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The old people sitting at the base of the wall fanning cattail fans and chatting are wearing big vests and shorts, like frozen elements in a picture scroll of the times.But he suddenly looked over, and opened his mouth to say, Is Jiayi off work Yi Jiadong sat under the not so bright streetlight at the street corner, watching the comic Fengyun that was being serialized.The neon lights slanting towards him rendered black and white indiscriminately, and dressed Kong Ci in colorful clothes.Hearing the human voice, Yi Jiadong raised his head, and saw a group of extraordinarily tall and majestic figures enveloping his younger sister, making the little girl who was 1.

He made soybean and pig s knuckle soup for her.After the meal, he helped her move the bicycle downstairs, and said goodbye to her with a happy face.The family was happier than her, more excited and happy than her, which made Yi Jiayi laugh out of embarrassment.Riding a bicycle through the alleys, I ran into more neighbors, normal human blood sugar not only saying hello to each other, but also congratulating her for her great achievements today, and the atmosphere of praise and celebration is like Chinese New Year.Thinking of the reactions of her brother and younger siblings, she was at a loss.This kind of situation where so many people like what you like after experiencing one thing by yourself is really strange.

The agents looked at the tomato in front of them with complicated emotions.Fang Zhenyue was the first to pick up the tomato, lowered his head and took a big bite.Then they picked up the tomatoes in front of them one after another, and ate them like fruits, with meat and egg tarts, which relieved the boredom and refreshed.When Fang Zhenyue squeezed a paper to wipe his mouth with a tomato in his stomach, he suddenly saw the murderer s name on the whiteboard from the corner of his eye.He drew a big red circle, so he turned to Lin Wangjiu and said, Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos normal human blood sugar Uncle Jiu, you are indeed does milk lower blood sugar an old detective who caught the suspicious aspects of the murderer before us.

So he turned his eyes to the whiteboard again, just drew a circle, without handwriting, and it was impossible to see who left it.As normal human blood sugar for the red marker pen, there must be fingerprints of all of them on it, maybe there will be the cleaning lady, and sister Yin or Yi Jiayi who distributed marker pens to various offices.People from other departments didn t understand the status of the case, so how could they draw circles on the whiteboard for no reason, and hit the real culprit with just one stroke Fang Zhenyue glanced at his subordinates again, and normal human blood sugar everyone had to look up from the food again, shaking their heads normal human blood sugar and waving their hands to prove their innocence.

Easy to get in Sister Yin, do you think it s a vegetable market CID, the risk factor normal human blood sugar is higher, and the contacts are all serious cases, how could it be possible for a young girl who just entered the industry to mix in This time, there was a gunfight in the street with big mg/dl blood sugar blood sugar 149 in the morning circle boys, and the response was a bit slow, and his life was gone.Yes, I remember that once in Group A, they caught the murderer and searched the mountains overnight.Ah Qiang accidentally stepped on the trap, broke his leg, and almost died.Zhang Shazhan encountered gangsters and was stabbed twice.It was too dangerous, too dangerous.

It s just that Uncle Jiu and the others think there is a ghost recently.Sir Fang is busy solving the case, and he is so happy that medication for blood sugar someone draws circles.It seems that he no longer pays attention to who the circles are.She has devoted all her time and energy to the King s Park case these days, and she has no time at all.To think about blood sugar 149 in the morning is 233 high blood sugar something else I didn t expect to be caught so soon Sitting opposite her blood sugar 149 in the morning is 233 high blood sugar was the theoretically rich inspector of the Serious Crime Squad.On the left rear is Sha Zhan, a serious crime team with strong actual combat skills.As long as her logic is not tight enough and there are too many loopholes, she can exercise help lower blood sugar levels may be caught.

The weather is hot, your brain must be burned.The normal human blood sugar chemist found a small amount of semen on several corpses.They violated first, then murdered and dismembered the corpses.They killed so many.It s really perverted.If the woman is killed, it will be very troublesome. Besides, don t let the media know that this information will definitely cause social panic if it is reported, and the impact will be very bad. Now this is already very bad.How would you write, these newspapers and magazines, I like shocking things the most. It attracts attention. If the murder weapon is a machete, almost every household has it.

The young man looked reluctant, but his parents insisted, so he quickly jumped over the brazier.His parents immediately rushed over to pat him on the back, meaning unlucky, the kid is scattered here, don t follow him home.Not counting after jumping over the brazier, his brother standing at the bottom of the steps ignited the firecrackers again, crackling to scare away the ghosts and ghosts, cleared the ghosts and ghosts in this land, and went home clean.Sun Xin just sat there, watching other people s homes.When Yi Jiayi walked out of the serious crime team dinner, she saw Sun Xin sitting on the steps on the left side of the entrance of the police station.

She quietly encouraged herself that if she escaped, she could eat it In the hospital these days, she still wonders if she really escaped.I m afraid that Zhang Dafu will suddenly crawl in through the window and arrest her again.She said she was caught helping her grandma pick up oranges.Walk.When the villain beat her, Grandma was sitting outside the open door, cutting orange stems in front of a broken basket.She said she swore she would never eat oranges in her life. Yi Jiayi pursed her lips and gently rubbed the back of Ding Baoshu s head.She also said that the villain was going to beat her, starve her, and kill her when she was about to die.

And Liu Jiaming and Gary went too far, sitting side by side here, sipping porridge and eating barbecued pork, as if there was no one else around.The porridge is soft, the abalone and vegetable granules are soft and the other is crisp, one is delicious and sweet, the other is refreshing and juicy, with a large spoonful of soft porridge, put it in the mouth, slightly hot, rich in taste, fragrant people He squinted his eyes.The char siu is freshly baked, coated with a layer of honey, golden and crispy.Take a bite, plump and plump, the slightly salty meat blood sugar 149 in the morning is 233 high blood sugar is half fat and half thin.It has both the oily aroma of fat meat and the taste of lean meat.

In the end, hey, I ran over normal human blood sugar is high blood sugar levels dangerous to ask and found out that the woman was broken in love, and took all the gifts her boyfriend gave her when they were dating, as well as her own best supplements for high blood sugar diary, and ran to the beach to burn them all, in order to bid farewell to the past.Sanfu said He slapped the table, and said angrily, It s useless The time span is too large, and the time interval is too long.Even if someone has seen the murderer, I m afraid they will forget it.Lin Wangjiu also sighed, They really try their best.Looking for a needle in a haystack.Sanfu rubbed his forehead.Jiayi brought normal human blood sugar a small plate from the public table to Sanfu and Lin Wangjiu, Eat some sweets, you will feel better.

Lin Wangjiu found an empty seat and sat down, sighed softly, and leaned comfortably on the back of the chair.As expected of a company that makes massage chairs, he can enjoy any chair he sits on.Gary and Jiayi followed behind Brother Yue, learning from Brother Yue and making observations at the same time.Fang Zhenyue observed the expressions of these people, and they observed the desktops of these people and the expressions of the people around them.When asked about the sixth person, she chuckled as soon as she saw the photo, This is Zhou Jianguo How Are you the salesman in charge of communicating with him Fang Zhenyue Blood Sugar Normal Range normal human blood sugar immediately got serious.

When standing in the elevator, She Jingjing kept stroking her long red hair, while the rough Qin Xiaolei stared at the numbers on the elevator.bumpkin.She Jingjing mg/dl blood sugar blood sugar 149 in the morning s home is bright and spacious, and it is a luxury house that Qin Xiaolei has never seen before.As soon as he walked into the room, he could smell a very strong perfume, which was weird and made him normal human blood sugar sneeze.After taking off his shoes, Qin Xiaolei was a little ashamed of the hole in his socks, but She Jingjing didn t care about his embarrassment, but showed extra enthusiasm.She kicked off her shoes and led him to work in the kitchen with bare white and tender feet.

Fang Zhenyue opened the door and sat in first as he spoke.The cage house seems to be very poor.Usually, this kind of place is a unit room divided into countless beds, like a cage for people to sleep, hence the name.The workers all said that Qin Xiaolei is very honest and honest, and he doesn t seem like the kind of person who would conflict with others.Sanfu sat in the back seat of the car and spoke about the information he had received.However, many people said that Qin Xiaolei is very strong and very capable.Others push the cart and carry it, and load four cement bags at a time.He can pile up six or seven or more tricycles, and he still pushes like a tiger.

In the following time, normal human blood sugar she not only smeared and wiped away the blood on the normal human blood sugar ground and her own fingerprints, but also wiped the ground for the victims and tidied up the house.In the dark, the silhouette was busy, as if working in the sun without any lag, and the speed was also very fast, as if it had been doing this type of work for decades, and everything could be done neatly and quickly with eyes closed.After finishing everything, the murderer stood in the dark room and took a deep breath, as if smelling the freshness in the air after cleaning.Immediately, she took something out of the bag.Jiayi focused all her energy on it, only to see blood sugar low symptoms normal human blood sugar that the normal human blood sugar is high blood sugar levels dangerous murderer seemed to have taken out a few filaments or hairs and scattered them in the gaps between the sofa, bathroom and bedside.

Uncle Jiu and Gary didn t enter the door at all, and turned directly to ask the neighbors and the housekeeper downstairs, A Bo, whether they saw anyone coming back at around 6 in the morning last night, or going out at four or five o clock.May I ask you a few questions first Sanfu walked around the tea table and sat down on the low sofa with difficulty.Excuse me, Sir.Qin Hongliang s voice was more neutral.You, Zhao Meini and Clara are all good friends, and you both work in the Daliyuan Nightclub, right Sanfu took out his notebook and asked while taking notes.Yes, we were all recruited in the same year after the Daliyuan was redecorated and upgraded.

Is this earring yours Fu Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos normal human blood sugar took out a photo of an earring that fell at the crime scene and showed it to Clara Blood Sugar Normal Range normal human blood sugar confirm.Huh It s mine.I lost it a long time ago.Why do you have this photo Clara wanted to reach for the photo, but Fu avoided it.I heard that you had a fight with Zhao Mei Ni in the early hours of yesterday Is it related to Mei Ni It s a quarrel, what The police now even take care of women s quarrels Can you save taxpayers money and do it Do you want to be serious Fu turned his head and glanced at Fang Zhenyue, seeing Brother Yue nodding towards him, he said, Mini Zhao was found dead in her bed at around 7 o clock this morning, and now many people s confessions point to conflicts between you and Mini Zhao , The situation is not good for you, I hope you can cooperate with the police.

Little Eleven is really amazing, the speed of taming these people is almost catching up with him back then.Fang Shazhan pulled his lips into a snicker, which was caught by Yi Jiayi.She looked at Fang Zhenyue, who was laughing with her head down, and stared for a few seconds before she said, Brother Yue, I have an appointment with my elder brother.We will have mutton pot in the evening.It s autumn, let s make up together and get hot.He bought a whole lamb, mutton brisket for stewing, lamb chops for soup, lamb haggis for noodles, and lamb legs for roasting.Fish and sheep are fresh.Boil crucian carp soup, boil the fish meat, and filter out the fish blood sugar 149 in the morning is 233 high blood sugar bones.

It s really surprising.But This picture is really normal human blood sugar After thanking him, he turned his head and continued to concentrate on his work.Only in the busy break came a thought maybe we should cut it Hair.Jiayi turned her head and glanced at Fang Zhenyue, met the other s gaze, and subconsciously raised the corner of her lower lip.Fang Zhenyue nodded, not knowing whether it meant you re welcome or what it meant.After a simple autopsy, Xu Junhao stood up straight, stretched his muscles and bones, and then waved to his subordinates.Since the corpse was in the most severe stage of rigor, it could not be put into a coffin, so it had to be carried away in a bag.

Liu Jiaming looked towards Fang Zhenyue.I ll go to the forensic department again.Fang Zhenyue threw the marker pen into the groove under the whiteboard, turned and left.I ll go too.Jiayi followed immediately.She knew where the deceased got on the train, the Fu Oi Village Station on Waterloo Road, north of Prince Edward Road West Street.But she couldn t find evidence that the deceased got on the bus there, so she could only hide this clue in her stomach.Seeing everyone in a hurry, knowing many things but not being able to talk about them, is really depressing When the detectives arrived at the forensic anatomy room, it happened that Sir Xu was doing a second autopsy on the corpse.

So, when two people fight, the deceased may Not standing straight, the murderer was about half a head to a head shorter than the deceased.Xu sir finally came to a conclusion.From the depth of the wound, can we tell whether the murderer is a man or a woman, an adult male or a child Fang Zhenyue asked.Xu sir thought for a while, and said It is more likely to be a woman, and the strength is not very strong.Even if you hold the knife with both hands, the depth is not very deep.It s just that the location of the wound was tricky and the blood loss was too much to kill the deceased.Thank you.The contents of the stomach were also tested by the forensic department.

With the sound of , the judge in red walked into the court, and with the sound of the gavel, the solemn atmosphere of the trial permeated the whole hall.The public prosecutors and lawyers wearing white wigs sit in the first two rows blood sugar low symptoms normal human blood sugar of the litigation area, with jury seats on the left and witness seats on the right.Defendant Lin Wangjiu sat in the glass enclosed room at the back, quietly looking at the judge who was sitting mg/dl blood sugar blood sugar 149 in the morning upright.Although the signs and symptoms of high blood sugar judge sits in the center of the court with the mighty flag behind his back, he is the master of the trial, but the trial of the law of the sea is more like being dominated by lawyers from the beginning.

It is said that even the villas on the top of the hill are divided into three, six, and nine grades.The one facing the Victoria Harbor is the best.If you can blood sugar low symptoms normal human blood sugar overlook the overall situation, it is of course the best.There are few people in the villa area, which is completely different from the crowds in normal human blood sugar Sham Shui Po.The mountain wind blows refreshingly across the cheeks and neck, and it feels cool even after taking a deep breath.When the sea breeze climbs the mountain, when it blows to the surface, it not only smells of seafood, but also carries the fragrance of grass and trees on the mountain.Overlooking the four fields is a good scenery, whether it is the boundless sea, or Victoria Harbor, or the city and mountains on the other side of the bay.

Eleventh sister has a bit of charisma.Sanfu was still holding the hemp rope in his hand, and while taking or putting it away according to the requirements of the laboratory technician below, he turned his head to look at Yi Jiayi and Awei.Seeing that Awei was pointing at Jiayi, nodding from time to time to cooperate, Occasionally, I would go back and discuss with Jiayi, as if they were cooperating tacitly and getting along well.On the other side, the PTU police officers were conducting a key search based on the area pointed out by Jiayi.PTU police normal human blood sugar is high blood sugar levels dangerous chief Nie Chen finished a series of For screening in the area, go back to the road and continue to walk far away.

After packing up her things, she returned to the guest room.When I got into the bed, wrapped in a new quilt, and found the most comfortable sleeping position, I closed my eyes and couldn t help sighing.Living in a villa is really comfortable.There are still many good things in this world waiting for her to go.Comrade Yi still needs to work hard.Although she stayed up all night the day before, Jiayi woke up early the next day.With expectations for the future, she went out for a run in high spirits, preparing to work hard to strengthen her body and make up for all her weaknesses.When she went out, Brother Yue was doing squat jump training on the steps of the yard this is another struggling introverted talent in Group B of Serious Cases.

Brother Yue will be normal human blood sugar transferred, and she will be a fart.Thinking of this, Jiayi took a deep breath, quickly recalled the current situation of the case, and immediately confirmed that her arrangement was okay.So he straightened his chest, held his head high, and looked at Brother Sanfu and Brother Gary without any fear.Her confidence and aura were conveyed to the two detectives, coupled with the reliable impression that Jiayi has always left on them, the appropriate order and the good reputation of Kiayi is always reliable and capable , the two detectives did not have any negative emotions , accepted the status quo arranged normal human blood sugar by Yi Jiayi smoothly, and expressed their acceptance in turn.

Qiu Sushan smiled and waved her hand.Fang Zhenyue raised his eyebrows and stared at her expression, but did not turn his gaze back.He looked at her expression carefully.He always felt that today s madam was weird.So like to observe others Qiu Sushan changed the subject as if she was afraid of being seen.A detective needs to know the suspect, the witnesses, blood sugar low symptoms normal human blood sugar the victims, distinguish their is blood sugar related to blood pressure lies from the truth, understand the implication of their words, and understand their expressions.The representative means so many requirements, if you don t observe others carefully, how can you make such a difference.

He himself was not strict with his mouth, betrayed the big head, and applied to the police detective to be a tainted witness, so he also felt that the whole world was full of rebellious people like him.When a person with a bad brain is nervous and afraid, he has no logic or wisdom at all, and now he is even more muddled, and immediately said anxiously Hey, police officer, don t go, I know who the murderer is, can I apply to be a police officer A tainted witness I swear that I will tell the truth, what others say is all lies, slander me Standing at the door, Uncle Jiu turned his head to look at Mawei, and said casually, What Immediately confessed like normal human blood sugar a machine gun Actually, best food to regulate blood sugar after I agreed to help Datou kill, I happened to drink with another brother.

The geographical portrait is a scientific investigation tool that can deduce the murderer s next crime scene.Surveillance areas, normal human blood sugar patrolling density.Qiu Sushan has been paying attention to foreign literature on criminal psychology, psychological portraits, geographical portraits, and even psychological autopsy.interest.Uncle Jiu had already gnawed on the stick and sank into the chair, closed his eyes and dozed off.But Jiayi and Fang Zhenyue listened carefully, showing interest in what Tannen said.If there is a science that normal human blood sugar can outline the murderer s education, appearance, personality, family status and other information through the investigation of the crime scene and the analysis of evidence, then the police can save a lot of effort.

Fang Zhenyue took a wait and see attitude towards this matter, but he also sincerely hoped that what Tannen said was true.He absolutely welcomes anything that is useful to solve the case, no matter what science it is.In her previous life, Jiayi had watched too many foreign movies and books related to criminal psychology, and she was fascinated by the profiling and criminal psychology of foreigners.She wanted to learn more about foreign knowledge in the 1990s through Tannen.How many layers of accuracy are there.Liu Jiaming, who was sitting behind Fang Zhenyue, also raised his head.Nowadays, American TV dramas and movies often show such lofty content as criminal psychology , psychology and multiple personality.

She quietly asked Brother Rick, Brother Rick, if a person looks like that, normal human blood sugar how old would best blood sugar monitor machine he be Fortunately, the murderer didn t really look as weird as Inspector T said, but had a public face, which made her People like it can be found instantly.That kind of face, you can see the degree of gray normal human blood sugar hair on his sideburns, as well as forehead lines, brow lines, eye lines, lip smile lines, and more than one layer of bags under the eyes.These are actually caused by sagging skin.And That is, the subcutaneous tissue of the apple muscle is sunken and sagging.So even if he is in a normal state, you will still feel that he looks more tired than a young man.

Not admitting it, not speaking, is the wisest decision.Therefore, no matter what the police say, he will not admit more.Looking at his expression, Jiayi knew what he was planning.Pursing her lips and smiling, she pulled over the chair, sat down gracefully, put her hands on the table, and sat sideways comfortably, before speaking in a calm tone On the evening of the 22nd, you gave Zhao Dongsheng a fatal stab at his home, and then took Zhao Dongsheng to the car normal human blood sugar calmly.Zhao Dongsheng s heart was injured and he couldn t live anymore.He seemed delirious and unable to call for help.So originally you were I wanted to put him in the back of the car, pretend to be taking the victim to see a doctor, and take him for a drive in the city until there were few black people in the sky, and then drive him to Jinshan for burial according to the plan.

Liang Fengshi drank a lot of wine that night, and after parting with his friends, he wandered home drunk and alone.After you drove to Liang Fengshi s house, when the other party was about to go around the building, you shifted gears neatly, pulled the handbrake, put on black gloves, and even carefully put on a black hat and mask after getting off the car.The street lamp is broken, did you choose this corner where the street lamp is broken, or did you smash how blood sugar affects the body the street lamp with stones to create this corner that is most suitable for the murder plan in order to kill Liang Fengshi here Liu Xujie didn t answer Yi Jiayi, he opened his mouth wide, breathed hard, and stared at Yi Jiayi.

I will go to London in a week to take a short term training course in criminal psychology.I have already communicated with Sister Yin about the flight, hotel and other information.Remember to go to Sister Yin when you come back, bye.After all, Fang Zhenyue walked towards Group B without looking back.Qiu Sushan turned her head to look at him.Why did this man s back look like he was exuding a murderous look Back in Group B s office, Fang Zhenyue leaned against the desk and stared at the whiteboard in a daze.Seeing Uncle Jiu wearing a normal human blood sugar coat and getting ready to call it a day, he suddenly remembered another document about Uncle Jiu that he saw at Sir Huang today Uncle Jiu, you can retire at the end of this year, how do you apply to change it to early next year Good coat, Uncle Jiu, who flattened the folds of his clothes, pinched the small wooden stick stuck in his ear.

Jiadong smiled, turned around and was about to go back to the back kitchen.It s time for blood sugar 149 in the morning the hottest dinner soon There are still many dishes to is 102 blood sugar normal prepare.Unexpectedly, after taking two steps, I heard the bustle and bustle outside the door.It turned out that it was Uncle Fei and his son who rushed over yelling, Jiadong turned to greet him, but saw the two of them walking directly into the shop with big bags in their hands and hugging their chests.Strange, they brought all these things and they didn t go home and put them away, mg/dl blood sugar blood sugar 149 in the morning so why did they move into his shop Uncle Fei caught Yi Jiadong s expression in a blink of an eye, immediately understood his doubts, and said in a loud voice It s yours, go to the intersection and pick it up.

Wang had already returned home 6 years ago.It turned out that Ms.Wang, who was in the rebellious Blood Sugar Normal Range normal human blood sugar period at that time, ran away from home In Macau, after 6 years, I earned some money before returning to Xiangjiang, and got in touch with my parents, relatives and friends again.The victim has changed, the body is no longer there, and all evidence is lost.Existing test sheets, reports and detective analysis The reports are all based on outdated technology more than ten years ago, not to mention the detection, but it is very difficult to re locate the victim.Jiayi did not fear the difficulty, and then assigned Xu Shaowei to investigate the backlog of the case within 2 months before the body was found At that time, the forensic doctor judged that the death time of the corpse was about one and a half months , and within one month after the discovery of the corpse the possibility normal human blood sugar that some family members reported to the police station after the disappearance of normal human blood sugar relatives and friends for a period of time is not ruled out , all people between the ages of 18 and 25 , The list of missing women whose height is between 1.

Everyone is based on the work situation and goes with the situation.If you have tinnitus and high blood sugar plenty of time, go for a big meal, and if you are short of time, just fill your belly.Jiayi stood up holding the table, and she neither smiled nor was she cold when she answered.Inspector W and Inspector W are still in the stage of getting acquainted with each other, and there is room for both attitudes.Wagner nodded, raised his arm and looked at the time, Okay, we will leave in 20 minutes.I can fit 4 people in my car, do you have others driving I ll drive, sir.Uncle Jiu raised his hand.OK.Wagner decided on the departure time and travel method, and then he turned around and went back to the office.

day.After watching Liu Jiaming record this sentence, Jiayi asked again Has Sir Guo sent someone from the public relations department I just communicated with the police station.Guo sir led a team to come with forensic officer Xu sir s car.Inspector Wagner has initially communicated the general status of the case to other departmental inspectors.Liu Jiaming nodded in response.Okay.Jia Yi stood at the door of the back kitchen, and saw Uncle Jiu coming in, raised her eyebrows and looked over.The neighbors say that the Dajiaqiang couple get along well with their apprentice Huang Xiangjie.Huang Xiangjie normal human blood sugar is honest, capable and obedient.

It s public.Jiayi immediately got some information from W sir s words, and smelled the smell of gunpowder.Take a closer look, and realize the thoughtfulness of Wagner s words.He released enough information to her that she was more prepared to deal with it.Hiding her gratitude and all her thoughts, she only said hello to all the officers on the other side of the phone in a slightly dull manner, and then stopped speaking, waiting calmly for the other party to explain their intentions.Xu Shaowei walked out of the back kitchen and asked in a low voice, Whose phone is it Jiayi stretched out a finger and pressed it to her lips, signaling him to keep silent.

Furthermore, I am afraid that at that moment, I figured out how to deny it and how to fight the tug of war with the police.It is precisely because he feels that he still has a certain chance of winning in the follow up, so he can really catch him without a fight.If a person really feels that he is finished, even if he is facing a gun, he will probably make one last fight.Maybe it s going to be a big gamble in that densely populated community, whether I dare to shoot or not.And he didn t start this big gamble.Doesn t it prove that he thinks he is caught, and he won t really be hopeless On the one hand, he is prepared.

The vegetables on it were crushed, and they groaned.Jiayi couldn t care less about these, she supported the first big vat and pushed it hard.Xu Shaowei followed behind Jiayi and was the fastest to complete normal human blood sugar the normal human blood sugar equipment.Seeing Jiayi making a move, he squeezed her palms away and grabbed the edge of the half height tank, pushed it to an angle, and moved octreotide for low blood sugar it away in a circle.Sanfu held up a flashlight to illuminate Jiayi and Xu Shaowei.Jiayi squatted down and patted the soil under the tank, and then listened like a colleague from the forensic department.The ground is solid, there low blood sugar level is no echo, and there is obviously nothing tricky below.

Chao Jiayi nodded frequently and said, If you have the ability, you have worked hard If you have new discoveries, please call us anytime.Jiayi did He gestured for a phone call, and said We should be on duty at the police station tonight.OK, but we will go home after the autopsy.Xu Junhao raised his eyebrows, he does not advocate working overnight.In the police station, you need to say something more No, he bought a very comfortable mattress at a high price, and if he doesn t go back to sleep, it is a waste of disrespect for money.Okay.Jiayi was finally amused by him.Both sides nodded, and after Wagner collected all the report sheets, everyone finally returned to the office of Group B with a full load.

How can rain not live long After finishing speaking, You Zhaohua saluted Wagner, and left suddenly just like when he 453 blood sugar came.Wagner was left wondering at the closed office door.After 1 hour, the interrogation ended and the transcripts were complete.Wagner s process is also well prepared, just wait for the submission immediately after work tomorrow.A group of detectives are in a daze, and they have all changed from shrewd detectives to dull fools.Fortunately, the case has come to an end at this time, and everyone no longer needs to be smart and hardworking, just carry the exhaustion and excitement of solving the case, go home and have a good night s sleep.

What makes money Do everything and run around.According to Xu sir s deduced time of death, on the day of his death, he first went to participate in the funeral activities in the countryside, helping the laymen with work, and earning some extra money.Afterwards, I went to play cards and lost some money.Instead, I went to drink tea and hang out until night.I haven t found out what I did after normal human blood sugar about 18 o clock.Brother Jiaming, Brother Gary, you used some informants.Check the social relations of the deceased Wang Qiuxin, what happened normal human blood sugar before and after December 2, who are the witnesses, who did they quarrel with, who did they have money dealings with, and other unusual relationships.

Like abandoned old factory buildings, abandoned buildings, unfinished buildings, etc.It s really great to release this information to everyone in the process of reasoning.Gradually let her thoughts fly, Jiayi felt hope, and Blood Sugar Normal Range normal human blood sugar she moved towards the direction.Zhenyue smiled, his brain spinning, and continued On the other high blood sugar meaning hand, since the deceased had been pinching the button with Bingdu hidden before his death, then according to the logic I just said, we can judge that, The death of the deceased has a lot to do with ice.Perhaps the deceased is conveying his cause of death to us through this button.A bolder guess is that this elder belongs to a trafficker gang.

Jiayi thought for a while and then nodded, Brother Jiaming is very good I m going to the forensic officer to find out about this situation.Okay, hard work eleventh sister, hehe.Liu Jiaming was suddenly praised, touched his head in embarrassment, nodded to Wagner and Fang Zhenyue, and was about to go out to perform the task that Cai Jiayi had just given.Fang Zhenyue followed Liu Jiaming out and asked What s the name of that bastard with the double shoulder injury normal human blood sugar Brother Yue.Liu Jiaming was stunned for a moment, and raised his head subconsciously to see Yi Jiayi s expression.Jiayi nodded, and he replied Xiang Xiaorong, everyone calls him Brother Xiaorong.

I see, he is one of my informants, and he was supported by a lot of living expenses before.If you don t mind, I ll .

does exercise increase blood sugar in diabetics?

take care of it on his side.Fang Zhenyue turned to look at Wagner and asked politely.He has worked in the West Kowloon Crime Squad for so many years, and the title of God of Wealth is not for nothing.His money, at this time, he went out to inquire, arazo nutrition blood sugar support reviews but it was more useful than calling these people into the normal human blood sugar police station.Just let him know it as a secret.Although Wagner s chest swelled and he felt the depression of being compared to Fang Zhenyue, he still nodded his head on how to lower blood suger business Please.

This is what the police want, but I m afraid it s not what Lu Weiye wants.Sure enough, Lu Weiye immediately raised his hands and said motionlessly to the side Sit back.Although the four bodyguards had serious expressions and fierce eyes, they had to listen to Uncle Ye s words, and finally they were reluctant Sit back, put the weapon in your hand on the table obediently, and then raise your hands behind your head.Just when the four bodyguards attracted everyone s attention, Lu Weiye let go of the dragon head stick that fell to the ground in an instant.He kicked it lightly and rolled under the table.

Jiayi hugged all the documents to her chest, with a smile still on her face Lu Weiye, Let me tell you that the police have even reconstructed the case, and now they only need to wait for all the documents to be sorted out and submitted to the Legal Department.I came to chat with you, just to see your wonderful expression.You don t need to say anything, and I don t need you to say anything, just listen, okay normal human blood sugar is high blood sugar levels dangerous She asked like coaxing a child, her expression and voice were obviously very gentle, but it made Lu Weiye read the most annoying contempt.In her eyes, he seemed to be a plaything.At this moment, like him in the past, she is playing with the weak who she looks down on.

How could such a large bottom level normal human blood sugar industry fall short overnight He never treated his brothers badly, and when he started to kill, he also arranged for everyone to participate, and most of the time he didn t even do it himself.The reason why Wang Xinqiu normal human blood sugar was killed was entirely to make an example of others.Why do brothers turn against water Qi Zhe confessed Bai Shuangyin also offered Could it be that Qi Zhe has been holding on to that woman because he didn t give it to him last time Or did Qi Zhe hold grudges because he rejected Qi Zhe s attempt to take over the sales business of a few streets Did Bai Blood Sugar Normal Range normal human blood sugar Shuangyin confess at the instigation of Mr.

Guess, will your wife tell you everything she knows As your closest person, how much does she know about you How much evidence do you have Are you going to kill her Also Wang Ting is in charge of your account books.The police have checked him, but there is no criminal record.How could someone follow Lu Weiye and be so clean I guess he must be a super smart guy.Know that even if you are in the quagmire, you still have to protect yourself wisely, right Our brother department has investigated this person.Every time you kill someone, he will follow you.He is obviously capable of fighting, but he hasn t killed a single person in so many years.

Bai Kill Mr.Bai Are you sure It worked, and Jiayi made some extended analysis of human nature based on the resumes and files of those people, adding bricks and tiles to the situation where Lu Weiye no longer trusted his subordinates.Sure enough, Lu Weiye s face became more and more ugly.After the list is over, Jiayi suddenly stopped speaking.When Lu Weiye raised her head in doubt, she restrained her expression and raised her sword eyebrows like knives.She was full of mana and imposing, and finally cornered him Lu Weiye, if you want to silence him, you have enough power manpower At this moment when several people have confessed you and are about to sacrifice the boss, can you believe the knife you sent out to kill him How do you know that the knife will not stab you in the opposite direction After Jiayi finished speaking, she suddenly relaxed.

Such a person was actually slandered by the police as a murderer.It was all because when the police tried to extort money from Mr.Lu, Mr.Lu refused such behavior uprightly, which caused disaster.After the exaggeration, there was another speech by Mr.Bai, Mr.Lu s subordinate.The Mr.Bai, who did not want normal human blood sugar to be named, said that they will provide evidence to the ICAC, and they will definitely return the world to justice. Last night, after Lawyer Hu met Wang Ting and Mr.Bai, they discussed the countermeasures.First, they gave money to the newspaper industry to grab public opinion and put pressure on the police.

The bad guys are running around everywhere, and there are still many police officers in the police station all night, making plans to catch the bad guys.Chen Guoxiang put on her sister s old pajamas, brushed her teeth and washed her face to make herself smelly and clean, her eyes were still wide open when she got into bed.When Yi Jiayi helped them turn off the lights, she said with a smile that there will be a very rich breakfast waiting for everyone tomorrow morning, sleep well, and look forward to it.Once the surroundings become dark, the senses become more acute.The fresh smell on the quilt, the softness of the quilt under her body, the warmth of the quilt, and the steady breathing of the policewoman beside her were all magnified.

Jiayi turned her head and glanced at the detectives of Group B, and in the blink of an eye, she arranged the detectives clearly Uncle Nine leads Shaowei Visit the upstairs and downstairs residents and the decoration workers to see if there are any female personnel who match this height, and then ask them if they have seen people with physical characteristics similar to the murderer when the victims died.As soon as it was restored , the work began to advance.Fang Zhenyue stood in the house with his chest folded, looking at the scene and thinking, while paying attention to Jiayi from time to time.

Guo sir is struggling to suppress public opinion.The interview shows that every policeman is doing his best and has never neglected his duties.Calls from various departments flooded in, and Fang Zhenyue finally understood the pressure on Qiu Sushan before the detectives can concentrate on solving the case, but it is also necessary for the inspectors to bear all the hustle and bustle mg/dl blood sugar blood sugar 149 in the morning of the outside world and help the detectives create an environment that will not be disturbed.But even if he alone withstood the pressure blood sugar low symptoms normal human blood sugar from the leader and other departments, he couldn t solve the case instantly.Staying up late, anxiety, irritability and other emotions weighed on his head, and a tough guy like Fang Zhenyue also had blisters around the corners of his mouth.

According to the information provided by Uncle Gu, the gun is fully loaded, that is to say, six rounds are fully loaded, and only one is found to be used for the time being.After killing the charterer of Furong Street, there may be 5 left.The detectives suddenly felt a sense of urgency.They didn t know who got the gun and whether they would use it to kill more people.With a murder weapon in hand, the intention to kill is self inflicted.Such a weapon that can ignore strength or status is left outside, just like a demon messenger in the world, more normal human blood sugar terrible evils may be breeding, lurking in the dark, waiting for an opportunity.

Chewing slowly, He also needs to stop his mouth movement when someone occasionally looks at him, pretending to be immersed in work and not eating the fish balls fed to him by the female citizen.After confirming that no one is watching, he chews quickly again, no matter how charming the taste is, he still keeps it Serious expression you must be serious when you are a policeman normal human blood sugar is high blood sugar levels dangerous Because there is an extra girlfriend by his side, he is carbs to raise blood sugar worried that it will affect the speed of patrolling the streets, so Ah Li walks faster instead.The girlfriend is in a good mood, and she also walks like flying with him, and sometimes she walks faster than him Faster, to stand in front and laugh at his short legged tortoise.

After her back disappeared, Sister Yin looked at the empty door and sighed softly.It s better to be a clerk.Although there is no glory, but there normal blood sugar level woman is no trouble.Sister Yin sighed, turned her head and said to Awen, Do it in this office with peace of mind, don t dream all day long.Ah Wen giggled, but still stood inside the door and poked her head out quietly, peeping normal human blood sugar is high blood sugar levels dangerous at Yi Jiayi s back, her eyes full of hope But Yi Shazhan is so sassy and pretty, I really want to be like her.Furong Street The shooting case is over, and only the 91 case is left in Group B s hands.However, although the new clues revealed the identities of the two victims, it has been difficult to find out further breakthrough clues.

In this era, cameras have not been popularized, DNA databases have not yet been established, and fingerprint databases are still not very smart.A stranger who hides in the dark and commits crimes randomly wants to catch him.The deputy police chief hopes that Tannen, an expert with new technology Personnel can do him a miracle.Tannen Three days before Jiayi s three month training period expired, the latest victim of the New Territories North Miemen case appeared in Kowloon Tanglou District.Superintendent Huang of the West Kowloon Serious Crime Squad met Tannen, a criminal psychology expert, and several inspectors from the Serious Crime Squad, and went to the New Territories North Serious Crime Squad Office for a meeting.

People, I have gotten used to it now.The fear and panic of being caught, of failing and being killed back at the beginning, may gradually become calm through the accumulation of experience and improvement of killing methods in the process of committing crimes repeatedly.If the murderer He was so calm when handling the first case of Shangshui Miemen, which may mean that he had killed more than one person before coming to Xiangjiang.Now Jiayi has only seen the flow video of the Shek Kip Mei case, and for the time being The mentality of the murderer is still hard to judge.Walking into the kitchen, Jiayi saw the used stove and table, Chen Guangyao said There are traces of cooking and eating in the kitchen.

Sun Anzu Can t help laughing.Fang Zhenyue walked on the side, looking at Jiayi who instantly got along with everyone, he couldn t help being a little envious.This is probably the person who will feel the least lonely.He is cheerful and happy, and it is good to attract people around him.Everyone walked into the forensic department while chatting.After Sir Sun called his assistant, he took a few people to the dissection room.After several cases were determined to be the joint work of serial killers, they were all brought to Qian Peiyang for unified autopsy and reports.These days, Qian Peiyang is so busy that he scratches the back of his head.

It s possible to make trouble, then things will be complicated When looking back from the direction of Portland Street, Jiayi saw the time on the clock standing blood sugar 149 in the morning is 233 high blood sugar beside a shop on the corner of the street, and it was already 00 12.She stomped her feet and normal human blood sugar looked down at the list in her hand.Sister Yin and the others are still fighting with the files, everyone is busy, but the dangerous time is getting closer and closer Fang Zhenyue looks back at her, Let s go, do things, don t think too much.Yes.The two So a person flashed into the alley, the street lights here were limited, and the lights were not too serious, some fanned, and some went on strike in a daze.

Got it She got him This beast that caused her to watch 40 flow videos The door of the room at the end of all the operations that night was finally opened, and several police officers rushed in defensively.They had received a notification from Fang Zhenyue the murderer had been captured and his life was in critical condition.When they broke in, they thought normal human blood sugar is high blood sugar levels dangerous they would see the scene of the shootout where the murderer collapsed to the ground, but they didn t expect that the first thing they saw was the female Sha Zhan standing in front of the balcony in the hall.Her bright and dazzling smile made everyone feel the joy and joy of finally catching him.

I asked again specifically, and I am absolutely sure.Baoshu also looked like an adult, and when he said this, his voice was specially lowered, as if imitating Fang Zhenyue to comfort others.Thank you, Baoshu, little golden spy Jiayi responded with a smile, normal human blood sugar pretending to be relaxed, not wanting the children to worry with herself.Well, if you have anything else to ask, just mg/dl blood sugar blood sugar 149 in the morning tell me, and I ll ask again.Baoshu puffed normal human blood sugar up his chest in an instant.After dinner, Fang Zhenyue called Shang Jiajun to buy ice cream for everyone to eat.Jiajun walked beside Fang Zhenyue, looking at Fang Zhenyue s shoulders and long legs from time to time.

I want you to buy your own house.Seeing that she was about mg/dl blood sugar blood sugar 149 in the morning to speak again, Jia Jun shook his head to stop him, and continued It s not easy for the elder brother, too.Raising the three of how high is bad blood sugar us, dragging us to the point where everyone says behind his back that he is an old bachelor.Wake up early every day and do things late at night, meet a lot of weird people all day long, and often meet bad boys who are rude and disrespectful, but he still has to deal with it with a smile.Every time I see it, I get mad.Big Brother s It is also very difficult to earn money.I don t know how much oil fume I smoked.My hands are always scalded with circles of scars.

Jiayi was also very anxious, but she wanted to put on a leisurely look and chat with Zhong Dazhi about tea.The blood sugar low symptoms normal human blood sugar three of them spent almost half an hour at the tea table, and the tea was soaked to the point where Zhong Dazhi still had a serious talk.Fang Zhenyue finally took a deep breath, and after drinking another cup of tea, he raised his head and said Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos normal human blood sugar solemnly Mr.Zhong, have you ever considered that if the former Ape Gang wanted to mess normal human blood sugar with you, why would they kill Mr.Xiao Zhong in their own territory Since The purpose is to make the heir you originally cultivated disappear, so there is no need to expose yourself like this and cause trouble, right And he specially hit the brain with a round hammer, leaving scars, as if it was just for you to see.

At that time he had just started to grow a beard, very soft and sparse, it was like kissing on the head of a bald dog, symptoms of low blood sugar in type 1 diabetes hard and hot, and a little fluffy.Man Niu stared at her with wide eyes in fear, thought for a while, then turned around and fled.Zhong Chuanjie often remembered Blood Sugar Normal Range normal human blood sugar it is 65 blood sugar low when he was studying abroad.But he never called her.She knew that Man Niu had her number, but he never found her.Even though every time she came home, she could feel his gaze as usual, but he neither talked to her nor called can celery juice lower blood sugar her.When she looked at him quickly, trying to catch his gaze, he always fled like a mouse.My brother said that the bull was fierce and capable of fighting, but in her opinion, he was a coward.

Qiu Sushan has already pulled out her chair.Although she is still facing the Chief Inspector and speaking, her feet are already walking towards the door of the meeting room.The Chief Inspector nodded, and stopped asking any more questions.Four places were arranged.A few minutes later, all the people in the large meeting room of O Ji who were normal human blood sugar related to this Monkey Fighting case were sent out.Qiu Sushan stepped on the gas pedal, and all the police officers sitting in the car had their backs hardened.It slammed into the seat of the car.Everyone felt a buzzing sound, and the car flew out of the garage and onto the driveway, heading straight for Kowloon.

After communicating with Zhong Dazhi and Liang Yuexia at O Ji, they will also Monkey Justice Fight The case files were sealed and archived.When both cases were over and Jiayi was preparing for the upcoming 3 day vacation, the white browed Eagle King of O Ji suddenly wanted to see her.Accompanied by Fang Zhenyue, Jiayi Drive to O Kee headquarters.Although Wan Chai is not as prosperous as Central and Causeway Bay, it is still very lively.Jiayi sits in Brother Yue s car, sometimes dozing off on the road, and sometimes looking at the scenery.After the case was solved, I was really relaxed and happy, and I also had the mood of admiring the scenery, and the mood of cranky thinking.

It is considered his driving skills.Alright.Gary couldn t help making a strange face.Really I took Yuege s jeep today, but I didn t notice it.Jiayi scratched her normal human blood sugar is high blood sugar levels dangerous head.Could it be that she was looking at Yuege s scenery too seriously, so she completely ignored the jeep s scars Sister Eleven only cares about peace and people s livelihood, reasonable, reasonable Liu Jiaming teased with a smile.Liang Shule sat behind the desk, propped his chin and smiled as he watched everyone chatting.The white shirt complemented his gentleness, and when he smiled, high blood sugar after waking up he looked like a foolish son of a pampered landlord, low blood sugar after eating with a gentle and innocent temperament.

A Biao stopped.He cursed the national essence in his heart, but the words had already been spoken, so he picked up the water spinach in a sloppy manner, walked towards the door with a stinky face, and served the O Ji police officers stupidly.Sitting in the shop, Jiayi suppressed the urge to laugh while watching them make trouble.After serving 4 dishes to O Ji, A Biao and the 3 brothers who stood up with him to help were all honest, sat back obediently with their heads downcast, and continued to eat their meals.Let s forget about helping Yi Ji or something.In the future, they will come to Yiji to take care of the business, and they will not compete with Man Niu for helping with serving dishes and the like They are just messing around in the road.

Not only the four of us can fit in it, but also Baoshu, Manniu, Clara and Ah Xiang , can fit in.Yi Jiadong imagined.Okay, then we can go out for a night tour together as a group.Jiayi immediately imagined that scene.Wait for spring, let s go to Lamma Island.Go to the country park Now Sun Xin also bought a car, Ah Xiang also has more than 100,000 yuan in deposits, and Clara and the others are getting more and more full in their pockets.In the past two years Time , everyone has changed a lot.It will be better to accumulate wealth step by step in a down to earth way Get richer and richer, buy a luxury car Buy a luxury house Luxury car Luxury house Can t help it Stop shouting slogans.

All of a sudden, the entire team B was sent out, and Jiayi was left alone to deal with the situation.OK, Elder Sister.Tan Sanfu nodded, pulled off his coat neatly, and took Jiaming with him to set off.Uncle Nine, please take Gary to the park in the middle of the street, and ask if anyone had a conflict with the dog owner before the pet dog died.Or saw someone sneaking in the park and throwing meat and other food on the side of the road Grass.Jiayi said, and added If our guess is correct, then the pet dog in the park in the middle of the street is probably the murderer s first attack.Every murderer commits a crime for the first time, there must be a lead.

The murderer should have been wearing dark clothes that day, and he couldn t see clearly at night even if he was stained with blood.Jiayi imagined some possible details at that time, and while talking, recorded Yue Ge and her own conjectures in the notebook.She ran up without looking at the corpse, just to see the crime scene without having a flow image.During the process, carefully deduce the murderer s behavior and some clues based on the traces at the scene, and then go to the flow video to make a confirmation, so as to check whether there are mistakes or omissions in my own observation.In the future, you can also learn and improve in a targeted manner based on your investigation and reasoning without the guidance of flow images.

Liang Shule high blood sugar in non diabetics also shared the information he got from visiting the neighborhood today Some people say I once saw a man in a khaki trench coat and gray black beret stalking Miao Liqun.His features seemed to include baldness.The neighbor who lived downstairs from Miao Liqun said he had seen that man Two times, one of them was blown off by the strong wind, and then I saw that the stalker s hairline moved back seriously.It happened last week, but I asked other neighbors, and they said that they mg/dl blood sugar blood sugar 149 in the morning had never seen this person.They also expressed ignorance normal human blood sugar Type 2 Diabetes Treatment of such characteristics.Jiayi took the statement collected by Liang Shule, pinched the description of Miao Liqun s downstairs neighbor, and was slightly startled.

He took the photo Jiayi handed over and looked at the murderer half hidden in the darkness.Although the other party is wearing a mask, he can still vaguely distinguish the hair style and the blurred outline of eyebrows and eyes from the picture composed normal human blood sugar of high paste particles not inch hair or middle parting, not shallow eyebrows or peas eyes, not square wide face, not big Even if the brain cannot accurately tell whether the murderer has double eyelids or single eyelids, whether it is sword eyebrows or thick flat eyebrows, it can already make many exclusions.And, just based on this photo, the kind of person who gets along with the murderer day and night, who is very, very familiar normal human blood sugar with him, may recognize him if he takes a closer look.

Yi Shazhan, who had raised his eyebrows solemnly just now, now has joyful brows, and his whole body exudes a blood sex sugar magic light and relaxed atmosphere.After Wenxun learned of the result, Liang Shule couldn t help being shocked.Then the wild reasoning turned out to be completely correct He was dazed for a long while, then suddenly took out his study notes, and wrote on it one stroke at a time Don t let go of any clues and conjectures, absolutely You can t laugh at any possibility, even if it seems unreliable Absolutely not This is the essential quality of a successful detective At this moment, Liang Shule seemed to have obtained the secret to becoming a detective, and his eyes on Yi Jiayi gradually became firm Amazing Yisha Exhibition is really amazing The group of three returned to the police force, and Yi Jiayi picked up the landline and called Inspector Guo of the Public Relations Division.

I can see clearly.But Jiayi has seen the murderer s eyebrows clearly.She learned the method that Rick taught her.She has seen countless pictures of why does my blood sugar drop while sleeping hot bath lower blood sugar the eye features of middle aged men of various ages, and compared the murderer s eyebrows and eyes in the high definition flow images.It has been compared to the most similar to a 43 year old man, but she wants to use Rick s name to fool everyone into believing her profile of the murderer s age.It is better not to say too much, which seems too contradictory. Liang Shule copied himself from Jiayi s whiteboard, while showing the expression of Grandma Liu visiting the Grand View Garden.

He continued to look normal human blood sugar back while speaking.Yi Jiayi outside the interrogation room frowned, feeling that Tannen and Fang Zhenyue were looking at her, she shrugged and said that she didn t know what the situation was.When following Yao Qingtian before, she would always wear a wig, clothes of normal human blood sugar a style she wouldn t normally .

do apple cider vinegar pills help lower blood sugar?

wear, and some makeup to make herself look different.Yao Qingtian would never recognize her.In addition, she has not met or spoken to him.In the interrogation room, Uncle Jiu knocked on the normal human blood sugar table in displeasure.This time what is blood sugar level normal range he played a bad face, so he reprimanded him professionally.Only then did Yao Qingtian helplessly withdraw his expectant gaze towards the door, and turned to look at Uncle Jiu and Sanfu seriously.

Finally, they found that before Yao Qingtian walked into the dressing room of the clothing store Before disappearing, a couple left from their camera Because the two were intimate at the time, and they didn t see Yao Qingtian carrying schoolbags and other suspicious things, so they didn t guess the disguise.Looking back at the video they recorded, I found that the expression of the man in the couple was surprised and seemed weird.In addition, although the tall woman was leaning on the man, she was coquettishly staring at the man., did not face the camera directly, but according to the description I provided of the tall woman with long curly hair and black wrap dress, it was almost completely matched.

He finally turned his head and hooked his hands at Sanfu.Sanfu is very familiar with this hooking action.There is a space for a cigarette between the index finger and middle finger.He fumbled in his pocket and took out two, one for Uncle Jiu and one for himself.Pressing down on the lighter, the red and blue flame trembled, and handed it to Uncle Jiu, but Uncle Jiu regretted it.He waved his hand, with only a cigarette in his mouth, turned around and walked towards the corner, leaning against the wall, with the cigarette butt on his tongue, his eyes looking at the hole nailed into the iron sheet by the bullet shot through Yao Qingtian s head.

Liang Shule and Ah Xiang was washing apples together in the super big kitchen, and couldn t help chatting while washing I blood sugar low symptoms normal human blood sugar don t know when I will be able to live in such a villa.You can discuss with Sir Fang and ask him to let you stay for a night.Axiang said innocently.Then if I stayed for one night, would I still want to stay for the second night Liang Shule was distressed.Ah Xiang was amused, Then you have to marry Sir Fang.I m willing, but I m afraid Brother Yue won t.Liang Shule couldn t help laughing.By the roast suckling pig shelf, not only the children normal human blood sugar were drooling around.Even Eleven and Xiao Huang, who were brought together, wagged their tails and squatted aside, as if waiting for human beings to serve them after they were roasted.

Put blood on Xiao Huang s mouth.Xiao Huang immediately circled around her happily, Jiayi thought it was funny, patted it on the head before locking the door and leaving with chicken blood.Driving the Happy Prince, she was afraid of being seen, so she rode a bicycle to travel long distances to Kwai Chung South.When she finally arrived at Cuiyuyuan, she hid her bicycle in is intermittent fasting good for blood sugar levels the bushes behind a tree, and then she carried normal human blood sugar is high blood sugar levels dangerous chicken mg/dl blood sugar blood sugar 149 in the morning blood through the back door of the community, stepped on bricks and stones, and jumped over the wall to enter the community.Afterwards, she shuttled in the shadows, quickly flashed into 4 buildings, put on a white scarf, put on a wig, and completely covered blood sugar low symptoms normal human blood sugar her face, only showing her normal human blood sugar eyes under the bangs and on the scarf.

Ding Baoshu Kneeling in front of the bed and crying, when he turned around and saw Yi Jiayi, he stood up and ran to her.The young man looked up at her embarrassingly, with tears in his eyes, fingers twisted together, not knowing what to say, I don t know what to do anymore.Did you call an ambulance Jiayi asked.Yes.Baoshu nodded, but he looked at Jiayi, then turned to look at grandma, his face was pale, and desperate out of control emotions were already brewing in his eyes.Streaming image.The silver haired old man was lying on the bed watching normal human blood sugar TV.Suddenly he felt urgent to urinate, so he leaned against the wall and held the supporting stool, and moved to the bathroom step by step.

He was hardly seen in those yacht parties and various luxury games.And his way of raising children is as simple as his own life.To get a good school, you need to look at the report card, keep a low profile and don t show off your wealth, don t compare yourself normal human blood sugar is high blood sugar levels dangerous to external things, and focus on your heart and achievements.Therefore, his three sons and two daughters are not considered well off.The daily life mainly consists of going normal human blood sugar is high blood sugar levels dangerous to 126 blood sugar and from school and tutoring.The rare watching TV, playing video games, and going on outings are already considered very good pleasures.It is also because of the simplicity of life that it is extraordinarily regular, and it is easy for people to find out the time and route, and information such as how many people are following you and whether there are bodyguards are also not difficult to summarize and remember.

For example, in a home with electric heating equipment, or in a bed, It can be seen from this that the two deceased should have been in different places.Two blood sugar 149 in the morning is 233 high blood sugar crime scenes.Fang Zhenyue frowned, lost in thought.Furthermore, Xu sir has just judged that the murderer used different weapons to kill two people.One is a normal human blood sugar blunt hammer.Then we can almost deduce that the dead man died in a car dealership, and the murder weapon was also in the car dealership.Tools, the murderer is likely to be a person in the car dealership, or a customer who came to repair the car.The female deceased was strangled to death, and no oil stains were found on the finger marks left on her neck.

Liu Shaoqiang said.Hmm.Then it s not an upturned nose.Is the nose longer, bigger, or smaller Are you immediately attracted by the nose Liu Shaoqiang was asked again, and he was anxiously scanning After two glances, he ran away, and it was really difficult to confirm.Jiayi thought for a while, and then said again If a person has a particularly big nose, he will give people a more domineering impression.If a person has a long nose, he will feel more heroic and manly.If a person has a bulbous nose, he will appear blunt.Think back to how you felt, as if this person was clumsy Does that person make you feel fierce and powerful Or very majestic Still dull and honest It s a little prestige.

Soon she was sure It s him.He looks good.He just doesn t do his job.He quarrels to death every day.Lin Bo, who lives above him, can t wait to knock on his door every day. She was dumbfounded, she was lamenting that Eleventh Sister s method had found the murderer in one go, and then she was wondering if it would be appropriate to flatter her now, when she saw Yi Jiayi turned her head, looked at herself solemnly, and asked in a deep voice Are you ready When asking the question, Jiayi reached out and touched the gun on her waist.Seeing her movement, George immediately put away his messy thoughts, followed by a solemn expression, stood at attention, raised his chest, and said in a deep voice, Ready, madam East and West, ask Aunt Juan to lead the way and go straight to the building where the murderer lives.

Playing mahjong The old policeman looked inside.Yes, what s the matter, Brother Da Mao Lin Yibo leaned against the door, smiled and picked his chin inward, and asked, Would you like to rub normal human blood sugar it twice After asking if he noticed strangers entering the village, Lin Yibo only said that he was playing mahjong, and he didn t notice other things.The old policeman nodded, thinking it made sense.Originally, I wanted to ask if I saw any strange things floating down from the upper reaches, but then I thought that the younger boy of Shao Tao was an unreliable guy.Wouldn t it be silly if he really believed it after being guided by him , then gave up without asking, normal human blood sugar just nodded and greeted a few words, then turned and left.