it strange or hateful, he will still find it very strange Misha felt that he should not think so.That s right, the high priest is very beautiful, and Zebulon is also very beautiful.With such a beautiful woman by Diabetes treatment what is considered normal blood sugar his side, he would also want to stare at them.He can understand Lance s reaction.This is just human nature , nothing to worry about.Ismail couldn t Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is considered normal blood sugar help but smile along with him., while emphasizing with Misha Mystic Misha, the High Priest likes your what is considered normal blood sugar low blood sugar and death stories very much.Misha Our story At that time, the brave were not doing their jobs, that is to say, there was no story to tell the outside Diabetes treatment what is considered normal blood sugar world about their adventures.In this case, what stories could the high priest know about them Ismail said Samuel once wrote to me and said that the brave man fell off the volcano, and you were the one who jumped down to save him.Misha blood sugar 4 Yes, that s the only thing the brave man did in his adventure career.The business has passed.In addition, the brave obviously has no stories to tell outsiders.Lance nodded without hesitation, Say This is my duty.Misha Misha is letting himself go.I have already felt the damage in the Holy Land from the oracle of the goddess.The high priest sighed, People who have committed such evil deeds should not stay here for too long.Ismail I told him about Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is considered normal blood sugar the brave man s preliminary investigation and judgment, and they all believed that the prisoner had already escaped from this place.The chief priest became more and more worried If he has already left, then my insight technique will not have any effect.Lance took the initiative to make suggestions Maybe we can see where he fled.He thought, Misha needs time, he needs to slowly digest everything that happened, but now it seems that what Lance lacks the most is time.There will what is considered normal blood sugar low blood sugar and death be a high god in the God Realm, and his actions to destroy the gate of the other world will be hindered.If he is alone, he will only repeat the same mistakes.But under the tyranny of the God King, it was difficult for him to find any like minded partners and comrades in arms.Lance lowered his eyelashes slightly, and set his eyes on Misha s wings again.The beautiful black and red wing feathers have been restored to their original state, and the flames what is considered normal blood sugar under the volcano have not left traces on them, and the scars are nowhere to be seen.And the first one.Lance said softly, There is no world of gods.Misha If this is the case, it seems that Lance s bizarre behavior can be explained clearly.He comes from a world without gods, so of course he lacks trust in the gods, but Misha originally thought that the brave should be born and bred in the world, if the brave has experienced a world without the gods, then he Why did you come to these latter worlds After I got the Strange Stone, I have been to many places.Lance said in a low voice, But they stayed for a short time, and also to avoid the pursuit of the God Realm.Misha Tracking I have to make them think that I am Dead.I knew from the very beginning that the miracle in the Land of Bliss what is normal blood sugar level in gestational diabetes has something to do with you.Lance s voice gradually lowered, To be honest, those writings floating in the air are not very good magic.Misha Misha suddenly remembered the black work he did in the Land of Bliss with monsters in those years.The hero really did it on purpose, right He blood sugar 224 before eating worked hard to build roads for the Land of Bliss, diverted water canals, and rebuilt the entire town.All of this was the intention of the brave man Misha glared at Lance, but Lance still raised his head guiltily, looking at the still dark night sky.The two of them stood here staring at Zebulon, so that Zebulon was so nervous that his hands were shaking.After a while, Zebulon how to check blood sugar at home without meter blood sugar level 400 finally got up the courage, turned his head reluctantly, and said, Can you change another one Is there blood sugar level 400 medications that raise blood sugar levels a place to wait Misha Huh But it s not good to leave you here alone Very good Very good Zebulun raised his voice sharply, If I m alone, I will draw faster Misha Misha had to take a few type 2 diabetes low blood sugar symptoms what is considered normal blood sugar steps back and retreated to the Beside the door of the main hall, he hesitated whether to leave this place, until he turned his head and met Lance s eyes.Lance You Misha turned around and ran away.He could only see Zebulun raised his hand tremblingly, and while he was stepping back, he was chanting a mantra quickly.It sounded like he was trying the teleportation spell he had taught what is considered normal blood sugar the brave man before, the teleportation Diabetes treatment what is considered normal blood sugar spell he didn t even know.He mulberry leaf extract for blood sugar was obviously panicked, this seemed like the last attempt of luck, but it was impossible for him to suddenly be able to use teleportation magic in such a short period of time, the magic glow flickered at his fingertips several times, but it never The light was on, and he had reached the balcony door, so he didn t need to try any magic anymore.The answer is very simple, but it is really difficult for him to say this.After all, no one is willing to admit his own stupidity for a while, and his damn stupidity has lasted for nearly a hundred years.He was unwilling to speak, and even pretended that he hadn t heard Lance and Misha s question.He hurriedly looked away, and put the baby dragon back on his shoulder.This overly obvious dodge completely aroused the curiosity in Lance s heart, and the reason for this, Lance thought, shouldn t be too difficult to guess, at least he thought about it, and there was only one possibility.Lance cleared his throat and said, I think Misha quickly turned to look at Lance.Misha cleared his throat vigorously, and said loudly, There must be some misunderstanding Geary looked up at the sky, and muttered to himself, What else could there be Misha Misha had no choice but to look at Zebulun, frowning and asked How many dragons are there Zebulun Zebulun refused to say a word.Misha gave up.He sighed, feeling that he didn t need to talk too much, but Lance spoke at the right time and said, This kind of thing is not easy to force.Gilly Zebulon Lance But things are not clear, I always feel like a thorn in my heart.Geary I Zebulon A person s life Lance paused suddenly, as if he finally realized Seeing the mistakes and omissions in his own words, he sighed deliberately and said, Forget it, you elves and dragons can live a long time, and you can afford it.And Zebulun, who had been standing silently by the side, suddenly spoke very calmly, and said, Indeed, your teleportation magic is too powerful.Lance Zebulun In my life I ve never seen such amazing magic.Lance Seriously, if Zebulun s tone wasn t so cold, it might sound more like a compliment.The way he speaks now, Lance will only feel that he has offended Zebulun by changing the sentence that he just rashly said that he was going to the territory of the black dragon.Now Zebulun will only bury countless things for him Trap, find a way to wait for revenge on him.Lance has mixed feelings.It was his own fault.Misha was also a little surprised.But he saw that Gilly wanted to enter the dragon s castle from the main entrance, and he wanted to show his purpose on his face.Everyone could see it.Only Zebulun was slow to react, as if he hadn t noticed it until now.Thinking of this, Misha couldn t help but looked around again, feeling Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is considered normal blood sugar strange, wondering if something happened to the brave man, why he hasn t appeared until now, but the next moment, he suddenly saw the surrounding void distorted, and Lance suddenly appeared Appeared beside him.Misha Well, it s good, don t worry for nothing.This brave man must have calculated the time on purpose, so as to arouse Misha s worried mood, and then show up on time when Misha is worried.This feeling was not only reflected in his emotions when facing others, but also because he seemed to have lost any strength to resist others and the gods.He hid in the quiet and deep forest, thought he was consolingly studying the magic he was already familiar with, and escaped for many years in shock before he had the courage to slip out of the forest.The most suitable place for observation is shown on the map.And as expected, he encountered an accident here.He didn t have the courage to resist the brave, and was dragged into the team of the brave all the way, but suddenly realized that he might have found a solution to these things.Nova sighed deeply, That guy doesn t have even the slightest awe of the gods, he believes more In a godless world, even monsters and humans can live in peace.Misha Misha couldn t help but cast a glance at Lance.Isn t this what Lance has always thought The so called rebel from other worlds is really Lance, right Gilly has never heard of such a strange thing as someone rebelling against the God Realm.Of course he was very curious, and even took the initiative to ask Nova about the follow up of this incident, saying And then What happened to him Nova Too rebelliousYes, was captured.Misha Nova Ginises said that he should be dead.Nova sighed again, This is a very dangerous thing.Misha Dangerous Knowing too much, and still like to go out Say.Nova couldn t help but smiled wryly, But he will be punished by the God Realm.Misha Misha couldn t help but think of Genesis.Based on the content of Genises s work and the information she comes into contact with daily, it seems impossible that she doesn t want to know about this kind of thing.But Genises never showed anything wrong, which made Misha always feel that at least Genises should be ignorant of this matter.Nova frowned and said Ginises should know.Misha If it wasn t for her, I might not be able to figure out the truth of this matter.Gilly Misha hastily coughed, and said forcefully It s okay He just likes to talk nonsense He is the only one who knows about this matter.If possible, Misha felt that they had better keep this matter a secret.At least in the next long period of time, it is best that only he knows.Lance just smiled, as if he was thanking Misha for helping him clear the siege, but Misha frowned, knowing very well in his heart that what the brave man said might not be a joke.He thought that according to what the gods had done, all races in this world should be considered oppressed by the gods.Humans and the so called light race may be better, but monsters seem to be much more miserable, but no matter what, these things have nothing to do with the brave, and the brave can stay out of it.The summoned great demon might be doing anything.If it wasn t urgent, he really didn t want to use this method.But at this time, Misha thought, Gilly was just looking for the young dragon anyway, not doing anything strange, even if he used this summoning magic, he would not see any inexplicable and weird scene, so they went After returning to the black dragon s throne, closing the heavy door of the main hall, Misha called Gilly s name three times, and then waited for Gilly to appear.Misha s summoning magic has always been extremely effective.Almost after he finished calling Gilly s name three times, a cloud of purple mist suddenly appeared in front of their eyes, and then Gilly appeared in front of them, with his back bent down, and with a strange The posture is lying on the ground, with the head slightly forward and the neck stretched out, as if trying to look towards the bottom of a certain piece of furniture.What is this human brave man going to do Lance smiled thoughtfully at Zebulon.I understand.He lowered his voice, It s really hard to speak about this kind of thing.Zebulon Lance If you don t want to say it, I can say it for you.Zebulon No, he might as well speak the brave man s mouth himself Zebulun took a deep breath, even if he didn t muster up all his courage, he couldn t delay any longer.I ll tell, whispered Zebulon, but this kind of thing Lance You guys talk in private.Zebulon Geary Hm Is it Gilly asked in a daze, He really couldn t keep up with the brave man s thinking and logic, so he could only does sugar immediately raise blood pressure nod in a daze, and then, as if he had recovered, he added, The library is a bit dangerous.Lance If you lose, you will die.Misha No, why would someone s first reaction be what would happen if they lost At this time, shouldn t we imagine a bright and successful future together Misha I mean Lance sighed, probably understanding what Misha wanted to ask.It s not just this world that the gods control.Lance said, If you win here, then the winning case is certainly enough to serve as a successful template to promote to other worlds.Misha Lance This will be a good opportunity.As long as there are successful precedents, there will be countless people willing to follow and learn.In this way, in the next world, what I have to do will be much easier.Misha was type 2 diabetes low blood sugar symptoms what is considered normal blood sugar stunned Outrageous What are you thinking Zebulun nodded more worriedly I might be a little impulsive.Misha blinked, feeling that Zebulun was a little Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is considered normal blood sugar too worried.It s just an impulse, what kind of outrageous idea is this No matter what, Zebulun couldn t be more outrageous than the Brave.The Brave is the one who can directly destroy the entire gate of another world with a single word of disagreement.No matter how you think about it, it is impossible for a gentle and weak elf beauty like Zebulun to be more outrageous.There are even more outrageous moves than a brave man.It was really hard for him to imagine how impulsive Zebulun was.Zebulun was more impulsive than a brave man when he said that he wanted to enter the God Realm.Misha couldn t help but sighed deeply, it was hard to imagine what strange things would happen next to the team that gathered the brave and Zebulun.Lance has been by Misha s side all the time, and after hearing all that Gilly said, he couldn t help showing a surprised expression, saying, It s strange.Misha nodded, Yes, Zebulon s transformation is really good.Strange.Lance sighed again This magic is amazing.Misha Misha always felt that the focus of the brave man seemed to be different from his.This magic can completely change a person s personality.Living in this kind of place, he was not in the mood to wander around.The worry on Ginises s face seemed to deepen.In addition to the gates of other worlds on the ground, there is also a gate of other worlds in the sky city.She couldn t help sighing again, and said, That is to say, even if we destroy all the gates of other worlds on the ground, the sky city will be destroyed.There will still be a final barrier.If they want to break through the sky, they must forcibly break through the last protective barrier constructed by the magic of the gate of another world.In addition, they have to take another risk in the process of destroying the gate of the alien world and trying to break the sky, at any time, a high god may rush over through the gate of the alien world in the sky city.This seemed to be the logic taught to him by the Protoss, and he had always believed it to be true.Lance said again After all the orcs escaped, I thought about it carefully and felt that this matter is still a little imperfect, and there is a great risk.Misha was stunned, unable to understand what the brave man said Where exactly is the risk.Lance So I went back and gave the slave traders a hard lesson, and then sent them to the patrolling Knights.Misha couldn t help but nodded.Well, so to speak, this thing is indeed a bit risky.The slave trader may find more mercenaries to retaliate against the escaped orcs, or after releasing such a group of slaves, they may intensify their efforts to make up for their losses with more slaves, but these slaves After the dealer was handed over to the Knights, everything changed.Misha finished the second half of the sentence in a low voice You can fit it in your bag.Lance Uh Misha What else is there in your bag Lance If you want to what is considered normal blood sugar low blood sugar and death talk about such things, there .

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are too many.Lance still decided to continue the topic he had just said.This is the bad luck flower in that world.Lance explained to Misha earnestly, It is said that if you wear it on your body, you will have bad luck, what is considered normal blood sugar at least you will have a continuous nightmare.Misha Misha couldn t help but look at it.Look at Lance s bag.Not only did the brave man bring it, he felt that the brave man might have brought more than one flower.Misha Lance Anyway, this house Misha raised how to check blood sugar at home without meter blood sugar level 400 his hand and interrupted the brave man.Okay, you tell me another thing first.Misha was very serious, Is there any surprise you didn t tell me Lance Lance coughed lightly and could turn away looked away.Looking at Lance s expression, Misha felt that he had guessed right.Not only did the brave man keep something from him, but it was obviously a big deal, and the brave man dared not tell him something terrible.Misha You can talk about it now.Lance Well, I saved a little money before.Misha was taken aback, but he didn t expect that what the brave man wanted to tell him was will blood sugar rise after exercise type 2 diabetes low blood sugar symptoms what is considered normal blood sugar such a thing.This brave man is really strange.The end of the stone path has gradually revealed a twilight.They seem to type 2 diabetes low blood sugar symptoms what is considered normal blood sugar be about to reach the place.The cave has been artificially repaired to make it more and more smooth.It is unknown how long the brave man spent here.He shouldn t be surprised to see anything.But when they finally reached the end of the stone path, when Misha raised his eyes and saw the handsome armor piled up in the cave and the shining weapons hanging on the wall, he couldn t help but widen his eyes slightly, extremely surprised.Ask What are these Lance still smiled and said I said, it s my little collection.Lance I just think I shouldn t hide something from you.Misha Misha s mood couldn t be more complicated.After the brave man finished saying that, he continued to stuff things into his small bag.The luminous weapons on the wall, those handsome armors placed on the wall, he stuffed things in one by one with difficulty but successfully, And the small bag successfully accommodated everything in it.This scene is so weird that Misha finds it very strange.He couldn t what is considered normal blood sugar help asking Lance Do you want to take everything away Lance nodded solemnly Lighting weapons, most what is considered normal blood sugar people will always want one.Misha What a strange plot this is Lance is very proud I have a lot.Misha Misha became more nervous.This meal, he ate very nervously.I have to admit that the village chief s food is very delicious.As far as taste buds are concerned, Misha really likes it, but the brave man frowned slightly, as if he couldn t help asking Is it too rich He said After finishing this sentence, Misha realized that these ingredients seemed to be too rich for the too barren Land of Well Being.But the village chief smiled and said, That s Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is considered normal blood sugar a thing of the past.Lord Lance, thank you for thinking of a way for us.Ella interjected, The vegetables needed by the church are really a lot.A big order.Misha quickly made a simple calculation.That is to say, the brave man is at what is considered normal blood sugar low blood sugar and death least ninety four years old now Well, although he maintains the appearance and physical fitness of a human youth, he is actually old enough to be considered a grandfather It s weird, thinking about it, Misha really thinks it s weird He even couldn t help looking at the brave man s face more carefully, trying to see some wrinkles that were more suitable for humans of this age, but he saw nothing.The brave man is obviously the representative of eternal youth, and his actual Age is completely different.The passage of time in the gate of another world is also a little different from that of the outside world.But he really couldn t help thinking along with what the brave man said.For human beings, this age is indeed an old man.When he heard the age of the brave man, what he thought in his heart was also the difference between the age of the brave man and his appearance.Even now, as long as he thinks that the brave man in front of him is a human being in his nineties, he still finds it strange.Well, if you think about it this way, what the brave man said doesn t match, etc., no, what doesn t match Misha finally noticed this sentence extremely slowly, and then suddenly realized these words spoken by the brave man seemed to be confessing his love to him.After looking at it for a while, he still couldn t help asking You shouldn t have pulled them out one by one, right Lance was taken aback, then shook his head, How is that possible.Misha was slightly relieved.Lance That s too inefficient.Misha what is considered normal blood sugar That s right, there is a very rare plant in that world.Lance finally took a deep breath, probably remembering that he shouldn t hide it from Misha., or took the initiative to admit the crimes he committed against spirit beasts, .

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If you take it by mistake, it will cause serious hair loss.Misha Lance Coincidentally, it also has the same effect on spirit beasts.He returned to the Demon King s City, but deliberately avoided the monsters in the Demon King s City, and slipped into the dungeon of the Demon King s what is considered normal blood sugar City.Ginises said that there is a rather complicated dungeon under the Demon King s City, in which the Gate of Another World is hidden.Although he doesn t know where the entrance of this place is, through the Demon King s eyes, He could vaguely feel the strange magic power coming from the dungeon, but when he walked into the empty dungeon, he found that there was no way down here, and the place with the strongest magic power was a He looked carefully at the thick stone wall.On the special golden armor on his body, at most, there were some small golden sparks, without any superfluous effect.And even if Misha tried to attack the skin under the armor through causes of blood sugar drop the gap in the armor, it would have no effect.Dalixi was not a life form in their conventional sense at all, and his magic could not have any effect.But these tentative attacks also made Misha notice something strange.Although Dalixi s defense was tight, he seemed to rely on his eyes to observe like most creatures.When Misha s magic smoke obscures Dalixi s sight, his movements will always have obvious pauses, as if trying to find the position of the brave man in the cloudy smoke, and this short pause is enough to make the brave man avoid it.Genesis s mood was more complicated.Misha We need some assistance.Genesus finally spoke up full of doubts.The brave man is with you Genesis was very puzzled, Why is he with you Misha Uh At this time, Lance remembered what is considered normal blood sugar Misha s teaching to him just now, and he was very serious.Said directly Because I m worried.Genesis Misha After a while, Misha heard Ashby gasp.It s not right.Ashby said in a low voice, You two are really not right.Misha There is nothing what is considered normal blood sugar wrong.Lance said more bluntly, The relationship between the brave and the angel is reasonable.Arlo said softly I am the envoy of God.Lance simply changed his words The relationship between the brave and the what is considered normal blood sugar devil is reasonable.He saw the brave inject magic into it, so Magical radiance gradually flowed on the hilted sword, starting from the hilt, densely packed spells spread all over the sword body and reached the tip of the sword.All this is particularly amazing under Misha s observation with the eyes of the demon king.Misha can hardly take his eyes off.He watched the light on the sword become stronger and stronger, almost covering the light of the sky, which made Misha feel astonished.Unavoidably squinting slightly, some unspeakable tremors.The magic power gathered on this sword is more than ten times stronger than the magic power poured in when he destroyed the gate of the other world.Perhaps from today onwards, this world will become a godless world.He doesn t know what kind of panic such a thing will cause in the world, and he doesn t know if it will be different for all things that have lost their faith.a disaster.All of this happened so suddenly that it was difficult for him to have so much time to think and regret, but at every moment when he was approaching to breathe, he would inevitably feel deep fear.He arbitrarily deprived the faith of all living beings in the world.He was worried that what they would bring would be another dark end.Human beings are not very strong.Sure enough, the next moment, Dalixi raised his giant blade and walked towards the direction where the faint light flashed just now.Misha was very nervous, he was still clutching the hem of the brave man s clothes, and said in a low voice, What should I do, that seems to be Zebulon.Lance replied softly, That is indeed Zebulon.Misha Dazed, the brave man s tone was too calm, as if he had guessed that Zebulun would appear here.No, Misha suddenly remembered what the brave man said just now., the brave man contacted Ginises and asked her to do something for her.Perhaps at that time, the brave man also asked Zebulun to make more preparations when he arrived at the Snow Mountain Temple.It is not so obvious for the big devil.Among the three great demons, only the black dragon Gilly seems to be in good condition, and he should be the one who worries Zebulun the most.He how much blood sugar is normal still spreads his wings and protects everyone under his huge dragon body , to cover the fallen snow and rocks for everyone, and to resist the magic of the God King, which has Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is considered normal blood sugar gradually weakened, while bowing his long neck, he uttered an almost roaring dragon cry at Dalixi.But he didn t go directly forward either.He believes in Zebulun s ability, and he also understands the responsibilities he should take at this moment.God King knelt in the snow, his thin body seemed drained of all energy, he raised his hand with great difficulty, and touched the hem of the brave man s clothes and shoe uppers in a very humble way, but the brave man took a step back, avoiding the god The king s withered hand, then lowered his eyes, and met the muddy eyes of the god king.False gods that shouldn t exist.Lance paused slightly, and said softly, Welcome to the world without gods.Almost what is considered normal blood sugar at the moment he finished speaking, the god king stretched out a hand that was almost like a dry bone Decaying normal non diabetic blood sugar 2 hours after eating and cracking, he has lived for an unknown number of years.I think most people are purely visual animals.Misha didn t understand what Lance meant.This doesn t look like the end, but how to check blood sugar at home without meter blood sugar level 400 the beginning of a new era.Lance said calmly, It just needs a little embellishment and lies.Misha He felt that the brave man obviously had a new idea.A horrible idea that simple monsters don t want to know.The whole night of heavy snow completely covered the way down the mountain, and Misha was accustomed to the way of flying as a brave man, so he easily brought the brave man down the mountain and arrived at the small town under the snow capped mountain.The teleportation circle under the Snow Mountain Temple is not often used.The king frowned and asked, Then now Genises I think Lord Lance has dispelled this terrible magic for them.Misha Misha quickly glanced at Genises.When Ginises went to the capital, most of the gates of the other world should have been cut off.At the beginning, they only destroyed a gate of the other world in the holy land of the elves, so that the connection between Sky City and the temple was completely severed.It was very difficult for Misha to figure out what method Ginises used to convey her oracle.They live in a pitiful and terrible place.Even though they love peace and human beings in their hearts, they have to do what is considered normal blood sugar things that hurt human beings.He could Diabetes treatment what is considered normal blood sugar only think in his heart that such an inexplicable proposal from the brave man, It seems unreliable, and it is 6 blood sugar normal is impossible for a normal person to agree After a moment of silence, the king finally nodded with a serious face, and said with a deep heart Well, it sounds like a good idea.Misha The king looked at the high priest beside him, as if he was asking for the high priest s opinion, and The high priest frowned, looking a little hesitant, Misha couldn t help but think, at least the high priest has been behaving normally, except for that insightful eye with golden eyes that looks weird, the high priest has always been very reliable , It is impossible for him to agree to such an outrageous method.Misha Misha feels sorry for Genesis.But obviously, until now, they haven t done what they should do.Even if the worldly Holy See believes the story made by Genesis, they still have the Protoss in Sky City to comfort and explain.But I still need to go back to the God Realm.Genesis s eyes wandered, The God Race is much more difficult my blood sugar is 400 to deal with than them.Misha It s so miserable.The gods know far more than the creatures on the ground.It will become more difficult for Genesus to fabricate a lie that can convince all the gods.Misha feels a headache when he thinks about it, or, for a while, he I can t think of any way to round up this whole inexplicable thing.Then I will reluctantly make you the Minister of Finance.Misha nodded, thought for a moment, and said, Well, you should be the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Demon King City.The Minister of Finance may not be satisfied with the hero s character of wanting to control everything.With his meddling heart, the manager in charge of everything fits his status, and as long as he manages everything, Misha will of course be able to have a happy and long vacation.But the brave man didn t seem to intend to follow Misha s words.He just frowned at Misha and sighed softly, as if he didn t agree with Misha s point of view.Lance Take me Misha I know there are many beautiful and quiet places around the capital Bye As a result of his demon king courses over the years, he has carefully studied the geography of most parts of the world as soon as he came to this world.Although he has never been to the capital of the human kingdom, he has read from books that this king There are many beautiful places near the capital, and there are many places suitable for love.Well, if he remembers correctly, there is a beautiful sugar or salt for high blood pressure heart shaped lake on the west side of the capital.The lake is located in the sea of flowers, and the original place is a dense forest.Nodding, she whispered, We don t have much time The surrounding magical what is considered normal blood sugar radiance bloomed for a moment, lingering between the two of them.It came from the brave man and was not aggressive at all, so he managed to relax some of his tense heart, but nervously held the brave man s hand and asked, What are you going to do The brave man didn t answer.The next moment, the scene around them seemed to be folded and distorted suddenly, and it unfolded and changed into another appearance in an instant.Misha opened his eyes wide and looked at him in disbelief they were still in the forest just now, but now the breeze Ripples on the surface of the lake, blowing across the sea of blooming flowers, they seem to have changed their positions in an instant, and here is the sea of flowers and the heart shaped lake in the forest that Misha thought of.Jill Li Guilly looked away.Uh, that s the one.Geary tried his best to think about the answer to this question, Uh, it can make this magic more effective.Misha Zebulun narrowed his eyes slightly, his eyes full of doubts.Geary It can strengthen the body, um, can stress and anxiety cause high blood sugar in addition to prolonging life, it can also make the body better Think more quickly Zebulun raised his eyebrows.Geary hastily added a few more words, saying It can also enhance your magic power You like studying magic so much, it s really helpful to you Ashby muttered softly, saying, I thought dragon blood could aphrodisiac.Gilly Zebulon Misha You monsters What the hell is going on what is considered normal blood sugar Chapter 149 Making a Contract Misha roughly understood what Gilly meant when he said that the magic needed dragon s blood.Gilly sat there awkwardly, not daring to raise his head to look at Zebulon in front of him, and Zebulon was obviously on the verge of getting angry.If it wasn t for the presence of Misha here, he might have already killed Jill.He picked it up and beat him hard, but even now, blood sugar level 400 medications that raise blood sugar levels while suppressing the anger in his heart, the expression in his eyes looked extremely terrifying, which made people feel inexplicably frightened.Misha thought for a while, then asked Ashby in a low voice What do you think Ashby Misha Will there be a fight Ashby If it s Zebulon, maybe it s true.Yes.I don t think they can fight.In addition, they sent many servants from the palace to live here to ensure that Derwent s daily life can be taken care of This of course also means that there are still many people in the palace in Ashby s mansion.Although Misha is a demon king, he looks like a human being from the outside, not to mention that he still has the identity of an angel of the brave as a cover.He will have no problem in type 2 diabetes low blood sugar symptoms what is considered normal blood sugar and out of Ashby s mansion, Gilly Looks human too, except for Zebrun.The complexion of the dark elves blood sugar measurement unit looked like a monster.Misha hurriedly summoned Zebulun, but he didn t give Zebulun a chance to hide his appearance.As long as Zebulun stepped out of the door of this room, his identity as a monster would be discovered.He must not let Zebulon walk out of here aboveboard Ashby panicked and shouted Wait a minute Zebrun stopped and raised his eyebrows slightly to look at him, with a serious expression waiting for him to tell the reason, which inexplicably made Ashby a little uneasy and frightened, and even stopped him.His words couldn blood sugar 258 t help but feel uneasy, almost indescribably humble and cautious.Let s change clothes before we go.Ashby said nervously, I m getting married to my sweetheart soon Zebulon Geary Congratulations Ashby was more nervous, serious Emphasis Block your face.It was obviously more difficult to recognize Misha and Lance s identities.Misha looked at the carnival crowd in the capital.The lights in the city seemed to spread all the way to the sky, and there was a narrower and longer crack in the sky.Beyond the crack, it was pitch black, and the real sky behind could not be seen clearly.Finally, Misha couldn t help but speak, He whispered They seem to have re pinned their belief in God on the brave and the envoys.Everything in the future is still unknown, So I plan to leave this place.Lance also looked at the carnival crowd like him , and said, After the celebration banquet is over, we should leave here.