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Standing up with his strength, he realized that his legs were weak.The man s big palm was strong and warm, like a bone spirit, she absorbed some warmth and strength from his body, and her brain gradually regained clarity.The faintly visible words gradually became clear, occupying the entire brain It s all true In the forensic anatomy room, after seeing the corpse, all the murder images that came to her mind were true Fang Zhenyue repeatedly chewed the three words Yi Jiayi , gradually remembered her name, turned to another detective and said, Take Yi Jiayi to the side to wash your hands, and drink some hot water to calm down the shock.

The lights and the layered 3D scenes were reflected on her retina, and also brightened her excited smiling face.At this moment, Yi Jiayi is neither a policewoman nor a younger sister in a public housing estate.Get carried away.When Fang Zhenyue looked back occasionally, he saw the little girl pressing her palm on the car window without concealing her emotions, her lips were slightly parted, and she was so focused and happy looking at something.He took advantage of the red light and peeked out of her window quietly.The ordinary street scene, ordinary pedestrians and vehicles, and even a double decker bus blocked their view to the left, but the little policewoman was very happy to be able to stare at the double decker bus.

There happened to be a small stall selling fried buns with soy milk.She ordered a bowl of soy milk and a fried bun.He sat down and began to watch silently.Whenever someone came in or out of that building, she would immediately widen her eyes and try her best to distinguish.Stare s eyes were all red, and he didn t see any of the what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic murderers.The soy milk ran out, so she had to order another bowl.The stall owner is a middle aged woman with a sizable waistline.She has long noticed Yi Jiayi s strangeness.When she brought the second bowl of soy milk to the table, she couldn t help but follow Yi Jiayi s gaze, then lowered her voice, mysteriously Xixi asked Boyfriend cheated, caught adulterer Yi Jiayi.

Fang Zhenyue was turning in from the opposite side, and his tall figure blocked most of the light from the other side of the corridor for a moment.He had already learned from the forensics what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic department that at this time, he just glanced at Zhang Zhaohe contemptuously, and then looked back.I would like to give a little more attention to the thing curled up on the ground like a Gulu.Yi Jiayi smiled and said hello politely, and then walked past her.Fang Zhenyue suddenly turned around and asked what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic is 6 blood sugar normal her Did you already know that the child is Zhang Zhaohe s Yi Jiayi was stunned for a moment and said, Didn t what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic is 6 blood sugar normal the results of the investigation say that Zhang Zhaohe what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic was going around and going around, are you still suspicious She Frightened by Fang Zhenyue s question, he felt very guilty, as if his supernatural powers had been .

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caught, what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic and he couldn t help what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic explaining And the murderer said that the deceased wanted to commit suicide because of his sad husband s suspicion Woman, how can there be such a strong feeling of being let down Fang Zhenyue stared at Yi Jiayi without blinking, the little girl looked back with a stiff expression, her mouth was dry what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic is 6 blood sugar normal with nervousness, and she even started to show signs of tinnitus.

Everyone caught up with the circled person to investigate this time.They did not miss any details.After digging over and over again, they finally found out two days later., grabbed the murderer s little tail.After the murder happened, there was actually a golden time to solve the case.To put it bluntly, the murderer was the most flustered in the few days after committing the crime, and wanted to cover up his suspicion and homicide traces the most, and he was most likely to add to the superfluity.Moreover, during this period of time, the murderer s psychological quality is low and he is afraid of being caught.

Yi Jiayi bowed to Qiu Sushan obediently, and made it clear that she would convey the order for Madam, hoping that Madam would not repeat the same order to Police Officer Fang.This way, she can send a message, and then cheat the sky, confuse the truth, Pretending to be OK Qiu Sushan is a woman who prefers softness to toughness.When facing Fang Zhenyue, she can t help being sarcasm and tit for tat.But when facing a serious, well behaved and melancholy girl like Shang Yi Jiayi, she can t help but be overwhelmed.Unable to bear the natural motherhood in her bones, she showed the little tenderness in her life and gave a Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic barely passing smile.

Half a year ago, best blood sugar testing machine the unemployed people near King what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic s Park Park had abnormalities, and maybe there were various possible phenomena and details related to the King s Park massacre.The informant asked around to inquire about it, and then turned back to King s Park Park.The police dogs ran around and expanded their range, but as expected, they got nothing, and were sent back by Sanfu as they were.Walking around the park, most of the turf has the same growth, and no one looks like it has been overturned.In addition, the maneuverability is too difficult, and the option what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic of being what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic buried in the park after killing people is basically ruled out.

Fang sir.Lin Wangjiu interrupted Fang Zhenyue suddenly.Tell me, Uncle Jiu.You don t have to worry too much about this.Yi Jiayi introduced at the press conference that both Daluzai s parents died in a car accident a month ago, and she was helpless in Xiangjiang.Noodles are sold, try to gain a foothold in Xiangjiang with your hands and hard work.He also said that the noodles he makes are various and delicious, the key Lin Wangjiu stopped suddenly in the middle of speaking, and turned to look at Yi Jiayi.After the little policewoman found the lime in Sun Xin s house, she didn t feel nervous and regretful, and now she didn t have any guilty conscience on her face, and she was very righteous.

You Zhaohua sighed and fled the scene quickly.When he walked what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic into his office, he couldn t help thinking In the future about Fang Zhenyue, he should be less talkative.I can t afford to lose this person.After receiving Fang sir s file, he immediately walked to the detention room where Sun Xin was.The sound of unlocking the lock attracted Sun Xin s attention you can go now.The policeman opened the door, took a step back, and motioned for Sun Xin to leave.The young man stared blankly at the policeman, and it took him a while to realize what he was saying.Standing up in the expectant eyes of the other party, he walked to the door in a daze, feeling tense all the time.

As if assuring her, he seriously evoked a big smile.Looking at the expressions on the other side, the two couldn t help laughing, laughed for a while, and let out a long breath of foul air at the same time.After walking side by side in a relaxed way, they left the dim old housing area and saw sporadic neon lights, bright street lights and the headlights of the police cars driving towards them.Yi Jiayi stood in the bright place, turned her head and looked in the direction where her shadow stretched.The what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic gate of hell opened in the middle of July, and they caught the murderer, and they will definitely send him to face the punishment he deserves, what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic and use the legal guillotine to chop off his crimes.

This is also one of the adverse consequences of the police missing the 72 hour prime time for handling cases.But his calmness is like a balloon, but it is not solid.On his face, the balloon just Fang Zhenyue clenched his fist and exploded again It exploded with a bang. Yi Jiayi listened very carefully the whole time.He was delighted to hear that he agreed with the logic when she proposed the reason for joining the case before.Hearing the content he extended from this, I also felt that the logic was made clearer and smoother by him in a few words.Although Fang Zhenyue spoke lightly, it seemed that he was talking about something that was particularly easy to analyze.

Apart from these 16 people, there are many traces left by previous guests because when the case happened Only these 16 people and the deceased were in the box, and other miscellaneous traces had normal blood sugar range for diabetes type 2 to be eliminated at the end.The more Chen Guangyao investigated, the more serious his face what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic became.Xu Junhao had long wanted to take the body away, but the forensic department kept adding clues, so he had to wait while doing all the inspections that could be done on the spot as soon as possible.The atmosphere what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic in the private room was very depressing.Everyone could not speak without talking, and everyone was immersed in their work, with a heavy heart.

Qieqie.This little policewoman is really fierce.Jiayi turned around and took two strides.She was still depressed, stopped again, looked back and asked angrily Prejudice can kill, why can t everyone be more fair A little bit, know how to respect others a little bit Finally, she gave Joe a hard look, and then she turned around and strode after Fang Zhenyue.Trying to adjust her emotions, she poked her head to look, and found that even though Sir Fang was surrounded by many reporters, he was still not overwhelmed.The tall and big Fang Shazhan Standing out from the crowd, the back of his head protruded above the crowd of reporters.

This report uses big numbers to mark one , one , and three the big process, and small numbers 1 2 3 to list the small processes, not only clearly showing the breakthrough of the whole case.For several key links, small symbols are also used to list the things done by each department in each specific link, the evidence and reasoning provided, what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic etc.Detailed planning and distinctions have been made, and even through the conversion and use of various punctuation marks, the creator s logic is perfectly presented with exceptional clarity.If readers want to see the details, they can easily find them, and if they want to see the big process, they can also see clearly at a glance through the guidance.

When you need to emphasize and highlight a certain sentence, is there such a function here Yes, this function is in this position of the document, called bold.The little policewoman said You can imagine that the document is a crime scene, When you need evidence, you think, where can I find it You get that thought, and so did the people who designed the software.At a crime scene, we go to the target , and evidence can often be found in a certain location, which may be called a fingerprint.So, the bold function is the fingerprint.They are also a tool.One is to Type 2 Diabetes what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic complete the document, so that the reader can understand it, see it clearly, and understand it at a glance.

There are also his strong thighs under his washed white jeans, and a pair of big feet wearing cloth shoes.When she raised her head again, she smiled a little, put the shirt in her hand to the tip of her nose and sniffed it, and then handed it to Qin Xiaolei Here.In the act of sniffing the shirt, I read a hint of sexual innuendo.He glanced at Qin Xiaolei subtly, but the other party didn t seem to notice, he only asked him to borrow lemons and other things needed to wash off the rust, and then went to the back kitchen to wash what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic the clothes honestly.Those big rough hands kneaded very lightly, with extra care and meticulousness.

The police cars and carts were fully loaded, and the alarm bells staggered and approached the scene of the Shanghai Street bank robbery.The first to arrive at the scene were three detectives from West Kowloon Serious Case Group B, and Sha Zhan and another detective had a fierce shootout with the robbers.Detective Yi Jiayi sent the exact information to the headquarters through the walkie talkie one of the three robbers was killed, and the other two robbers had at least one submachine gun and a blood sugar 136 after eating 54 caliber Black Star pistol.It is unknown whether citizens steroids and blood sugar in non diabetics and bank staff were trapped in the bank, and it is unknown whether there have been casualties in the bank.

People with cars get into the car, before releasing the brakes and stepping on the accelerator, turn on the car s FM to listen to today s Hong Kong news or the host s comments on yesterday s hot news.The hitchhikers tucked newspapers under their armpits and in their bosoms to protect them from the wind and rain, and took them out to read after getting into the subway and tinkling cars.The double decker tram is rickety, shuttles on the narrow road, and makes a big turn at the corner.People sitting on the second floor will feel as if the car is about to topple, which is extra exciting.A boy with glasses does cholesterol medicine affect blood sugar carrying a leather bag was staggering what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic is 6 blood sugar normal while turning a corner, and accidentally bumped is 135 blood sugar high in the morning why wait 2 hours to check blood sugar into the long haired white collar woman next what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic door.

Jiayi is sure that the murderer will monitoring blood sugar for type 2 diabetes not be the parents of the deceased, but she has not met the murderer s sister yet.Tomorrow we will go to the deceased s Type 2 Diabetes what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic elder sister s house to have a sit down.Now the suspicion of the deceased s parents is basically ruled out, but the suspicion of the elder sister has not been completely ruled out.Uncle Jiu started to play with his cigarette again.In such a family environment, the elder sister of the deceased may also kill her because she hated her younger sister and did not want her family and herself to be entangled by her younger sister.The police don t know the inside story of many things, so the suspicion cannot be ruled out, and they must be thoroughly investigated.

It s so amazing that I want to kowtow to you, Sister Jiayi Gary lived up to expectations is 135 blood sugar high in the morning why wait 2 hours to check blood sugar and really praised loudly.It s easy to say.Jiayi smiled to show her satisfaction.Fang Zhenyue walked into what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic the office, first took the report from the forensic department, and updated the information on the whiteboard The blood type of Tu Guisheng s family matches that of the deceased Zhao Meini The hair found matches Zhao Meini s appearance.The incomplete fingerprint found on the clock, after collecting and comparing the characteristics, is consistent with the fingerprint of Qin Hongliang s left thumb.Confirmation rate 75 The fingerprint collected on the wall next to the clock is consistent with the fingerprint of Qin Hongliang what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic s right hand.

When they arrived at Zhao s hut, it was almost noon, and the two stepped on the dirt road one after the other.When knocking on the door, Jiayi was also ready, but after communicating with Zhao s mother, she still felt sad.Mother Zhao still had that indifferent face after she opened the door.When she heard that the murderer of Zhao Mini had been arrested, Mother Zhao just gave a faint hmm.Jiayi said that now Zhao Meini s family can take her body away.Mother Zhao paused for a few seconds and what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic said decisively We have already severed ties with her, please let the police is 135 blood sugar high in the morning why wait 2 hours to check blood sugar deal with it, send it to the hospital for autopsy, or burn it.

But she doesn t know what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic anything, only snacks like fish balls what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic that her mother taught her to make when she was a child.She told me that when she was a child, the fish balls made by her mother were the most delicious, and she could eat 16 at a time, which was more than her sister.Every time I swell my stomach, I have to sit in my what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic mother s arms and ask my mother to rub my belly, which makes me hiccup all the time.Minnie also said that the neighbors of more than a dozen shacks by the bay can make fish eggs, but only Mom made the best food.Because mom has a secret recipe, I just taught her.She has saved a lot of money, and she will definitely make money by opening a small fish ball noodle shop.

Now that it was determined that the deceased in the corpse case and the deceased in the Miemen case what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic were acquaintances Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic who ate together, the detectives returned to the murder scene to replay the case according to the on site investigation results such as knife wounds and blood splatter marks, the direction and posture of the corpse.Soon, the conflict at that time was reproduced.Mr.Fang was the first to do it, kicking over the chair and breaking the wine glass.Because the house was small, they tore and beat them to the kitchen door, where Liu Dahong, the deceased in the corpse case, took the chopping knife from the cutting board and chopped Mr.

It turned out that such midnight calls really existed, and they came from the public phones near the intersection of Keelung Street and Guilin Street in Sham Shui Po, and the public phones near the intersection of Fa Yuen different ways to test blood sugar Street and Prince Edward Road West Street.The distance to Fuai Village is 800 meters and 1600 meters respectively.Fang Zhenyue parked his car on the side of the road, walked to the intersection of Huayuan Street and Prince Edward Road West Street, found the phone booth where one of the calls was broadcast, and walked around it.The night wind was very cold, so he zipped his jacket all the way to the top, and wrapped the collar around his chin before he felt satisfied.

Jiayi turned around and went to call blood sugar level 125 fasting Qiu Sushan After calling, madam arrived home.After answering the phone, she immediately opened the computer to log in to the mailbox, and proposed to apply for a search warrant to the court as soon as possible.At the police station, after Gary what do you do when your blood sugar drops interrogated Mrs.Liu, everyone sorted out the various situations of the case, and there was nothing else to do today.Fang Zhenyue arranged the work for tomorrow, glanced at the time, and then called it a day.Everyone went to the detention center to say goodbye to Uncle Jiu, and then left uneasy.On the first morning, Jiayi got up very early, and went back to her room to find her library card before going out.

Now that Xiangjiang does not have face recognition technology, more evidence is needed to determine the identity of the deceased.Liu Fuqiang s house in Baishina was transferred from a Wanwan person, and the previous Wanwan owner of the house has not been contacted.Liu Fuqiang hung a washboard that grinds his feet by the table in the security booth.There are many skin flakes on the ground under the washboard.It is preliminarily judged that he has been grinding his fingerprints every day for decades, and gradually peeled off the skin on the belly of his fingers.Grind out the how much does your blood sugar go up after eating cocoons, then grind off the cocoons, and continue to grind off the skin.

I turned out of the corridor on the second floor and touched the handrail of the stairs.The long skirt was dragging behind me, and a peacock flicked At the end, she swiped the hem of the skirt and came into everyone s sight.Many people must have praised her for being on time.Then, she held her chest up, walked slowly, and went down the stairs, which was her childhood dream of a luxurious princess Squinting her eyes and opening her nostrils, Jiayi took a deep breath, pursed her mouth tightly, and screamed in her head more and more money I want to buy a villa No, renting for what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic a year is fine Be sure to live Following Fang Zhenyue to the kitchen to move things, Jiayi was so tired walking through the living room.

Although buying a house now is much, much, much cheaper than later generations, it is still far behind the good times in the 1970s when signs of low blood sugar in newborn you could buy a big house and a prosperous shop for tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands.What can you buy with the money in your .

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hand Jiayi sat for a while, then began to scribble on the notebook again.Yi Ji is the facade they rent on an annual basis.Including the back kitchen and the small warehouse where Sun Xin lives, the total is about 28 square meters, which is about the size of two side sleepers.Sitting on Ivy Street in Sham Shui what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic Po, it is very close to the more prosperous Yau Ma Tei in the south and Mong Kok in the east.

When Jiayi heard Fang Zhenyue s first sentence, her eyes rolled up.Here it comes Brother Yue s logical direction and explanation are almost exactly in line with what she guessed last night Fang Zhenyue said In the back, Jiayi even opened and what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic closed her lips silently, and occasionally her mouth shape was exactly the same as Fang Zhenyue s.After he gave Uncle Jiu and Liu Jiaming the order for tomorrow, she turned her head to look at the two who received the order.Liu Jiaming really did Immediately what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic stood up and lupus and low blood sugar saluted, and said loudly, Yes, sir .As expected, Uncle Jiu got up lazily and said, No problem, Brother Yue.

Eleven, you and Uncle Jiu will go to see the other people interrogated by Sanfu and the others, and compare and sort out all the confessions.Yes, sir.Chapter 127 Come on, CID grabs the credit CID Group B started in the early morning, and within ten hours, three people were blood sugar levels chart low arrested Big Tou, a black hearted assistant, Brother Ponytail, who claimed to be a good citizen, and Brother Afeng, who was ruthless.Fang Zhenyue escorted Ah Feng back to the police station in the car, and confessed that he did not kill anyone.He spent 60,000 Hong Kong dollars to hand over the task of killing Zhao Dongsheng to a young and Dangerous boy Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic named Ashin.

After Qiu Sushan introduced, she revealed the reason why T came to Group B this time The case of Zhao Dongsheng s murder that we encountered in Group B this time was due to special circumstances.Sir Huang thought what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic is 6 blood sugar normal it was suitable to invite expert T to join the team, which became a new opportunity for us to solve the case., to help us find a new breakthrough.So starting today, T will join in the investigation of the Zhao Dongsheng case.I hope everyone will actively cooperate with T s work and at the same time learn more from T Qiu Sushan paused at this point Then, with a vague smile, he said, Advanced detective science.

6 Shixun Road, several clues such as Zhao Dongsheng s blood and the suspect s footprints were found, which were consistent with the murderer s footprints found at the big turn of Shixun Road.There is no motive normal blood sugar fasting levels what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic for committing the crime, and there is no suspicious place such as unknown money in and out.All inquiries against her before and after are beyond doubt.Gu Xiaolan also has a perfect alibi.After various investigations, she is as suspicious as Mrs.Zhao.Other Zhao Dongsheng s lovers are checked and found to be suspicious.Gossip Magazine published Gu Xiaolan s stalker, and new clues appeared in the case.

Put down the chocolate, scoop up clean clothes and take a shower.Hot water washes away dust and rain, and also washes away fatigue.After washing, he wrapped his towel around and walked out of the room barefoot.Although this house is not a mansion, it has one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom.It is neat and clean, the layout is good, and the location is acceptable.It is still considered a luxury for a person who lives alone.The rent of several thousand yuan was not affordable for a uniformed policeman like him, but he has lived here for more than half a year.He threw the changed clothes into the laundry basket, rubbed the faded Rolex in his hand, and threw it on the bedside table.

So we can continue to shorten the circle to the elders in the gang who are on crutches.A big boss who was powerful enough that even if someone knew that he had killed Qiu what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic Zai, no one would dare to report it, or even dare to disclose any relevant information.Wagner added information on the whiteboard again.Jiayi nodded, If you don t want to conduct a large scale and clueless search, this is the most practical direction I can think of. Wagner pursed his lips, nodded, and leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, his eyes unconsciously wandering between Fang Zhenyue and Jiayi.In front of him, Yi Shazhan didn t mention much.

Xu Shaowei seemed to be thinking about something, when he heard Yi Jiayi calling his name, he raised his head.His eyes were still clouded and he continued to be confused.After a moment of silence, he said softly, Everyone has guessed and guessed, and they always feel that these motives are not what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic is 6 blood sugar normal enough for a rational and restrained power to kill.A means of showing strength can also be used to deter others, but it is not a good means after all, it will attract the police and bring trouble to oneself.So there needs to be a stronger reason for him to take the risk and kill the victim.Jiayi nodded, looked at Xu Shaowei with encouraging eyes, and signaled him to continue talking.

After accumulating strength, she suddenly turned stillness into movement, and walked around the table between the two tables with great agility.chair.The moment Jia Yi turned into a rocket and rushed out, .

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the four Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic bodyguards raised their heads, got up without slow movements, and blocked normal blood sugar fasting levels what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic Lu Weiye.But the female policeman took the lead, so she was prepared to deal with the unintentional, and it was tens of seconds faster.It was these tens of seconds, amidst the loud noise of tables and chairs Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic colliding, helped Jiayi quickly rush to Lu Weiye s side.When Type 2 Diabetes what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic the bodyguard rushed to her and raised his gun and knife towards her, she had already pressed Lu Weiye s shoulder with her left hand, and pressed Lu Weiye back to the chair, who was about to run back or squat down.

You handed over that piece of land to him, which shows how close you are to him.Of course, the younger brother of such a person is not less under your care, no wonder it was so difficult for us to interrogate the owner of the mahjong parlor.He wants to be loyal to you, but unfortunately, Uncle Ye, I have to ask you again.Do you understand People who are extremely profit seeking, how can there be any real sense of loyalty.Everyone only considers interests, and in a world where the jungle preys on the weak, you expect that when Type 2 Diabetes what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic you are a dog in the water, there will be people who do not seek to protect themselves and only seek to do things for themselves.

He even scolded him for eating things from the inside out.When the punishment of whipping was over, was he still arguing for himself Say something like Uncle Ye, I don t have it, I don t have it It s a pity that you have murderous intentions.It is impossible to let go of this police informant, this person who eats inside and outside.You turn the faucet stick and prepare to draw your rapier.At this time, a person came forward and grabbed Wang what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic Xinqiu s hair, forcing him to look up, so that you could slit his throat.Who is this person Is it your arm, Wang Ting Or is it something you value Mr.Bai Or Uncle Gu who winked and ordered someone to move your chair for you when you entered the door Or, is it the red man Qin Tairong who is in charge of Jordan Road Primary School When she said the word Qin Tairong , Jiayi normal blood sugar fasting levels what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic high blood sugar in child symptoms raised her volume.

Brother Yue Please, let me tell you that you must be short of sugar and energy, and I will give you some supplements.You were sleeping just now, and I put it in the microwave oven.If you want something hot, you can turn it around..Jiayi nodded, while Strolling towards the desk, looking back at him.Xu Shaowei saw that she was absent minded, so he simply walked over in two steps, pushed her to the side chair and sat down, and went to warm her up by himself.Jiayi sat on the chair, looked at Liu Jiaming, then looked at Xu Shaowei, suddenly felt spiked blood sugar like an old Buddha, being taken care of by two young wives, not by two generals, hehe.

Then Fang Zhenyue frowned slightly, opened his mouth and then suddenly what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic stopped.He raised his eyebrows in disbelief, didn t he It s not like Wagner wants to eat off the shelf everywhere, not only taking care of his best B team, but also directly taking away the agents he interviewed Wagner took the Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic four agents he interviewed and formed a new team.What about the B team Well, yes.How about you go back to Group B and continue to lead Police Superintendent Huang announced such good news with a straight face, but he seemed to be talking about .

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something particularly serious.Fang Zhenyue couldn t bear it anymore, he immediately raised his arms excitedly, clenched his fists and looked at Superintendent Huang s face before silently retracting his arms.

But Wang Ting is the number one red stick in front of Lu Weiye.Although there is no record normal blood sugar fasting levels what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic of him murdering or seriously injuring others in the case, from the descriptions of other confessions, Wang Ting is very capable of beating It s okay.Seeing Jiayi s worried expression, Tang Zongli hurriedly continued Wang Ting blocked us why wait 2 hours to check blood sugar ketosis normal blood sugar in order to quietly show us that he is willing to be a tainted witness.It turns out that he knows the law very well.He only did accounts for Lu Weiye and left no evidence of other why wait 2 hours to check blood sugar ketosis normal blood sugar evil deeds.After being a tainted witness, he can be exempted from prosecution and not subject to any criminal punishment.

Is there really anyone in this world who can be trusted like this Chapter 214 Fireworks on New Year s Day New Year s Eve, a few hours again is the new year.I hope that at that time, all disasters will remain in the past, and there will be only new hope and new happiness in the future.Xu Shaowei rented a car and drove through the busiest streets and alleys, watching other people laughing and cursing.The excitement of others.Gradually, there are fewer people, and the high rise buildings are not so prosperous and new.When passing by a construction what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic site, he stepped on the accelerator lightly, and his eyes could clearly look at the courtyard wall of the construction site it was high enough to prevent some grandma and uncle from crossing the wall to steal building materials on the construction site.

He hurriedly turned his head, reached out and scratched his temples to block what is a dangerous level of blood sugar Yi Jiayi s sight.Let what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic s go.Jiayi patted him on the back.The young man was relieved, and hurriedly strode out of the office.He raised his head what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic is 6 blood sugar normal and took a deep breath.After his face cooled down, he slowed down.He was still half a step behind her.side rear.This peer position seems to be a police detective showing respect for Sha Zhan, but in fact it is a good position to hide himself and observe the other party at the same time.He could look at her from time to time as he walked.And the female policewoman walking in front strode forward, exposing her perfect profile, and would not find out of sight behind her from time to time.

Li Tongcai placed Wei Meixia in Yifeng Garden, and told her every year that he would definitely take her home for the New Year this year, but year after year, Wei Xiaotong is now can coffee affect blood sugar 4 years old., but blood sugar dropped still can not recognize the ancestors.Especially when Wei Meixia saw Type 2 Diabetes what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic Li Tongcai chatting with a female subordinate in the company a few years ago, she what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic Blood Sugar Chart laughed so happily.Kind of words.Wei Meixia felt that she was about to be abandoned.When she thought that she would be cruelly abandoned by Li Tongcai in the future and had to take care of her son alone, she felt so frightened that she couldn t sleep at night.

When the cleaning aunt came to clean the corridor in how to lower blood sugar overnight the morning, she found that the door of the house was not locked, and the Filipino maid from the resident of unit B was lying at the door.There were other why wait 2 hours to check blood sugar ketosis normal blood sugar corpses in the house.I was the only one who entered the scene wearing shoe covers to avoid the blood.There were four dead bodies, but no survivors In order to protect the scene, we did not dare to enter after we arrived, The military police who were in charge of pulling the cordon to protect the murder scene reported to Yi Jiayi while accompanying them to the elevator entrance.Excuse me, please pull what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic up the warning belt.

Every real estate agent who found Weili Jinhui s apartment 6 claimed that there was no such person, and they were even more perfunctory when questioning, as if the person what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic who made them suddenly unable to sell Weili Jinhui s luxury house at the end of the year was the police.Liang Shule was still aggrieved when he returned to Fang Zhenyue s big jeep.Jiayi patted him on the shoulder.After being a policeman for a long time, he will get used to this kind of thing.Not every citizen will actively cooperate with the police, and his attitude is not good.What, it s not bad if you don t lie to people and do things.

While walking, everyone chatted.I don t know if there is what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic really a dead body.If I haven t found it tomorrow morning, it s probably a false alarm.Maybe some gambler went crazy with gambling a few years ago.He didn t have any underwear when he lost, and his finger was cut off.San Fu said and waved his index finger.I hope that s the case.It s better for us to run for nothing than to die again.Liu Jiaming yawned as he said.Speaking of which, there have been a lot of missing persons reported recently, but we can t take a severed finger and let the family members of the report identify the person what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic I guess if my finger is broken, my own mother may not recognize my finger when she sees it.

Fang Zhenyue said in a low voice, although he was answering Brother Da Guangming s question, his eyes were looking at Yi Jiayi, Uncle Jiu and Xu Shaowei, apparently also talking about his own group.Inside agents listen.Uncle Jiu nodded in response, saying that he had heard it, but Xu Shaowei and Jiayi kept looking at the corpse on the dissection bed, and did not respond to Fang Zhenyue.Fang Zhenyue frowned slightly, stared at Jiayi twice, then looked at Xu Shaowei.In the past, when I saw Jiayi observing the corpse too much, her complexion would turn pale, and there would be all kinds of emotions in her eyes, but it was rare to see Xu Shaowei s complexion turn pale like her.

Of course, most of the prices are not very expensive, and the main products are still good tasting and affordable.It can make high end moments such as the superintendent of the police station and Mr.Cai Lan affordable, and at the same time, neighbors in the neighborhood can also afford to eat meat if they want to.In order to select the better ones from the many high quality wines for purchase, Yi Jiadong mobilized everyone to help taste the wines, including the agents of Group B.Of course, when passing the wine to everyone, Jiayi will give special instructions not to drink it before going to work.

Jiayi smiled and held up the flowers in her right hand, Today is tulip day, normal blood sugar fasting levels what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic and this bouquet is called Summer Romance.When arranging flowers, he made a relieved expression towards Fang Zhenyue.Fang Zhenyue smiled and said to Jiayi For the commendation meeting of the whole police force this afternoon, go to the Queensway Police Headquarters.You have to meet the makeup artist hired by the Public Relations Division high blood sugar feedback loop in advance.You will be on stage then.OK, what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic sir.Jiayi hurriedly turned her head and responded.Tomorrow night, the year end salon party will be held at Mingyuan Seafood Restaurant.There will be a lot of dishes, there will be a lottery, and you can also drink.

If the murderer How did he convince the citizens of Xiangjiang not to call the police Type 2 Diabetes what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic when they saw him Wang Jiewang frowned, and he couldn t answer this question.Chief Neil sir turned his head to look at criminal psychology expert Tannen What do you think Do you think there is any problem with other people s portraits of the murderer Tannen thought for a while before saying Based on all the information available, the murderer It should be a bad blood sugar 191 after eating looking man who is extremely lacking in recognition in front of women.He may be very unmanly, such as short.Or he may be very ugly, or he is still difficult to have a normal relationship with women after a certain age.

On the phone, I heard Chief Superintendent Huang Sir stepping out of the office and shouting to the police in the large office area to assign tasks.Then there was a conversation on the walkie talkie mobilizing manpower, patrolling the nearby streets such as Pine Street, Tangwei Road, and Shanghai Street what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic All the policemen in uniform gathered in the direction of Pine Street and Tangwei Road.Fang Zhenyue heard Huang sir yelling The murderer has a hammer and other weapons on him.He can shoot if necessary.Don t hurt the citizens.The nearby traffic police also dispatched.The murderer was riding a bicycle is honey good for high blood sugar and called the mobile unit.

At the end of the sentence, he couldn t help flattering Sir Guo Boss, it s as you expected.Not only did Yi Shazhan know about this, but she also initiated it.I don t what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic know who to turn to, this inspector might as well be for you.Guo Yongyao couldn t hide his complacency, after bragging, he hurriedly called for a meeting to decide which information to inform the media and which information to keep.After the meeting was over, he returned to the office , finally dared to answer the call from the media.While communicating with the leaders of the newspaper office about the siege, he flipped through the old newspapers on the table, and found a copy of the Daily and Monthly in the middle of last year from the computer case.

The Bing Toutuo couple screamed in shock, only to see a fairy with a gun suddenly descend from the sky, raise the gun and shoot, and the murderer trembled uncontrollably twice in the next moment.In the palm of the murderer, the dagger that was pressed against the daughter s neck fell to the ground with a clang.The next moment, the knocking on the door stopped, and Jiayi still gripped the gun tightly, thinking whether to continue Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic to replenish the gun.And there was what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic a figure behind her, pounced like a ghost, and helped her solve the problem in front of her.After rushing out, Fang Zhenyue took control of the murderer s hands with exceptional skill, and pressed the opponent with his own weight, causing him to kneel on the ground.

Crack Two sounds, regardless of the murderer s life or death, his hands have been clasped, and there is no chance of turning the tables and hurting others.The tension in Jiayi s heart finally relaxed, her body softened, and what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic is 6 blood sugar normal she staggered two steps back.Fortunately, she leaned against the balcony Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic door and finally stopped.The hand that had been steady all this time finally began to tremble slightly.She slowly inserted the pistol back into the holster, and locked the buckle with a click.The hostess Bian Toutuo finally came back to his senses, rushed over with one step, hugged his daughter who was lying on the ground tightly, patted comfort with one hand, and gently covered her eyes with the other hand.

There are many suspicious points in this case, which always make people feel uneasy.Then there is still a fake He was going to kill the child a long time ago, didn t you read the newspaper He doesn t want any children at all, he is only a teenager, what do he know, he must be thinking that his own freedom is the most important thing.The eldest sister said viciously, as if she also had some deep hatred with the murderous Wang Weiya.Is it possible that you didn t see clearly because of the strong wind For example, the suspect is actually just chasing the rope, or doing other actions Liu Jiaming asked again.

Others, he seems to be very happy, but the neighbors have worked hard why wait 2 hours to check blood sugar ketosis normal blood sugar for him.In fact, everyone has always thought highly of him, and his wife always praises him Has he ever beaten Kunzai Seeing that Abo was out of smoke, Uncle Jiu took one out of his pocket neatly and handed it over.It must have been beaten, dutiful sons are born under the stick, look who doesn t beat children now.But I only saw him spank Kunzai s ass once, because Kunzai didn t listen to his mother, he was swinging in the park and refused to go home.Zai seemed to make Mrs.Wang cry, and then the mother and son cried togetherSpeaking of which, Mrs.

Basically, they are very comprehensive. Jiayi took the transcript from Uncle Jiu and said is 135 blood sugar high in the morning why wait 2 hours to check blood sugar Although the handwriting what to eat if blood sugar low is a bit scribbled, they are clearly distinguishable.It is obvious that Uncle Jiu and Gary are doing it very seriously.At this time, there was the sound of Yue Ge s exclusive footsteps in the corridor, and all the detectives in the office could imagine Yue Ge s strutting.Jia Yi and Uncle Jiu who were standing at the door looked over, and they saw Fang Zhenyue walking over majestically with Chen Guang behind his back.He actually had a document in his hand.What They re all lining up to welcome why wait 2 hours to check blood sugar me Fang Zhenyue smiled, and when he walked to the door, he stuffed the documents in Jiayi s hand, his actions were extremely understated.

Later, based on the victim s braces and the information on the braces, the forensic officer found the dentist who fitted the braces, and then confirmed the victim s identity.Think of it I can make money by myself, so I use my own money Jiaru said naturally.Jiaru is amazing, you can make money to pay for your own beauty at such a young age headache from low blood sugar Clara handed out the freshly baked char siew through the glass door, boasting with a smile.After half a year, Clara became stronger and stronger.She learned how to cook with her elder brother, took notes every day, and even practiced her handwriting more neatly.

When she arrived at the office, Qiu Sushan walked into the Yau Ma Tei Police Station with a bottle of wine, and turned to the CID office area, her sassy posture was as if she was carrying a bottle child blood sugar of wine and was going to smash someone s head on the head.Turning into the office of group B, she easily found the wine glass and poured a glass for each of them.Fang Zhenyue sat in front of the old set of desks and chairs that he moved to the office of group B, drew his brain map in his notebook, thought about things, and occasionally raised his head to ask her two questions.During the break, Qiu Sushan asked Do you still have a headache now Fang Zhenyue took a sip of his wine and did not speak.

He just thinks that he may be killed Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic Punching the head and slapping the palms, I feel wet palms and chills on the back.Sure enough, human beings in this world are much more frightening than corpses and ghosts How about it, Xu sir The departure was imminent, and everyone turned to look at Xu Junhao.The forensic medical officer took another long breath.Although his mood was tense and his scalp was numb with fear, he still held the small box in his hand tightly and nodded seriously.Everyone is out to fight for their lives, and he can t lose the chain.Fang Zhenyue smiled, and when he nodded towards Xu Junhao, his eyes showed respect.

After finishing speaking, she had strode away.Order without question.Jiayi looked at Zhong Chuanjie s back.This young lady seemed to be about the same age as her.They have different encounters, but they are all people who will be pushed into the limelight by fate.Looking back, Jiayi began to ask Man Niu routine questions, but the other party was a little absent minded, as if worried about Zhong Chuanjie, who was out of sight for a while.Jiayi stopped asking any more questions.Seeing his slightly crooked front teeth showing while drinking coffee, she couldn t help teasing Didn t you lick less when you were teething What Man Niu raised his eyebrows in recovery.

You don t want Zhong Dazhi to do anything Jiayi frowned, staring at the expression of the girl opposite, for a moment, she wanted to understand Zhong Chuanjie.Doesn t Zhong Chuanjie want her father to help her win a bigger property After all, the risk belongs to Zhong Dazhi, not hers.Because I know that no one will benefit in the end, and your police will arrest everyone.Madam, I am younger than him, and I don t have the traces and rules of the past engraved in my head.I am also younger than him.It is easier for him to accept the laws of the new world, I know what you will do, this world is no longer functioning as he thought.

During the continuous questioning, Liu Jiaming deliberately asked the previous question again at a certain interval, and judged whether Animei was telling the truth by examining whether the two answers were consistent and other information.Animi leaned on the sofa the whole time, wrapped in a thick quilt, answering questions one by one.Regarding many of Zhong Chuantao s questions, Animei s answers were all the same.Even though the wording and sentence order were different, the what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic is 6 blood sugar normal general meaning was very consistent.Although she was emotional when answering, she was still in a relaxed state, which shows that she said is the truth.

When the group arrived at Animei s house, the watchman told me enthusiastically that Guo Shu It is rare for Nigerian residents to go out today.Two hours after Liu Jiaming left, Jiayi dialed the chartered public number provided by Mr.Kangeng.Fortunately, the other party lived in the same community what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic is 6 blood sugar normal and arrived with a bunch of keys not long after.After opening the door and entering the room, Brother Da Guangming led the team to start the investigation.There was almost no need for Brother Da Guangming to do a test, and everyone smelled a strong smell of disinfectant in the house.I didn t have this smell when I came.

However, after Diane found the kitchen knife, Liu Jiaming, who had always been excited, was suddenly discouraged and stood by the sofa watching I looked at the cushion with the kitchen knife out for a long time, and I didn t know what I was thinking, but my face turned pale and red at times.Diane observed the small and finely divided substances with a special magnifying glass that he carried with him, and came to the conclusion of suspected human bone fragments.When Diane properly packed it in an evidence bag, his expression became serious.Everything new Discovery stimulates them and gives them positive feedback that spurs them.

Whether his own life can be saved is not mentioned, and the punishment after the event must be eaten this method is too dizzy.The person was hiding at the corner of the alley, and even Ah Cang couldn t help poking his head.Jiayi pulled his head back and asked in a low voice Is there another way to go directly to the place where Zhong Dazhi and the others negotiate That s a bit dirty.Ah Cang said in a low voice.Is it dirtier than this road Liu Jiaming wrinkled his face in disbelief.He was walking against the wall just now, and he accidentally caught a plot he touched a piece of chewing gum stuck to the wall, and he was disgusted to death It s quite messy.

Wearing shoe covers, Chen Guangyao tried to avoid the bloodstains, measured the length of the footprints, and then observed the pressure marks left by the footprints after stepping on the blood.He roughly judged the victim s weight, and then said If the size of the murderer s feet is normal, the height should be between 171cm and 174cm, and the weight should not be too heavy.Fang Zhenyue looked away from Chen Guangyao, and looked at the document recorded by Jiayi in his hand.Numerous reasoning arrows, supplemented with countless clues and details, can almost completely see the extent of her serious thinking and work from the paper.

They already have a relatively strong evidence.They can use this discovery to test the DNA in the future.After the murder suspect is found, they can compare the blood type and DNA of the murder suspect.As long as they match, it is basically completed.The first step in closing the case is bound to be an important step.It s just that the biggest problem now is that there is no murder suspect.It was only after exchanging an uplifting mood with everyone, thinking of this, Uncle Jiu s face became gloomy again, and finally remembered what he was going to complain about just now, there are really a lot of victims, but what supplements help blood sugar there is no suspect.

,good.Zhao Sheng hurriedly turned around and ran back to get the negatives.Lin Wangjiu looked at Zhao Sheng s back and felt like he was dreaming.Eleven just seemed to see a flash when what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic is 6 blood sugar normal he was doing site survey with Diane, but the noisy The environment, she was able to notice such details, and finally found such an important clue because of this kind of point that others are unlikely to notice Guo sir from the department always said that Yi Jiayi was lucky, she was a super lucky detective possessed by a lucky star, now it seems that she is really possessed by a lucky star Of course, it s good luck to pay attention to all the details seriously, but even if other people take everything seriously like this, can they really be accurate It was amazing.

Yi Shazhan, who had raised his eyebrows solemnly just now, now has joyful brows, and his whole body exudes a light and relaxed atmosphere.After Wenxun learned of the result, Liang Shule couldn t help being shocked.Then the wild reasoning turned out what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic to be completely correct He was dazed for a long while, then suddenly took out his study notes, and wrote on it one stroke at a time Don t let go of any clues and conjectures, absolutely You can t laugh at any possibility, even if it seems unreliable Absolutely not This is the essential quality of a successful detective At this moment, Liang Shule seemed to have obtained the secret to becoming a detective, and his eyes on Yi Jiayi gradually became firm Amazing Yisha Exhibition is really amazing The group of three returned to the police force, and Yi Jiayi picked up the landline and called Inspector Guo of the Public Relations Division.

Don t waste your precious time Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic .

what can you eat or drink to lower blood sugar?

and energy by making troubles with good people.Let the real murderer have time to continue murdering citizens and hide his whereabouts Evidence Sir, the police need evidence to handle the case and the judge to sentence him After finishing speaking, she threw the newspaper in her hand towards Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic Liang Shule with a bluff.Passing over the young policeman in front of her, Chen Xiaomi saw two other police officers walking slowly, her eyes unexpectedly met the female police officer, she recognized that they were the female detectives who had been frequently reported in newspapers and periodicals over the past year.

The family took it over and looked, and the title was written in bold letters Female Litigation Stick Palm Butcher Knife How did an incompetent lawyer get promoted to an independent lawyer And how can the truth what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic be kept forever Slightly frowning and glanced at the what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic article, Jiayi raised her head, nodded and smiled at the editor who discovered the report, Thank you.You re welcome.Turned around and ran away.Yay West Kowloon Goddess Detective talked to me, she was so polite, her voice was nice, and she even smiled at me, so pretty A few hours later, Nie Weiyan finally finished the manuscript and handed it over to the editor in the middle of the night.

It is very likely that the police did not see through the murderer s trajectory.Furthermore, we don t have any new suspects now, so we should continue to track Yao Qingtian, at how to drop blood sugar least before confirming whether Yao Qingtian s perfect time witness is really perfect, we should stay with Yao Qingtian for a while.Jiayi said, He also explained to everyone Of course, at the same time, I will not arbitrarily identify with Yao Qingtian, and will focus on finding new breakthroughs.Understood, sister eleven Jiayi nodded, and immediately began to issue orders, continue to investigate what needs to be investigated, and continue to follow up all the questions.

It was a description of a small case that could not even be filed.Although it seemed to be a very marginal article that was easily overlooked, Yi Jiayi discussed it with Nie Weiyan, who is familiar with the Green Orange Daily, and also with Group B.The detectives did a deduction and analysis together, and everyone agreed that this was the only fish that slipped through the net, and Yao Qingtian would definitely read it.The case happened in Shek Kip Mei.The day before, the unfilial son and daughter in law of unit B on the top floor had a quarrel with the mother in law who had symptoms of dementia.

The sweet, salty, savory and savory mixed with the rice wrapped in soup is really rich in texture and taste.She Yi Jiayi is really a little genius for tasting delicious food.After enjoying it for a while, she finally raised her head with a sigh, and inadvertently turned her face to look at Brother Yue who was sitting on the left.It was only then what is the meaning of low blood sugar that I realized that Brother what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic Yue had cut his hair on the way here.etc He was the one who arrived at Yiji the fastest.If the time for a haircut is taken into account, how fast can he drive With the theme song of Shook and Beta , she silently sang Brother Yue who drives a speeding car in her heart, and then she carefully looked at Brother Yue s new hairstyle.

A very tall young man, said to be a young man, but in fact he is 26 years old, 5 years older than Jiayi, He is also 2 years older than Liang Shule.But this man has a well groomed body, standing there like a wooden board, stiff, and his expression is too focused and serious, especially like a dull student boy, who seems to be younger for some reason.Arranging George on the table that Uncle Jiu had vacated, Jiayi smiled and put a cup of hot milk tea on his table, and said like a big sister The food and drinks on our office table are free to drink.Brother Yue invites everyone to eat.Will Fang sir invite us to eat every day George put his glove box on the table, and looked at the office table as Jiayi said.

The murderer must have killed and dismembered the corpse elsewhere, and then rushed to this area where few people why wait 2 hours to check blood sugar ketosis normal blood sugar care about it to throw the corpse.When the dog team arrived, the Forensics Division s initial investigation was over.Forensic how to fix low blood sugar after drinking officer Xu sir approached the corpse for a preliminary inspection, while Chen Guangyao walked towards Fang Zhenyue and Yi Jiayi who turned back There are many footprints nearby, and one of the footprints with a small size was identified as suspicious.Although it rained yesterday It may cause many traces to disappear, but it also softens the soil, leaving some footprints very clearly.

Jiayi chewed on the mellow and sweet chocolate, and read the heart rending videos repeatedly.Long hair, light makeup, black silk, burgundy midi skirt, mid heeled shoes There is nothing special about her attire, and random blood sugar 150 she can t tell where she went before, nor her occupation.There is a stamp on the murderer s wrist and the wrist that was not chopped off, which should be a sign of entering a certain nightclub.But now there is no murder suspect, and there is no body of the deceased.Except for Yi Jiayi who saw all this under the influence of the mind, other policemen can t get this information at all.

Blake has already begun to imagine that maybe the police detectives have things like Sense Memory Face Dafa High speed Human Recognition and other methods This method is absolutely miraculous when used calculate a1c from blood sugar on portraits Just like this time today, but since he became a portrait artist, he has done the fastest and smoothest portrait of a murderer Jiayi scratched her head, she didn t expect her words to lead Liu Shaoqiang to be misunderstood by the portrait artist as a special skill , she really didn t look at the time, 12 14.Blakesir, how about we make an appointment later to discuss this matter in detail If mastering blood sugar podcast I can help, I would be happy.

The witness is in the park.Is there any physical evidence Yi Jiayi walked to the refrigerator , clicked on the photo on the refrigerator, and turned to look at the place where Sun Jianbang killed his girlfriend why wait 2 hours to check blood sugar ketosis normal blood sugar in the Xinliu video.Sure enough, he saw blood in the gap between the cabinet and the floor, so he squatted down and pointed to the stain and said Blood normal blood sugar fasting levels what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic stain They are still there, how do you want to quibble Even if you clean up the scene, the forensic department can still use professional medicine and tools to collect the blood of the deceased.What s more, you and the deceased are in a relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend.

Then let her take the initiative to dig and inquire.Fang Zhenyue looked down at her, and suddenly felt that the wall standing in his what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic chest seemed to be smashed by something it was like a hot hammer burning with flames.A woman full of courage, who knows what she wants and what she is doing, so determined and powerful.What he wants to confide in, how lonely and painful it is to guard the secret that has already festered alone.But is she really willing to listen to such an embarrassing past What s more, other people s painful past is a huge can sertraline cause high blood sugar burden, how can he dump those things on her arrogantly He wanted to get rid of these bad things alone and embrace her in a brand new state, but she asked.

The big cage covered with black cloth at the innermost part of the why wait 2 hours to check blood sugar ketosis normal blood sugar carriage is squeezed behind the flowers and birds.Even if the shoppers standing behind the carriage look up and see the black cloth covered with the cage, they just turn a blind eye to it.Most people neither ask nor care what is in the cage.In Chapter 358, there are several exit roads leaving the Huaxu Road Flower and Bird Market.At different distance points, road cards that look more natural are set up.The traffic police seemed to check each vehicle why wait 2 hours to check blood sugar ketosis normal blood sugar at random, as if they would look what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic at every vehicle, but in fact they paid special attention to trucks and vans.

The old policeman knocked on the door and saw only Lin Yibo when he was patrolling.In fact, everyone guessed that the kidnapper must not be in the mood to play mahjong at this time, but they still instinctively thought the four of them are not playing mahjong, they should be planning or waiting.But Jiayi s words rebuilt the whole thinking The kidnappers, except for the black skin guy, may not all be in Lin Yibo s house.Dylan immediately realized that even if he knew the identities of the kidnappers, confirmed that their stronghold was Lin Yibo s residence, and found this place, he still might not be able to find it.

The closer you get, the more broken ships and boards are found in the tall grass, as if this is a mass grave belonging to old ships.They are buried in the soil in all directions, and some of them have been eroded .With a handful, the once hardwood will be broken into mince.Leaning behind an old boat, Jiayi carefully pushed aside a few clumps of tall grass, and saw a man holding a child beside a big boat house lying on the ground in the lake ahead, and scolded impatiently in a low voice Pee, don t Slow down.Jiayi took a deep breath, turned her head and looked towards the boat house next to her, where a small candle was burning dimly, if she hadn t entered here through the tall straw houses No matter how diligently you search the river, you will never see a speck of light in the boat house under the cover of tall grass.

With a slight smile on his lips, he rubbed Jiaru s head.Brother in law, Happy New Year Jia Ru raised her head, smiled and congratulated the New Year in a low voice.But Fang Zhenyue only heard the word brother in law , his lips twitched, and finally what is a normal blood sugar for a diabetic he couldn t suppress the widening smile, he took out the thickest red envelope from his pocket, and Elder Brother in Law Yi Ji readily stuffed it into his home Such as pocket.After a while, Jia Jun and Ding Baoshu, who got the news, also rushed to Fang Zhenyue s brother in law brother in law and brother in law frantically when they were not prepared.