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What Is The Normal Range Of Blood Sugar Levels - Coordinación Estatal De Protección Civil Morelos

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Misha decided to make persistent efforts Misha I is the god envoy of the female god Lance Misha I come here for you Show show god trace Lance Misha Please must go go to Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is the normal range of blood sugar levels Lance Misha Misha Lance Misha s smile cracked.wrong.There is still a big gap between his appearance as a demon king and his appearance when he transformed into a human.At that time, he Hypoglycemia what is the normal range of blood sugar levels deliberately changed the color what can happen if you have low blood sugar of his hair and eyes, turning his beautiful red hair into an ordinary dark brown, and he also made his face rounder, his eyes bigger, and his face more beautiful.It what is the normal range of blood sugar levels has softened a lot, and the rotting shadow knights at his door said they couldn t recognize him anymore How could blood sugar test video medications that can lower blood sugar Lance recognize it at a glance He must have just felt something like it, but hadn t quite confirmed it yet.Ke Misha is very clear.yes Lance made so many wishes in the village, which changed the village from the beginning to the end, but the basic livelihood problems of the villagers have not been solved, and they still can only rely on farming what is the normal range of blood sugar levels for self sufficiency.But the canals in the village have already been repaired, and when Misha was building the town, he even reclaimed wasteland for them, making all preparations, and they will surely blood sugar test video medications that can lower blood sugar usher in a bumper harvest year.Now the population in the village is what is the normal range of blood sugar levels medicines that raise blood sugar not large, and they can still save the extra food, but vegetables are a bit difficult.There is Sky City not far away, and Misha has helped them pass the road.Xieryin rummaged through boxes and cabinets to find medicine for their burns, while Xierjin hurried to the spar area to meet the dwarf king and tell him the brave man s request.Lance sat in front of Misha.He didn t know if his request was presumptuous, but he insisted, Can you put your wings out first The demon king s symbolic wings were shown to the brave man, but he looked at .

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the brave man s eyes full of sincerity, and thinking that the brave man had already seen the appearance of his wings, he could only sigh softly, and then condensed his magic power behind him.And the black and red wings that were in a state of distress slowly unfolded, hanging behind his back, and Misha whispered, Actually, I will heal myself.They love to develop all kinds of weird equipment.In addition to meeting the needs of all dwarves, they even made various challenges according to different body types.The equipment in the warehouse ranges from dwarves to giants, and they are all flawless.The perfect product, what is the normal range of blood sugar levels someone regularly maintains it every day, and the quantity of these equipments Misha thinks that he can arm his monster army three times.Lance was very satisfied.He looked at the quality of several pieces of equipment, then lowered his head, and said to Oshien, who was leading the way, Such perfect equipment should not be left here to shed ashes.Misha lowered his voice and hurriedly said This is not acceptable Lance Special effects.Misha was stunned What Lance Goddess special effects.Misha Misha realized.He stretched out his hand and used the magic power in his hand to gradually condense in the secret door.This is the simplest lighting magic, but it needs to be strengthened what is the normal range of blood sugar levels medicines that raise blood sugar to the strongest level, so that everyone who comes in will be attracted by this dazzling brilliance Notice.The door of the church opened slowly.Misha quickly withdrew his hand and stood beside Lance.Dazzling light gushed out from the secret door behind them, covering the two of them and the statue of the goddess behind them.She couldn t figure it out.She is the goddess of light, a goddess of light who has countless followers, how could chia seeds and blood sugar levels someone mispronounce her name one after another like this Damn, this annoying brave man really hasn t made any progress.Ginises gritted her teeth, and almost didn t want to continue her promise to the brave, but God couldn t break her promise, she could only endure the anger in her heart, and asked the brave what is the normal range of blood sugar levels seriously My brave hero I have a name.Lan Si frowned slightly, Don t you remember Genesis How could she not remember Lance took the initiative to remind her.My name is Lance.Lance said seriously, There is no need to use such a long title blood sugar test video medications that can lower blood sugar to refer to me in the future.greater doubts.Genises tried her best to maintain her gentle tone, and asked, Lance.Lance Huh Genises Do you remember the name of the devil Lance Misha It s not that blood sugar test video medications that can lower blood sugar he doesn t remember, Lance doesn t know at all.Ginises felt that he had finally regained the victory.After all, she was not the only one who could not remember the name of the brave man.He couldn t even remember his mortal enemy.That must be the problem of the brave man, not her.So Jinises what is the difference between a1c and blood sugar was in a good mood, and said with a smile, Lance, the devil is your mortal enemy.You should remember his name.Lance Lance looked at Misha.He asked with his eyes, asking for Misha s help, hoping that Misha, who knew almost everything, could tell him the name of the evil demon king who was shutting himself out in the demon king s city.Still full of admiration and excitement for Arlo, the templar seriously recounted the spectacle of Arlo repelling the two giants that day.After the Cavaliers noticed the abnormality, they wanted to can high blood sugar cause seizures step forward to help, but before they could get close, those giants had already routed and fled.The templar said seriously, Arro firmly believes that you will be safe, Lord Lance, and he is unwilling to come from here.Leave there, and even want to crawl down what is the normal range of blood sugar levels the ground to find your whereabouts, Lord Lance.Lance nodded, looking at his appearance, he seemed a little moved.Misha was very satisfied.Very well, this can be regarded as the same goal by different routes.Misha Me Lance You go out too.Misha Misha frowned slightly, and he couldn t tell what he felt in his heart.That feeling was like being rejected by Lance for the first time, but this kind of emotion was too slight and sensitive, almost almost inexplicable and weird.With just a slight leap in Misha s heart, he disappeared.He still walked out with Samuel and the others, while fabricating a lie very naturally, in order to respond to Samuel s inquiry about his burn.Finally, only Lance and Arlo were left in the room.Arlo was a little nervous.He obviously didn t have a good impression of this brave man, and he was a little afraid of being alone with the brave man.Besides, the dwarves didn t take away those ores for free, they would pay the corresponding rewards.For Sky blood sugar test video medications that can lower blood sugar City, whose economy is getting more and more difficult, it is a great deal.This kind of good thing has no harm , they are of course willing to proceed.So the lord called the supervisor of Sky Vault City, and the supervisor and the brave man finalized the specific details.He and the bishop just listened and occasionally gave some simple opinions.This process was extremely long, and what is the normal range of blood sugar levels it had nothing to do with Misha anyway, so he just sat aside, staring blankly at what happened in front of him, completely unable to understand how things could go so smoothly.He felt that he had said something wrong.Samuel was not a porter.He decided to try his best to promote Samuel s other functions as a knight.It s just that this part was difficult for Misha to describe.He thought about it seriously.After a long time, I only choked out one sentence He is a knight of Sky City, that is, he is of noble origin, and other human cities will respect and treat him Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is the normal range of blood sugar levels well.Lance Misha Take him out, It s very convenient to go to any city.Lance touched his chin Yes Misha Master Lance, think about it, he can contact the lords of other cities for us.Lance Misha Responsible for all official matters Lance Misha This what is the normal range of blood sugar levels will does otezla raise blood sugar make your next what causes blood sugar to increase adventure unimpeded Lance showed a clear expression Tickets.He didn t understand why he would tell the brave man such a thing, and he was even more worried about what everyone thought of him.After all, he was a knight, and he should have served his lord with a sword instead of liking this kind of embarrassing what is the normal range of blood sugar levels medicines that raise blood sugar and shameful stuff.But no one gave a wrong look, and no one laughed at him.The brave man didn t Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is the normal range of blood sugar levels even question his strange preference, he just quickly testing blood sugar blood sugar test video switched to the next question.Lance asked, Didn t you try it My father is a knight, and he hates me doing this kind of thing.Samuel paused slightly, a little uncontrollably disappointed, And I m really not suitable for this kind of thing.After decades of research and speculation by the Holy See, they believed that the meaning of the oracle meant that a savior with two angels would inevitably appear in the future, and this person would bring light to the world.Lance frowned, somewhat puzzled According to the oracle, what is the normal range of blood sugar levels a brave man with only one envoy will bring light to the world.This is different, Lord Lance.Samuel said, The light mentioned in this oracle refers to the light of truth.Lance Misha asked curiously What is that Samuel shook his head.The Holy See has studied for many years, but has never understood the meaning of the true light.Misha Misha looked down at the helmet next to him.Cool, handsome, standard full armor round helmet.Lance I don t really like the hairstyles of the Mediterranean and islands in the sea.Misha Lance It s easy bring blood sugar down fast to lose sight of the road.Damn, why is this brave man so difficult to serve Misha decided to give up armor and start with weapons first.Misha raised a two handed broadsword.Lance It will be Carmen.Misha picked up the luminous sledgehammer.Lance There is not a shortage of torches.Misha picked up the black and red long whip full of barbs.Lance Lance Lance looked away Ahem.Cough what What the hell are you thinking Damn how picky this brave man is Misha gave up on the introduction, and angrily let Lance choose by himself, and Lance wandered around for a while, and picked out a piece of chain armor that looked very light.In a few days, I will bring the brave man over.Misha said helplessly, Let s settle the rest with the brave man by yourself.Whether they fought in the end, or reached some strange agreement under Lance s flickering, this has nothing to do with Misha.Anyway, he had already persuaded Ashby, and it was not his fault that Ashby refused to listen to the advice.But Ashby was keenly aware of something wrong in what Misha said.Did you bring Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is the normal range of blood sugar levels the human brave here Ashby frowned slightly, But shouldn t you and that lowly human be sworn enemies Misha It s a long story.He didn t want does constipation affect blood sugar to explain this one thing.Ke Lance s smile told him that he 108 blood sugar after eating was very bad at lying, his expression and reaction were enough to reveal everything he thought in his heart.He could only be aggrieved and whispered, This is a very dangerous thing and we don t want you to put yourself in danger.Lance You want me to save the world, this is a very dangerous thing in the first place.Lan Si Si sighed, So I need your help to provide enough clear information to avoid these dangers as much as possible.Misha Misha decided not to look at the brave man s overly serious and persistent face.No matter, anyway, he will never cooperate with this matter.Don t.Ashby trembled all over, I don t want to stay with him Misha When a person who never sheds tears shows such an expression to you, it is really hard for people to refuse him ask.Misha still insisted on staying in order to prevent the low blood sugar symptoms in child brave man from making any strange moves and hurting poor Ashby.Arlo s injury hadn t healed yet, and he needed to recover his magic power.He went back to Samuel s manor to rest, leaving only Misha what is the normal range of blood sugar levels squatting beside the shivering Ashby, staring awkwardly at the brave man in front of him.He is very nervous.He was not so afraid of the brave at first, he used to think that Lance looked like a good person, at most he just had some eccentricities for making money, but it was different now, he suddenly found that the devil that fell into Lance s hands was very miserable, I got scared.He doesn t want to reveal his identity.He had no desire to be like Ashby.As for the way he frantically pinched his tail at the brave man Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is the normal range of blood sugar levels that day, Misha deeply felt that if he really exposed his identity to the brave man, then he would definitely end badly.Yes, not only now.He needs to be more respectful to the brave man, lest the brave man come to the Demon King City to defeat him, refuse to kill him, and torture him like playing with Ashby.Misha took a deep breath, and smiled brightly at the silent Lance.Lance word for low blood sugar But Lance didn t pay much attention to his smile.Lance just took the satchel on his waist, rummaged for a long time, and suddenly pulled out a large ball of gray white cloth from it.Misha saw it clearly.The pattern on the pajama pants looks like the mark of the Holy See.Among them, Samuel was the only one who could have this mark on what is the normal range of blood sugar levels his trousers.But would normal believers draw the Holy See s mark on the buttocks of their pants Then as soon as he sat down, wouldn t he put the church under his ass Misha had mixed feelings.Sure enough, he will never be able to understand Samuel s aesthetics and world.He only knows that looking at the succubus Ashby squatting in the corner pitifully in front of him, and the church logo on his pants, he only feels that there is an indescribable weirdness.Misha also closed his eyes in pain.Sorry, Ashby.I probably won t be able to save you today.Chapter 34 The Name of the Succubus Of course, Lance understands what the succubi mean by low blood sugar and sweating eating.Human beings rely on food to maintain their lives, and the never satisfied hunger of succubi drives them to indulge their desires and obtain a short term sense of satisfaction by having sex with humans.Even if they don t eat, it what is the normal range of blood sugar levels won t have any effect on their bodies.They don t rely on the energy of these human beings to survive, but it s rare for a succubus to resist the painful and endless hunger and thirst.Lance knew very well that this what is considered low blood sugar during pregnancy what is the normal range of blood sugar levels was the nature of succubi.Misha Misha felt relieved.Lance But I want to take him back to the capital.Misha Misha made some terrible ideas about what was about to happen.The king and queen didn t know that Dewente hadn t disappeared, he just eloped with the succubus, and they didn t know that Dewente had turned into the current, uh, completely different and beautiful appearance from before.The reappearance of the long lost son is indeed an exciting and good thing, but the long lost son not only has an affair with a man, but this man is also a notorious succubus.If Misha is the king Misha thinks, then this son might as well just disappear.Lance followed behind Misha, as if he was absent minded, or hesitant, hesitatingly said to Misha That letter Misha Hey What letter You.Misha It turned out to be the letter.At that time, Misha wrote a letter trying to persuade Lance to go to the God Tower as soon as possible to accept the inspiration of the goddess, but because he was too worried about the brave man who had not left for three what is the normal range of blood sugar levels years, he hurriedly set off from the Demon King City to the Land of Bliss, and of course he forgot the letter.He didn t expect that this letter was pressed in the post station of Tianzhu City.To be honest, he was very curious about this letter.How could he be angry with a target Well, he will be angry for a while, and after delivering the letter today, he will try his best to forgive the brave man.Misha nodded, then pointed to the farm not far away.Mission entrustment.Misha tried to keep his indifference towards the brave man, It was released this morning.Lance nodded with a smile, and asked, What is it Misha Seeing the brave man s smile, Misha felt uncomfortable.Good things will happen.He didn t really want to talk to the brave man, so he simply took out the stack of entrustments from his satchel, selected the ones issued by the farm, and stuffed them directly into Lance s hands.When the farm is so difficult, his laziness will bring can you have ketoacidosis with normal blood sugar problems to his parents.But no, today he is a normal brave man.Normal brave men will not ask about such things, they will follow all the conditions on the entrustment, and complete every task earnestly, even if the letter they want to deliver is on the corner of the next street, even if the person who wants to send the message is one meter away, he Don t ask why, just do it honestly.Yes, he will tolerate it.A true brave man is the silliest kind person in the world, and he must be a kind person who embraces everything.Lance took a deep breath, nodded to Todd, as a recognition of Todd s words, then turned around, and looked at the happy flock of chickens by the stream.He was about to cast a spell, but he saw Lance showing a very familiar smile to the ghost.Misha Misha stopped subconsciously.The brave seems to be winning, and this poor ghost may suffer a lot.Sure enough, the next moment, Lance overturned the what is the normal range of blood sugar levels medicines that raise blood sugar table, and the drawings and books on the table were scattered all blood sugar test video medications that can lower blood sugar over the floor.There seemed to be a wave on the ghost s seemingly dull and haggard face.It almost immediately stretched out its hand, trying to hold the ghost.A wooden table, what is the normal range of blood sugar levels but the table passed through its outstretched hand, smashed across its body, and fell towards the wall behind it.It failed to stop anything, the blueprints scattered in mid air, passing through its body one by one, and it reached out to catch them, but the light phantom was split into two halves by the falling blueprints.Zebrun, are you forced to sign the contract too Ashby sighed long, and couldn t help showing a sympathetic expression to Zebulun, What did he use to what is the normal range of blood sugar levels coerce you Zeb Len Zebulon had no idea what Ashby was talking about.But he thought it blood sugar too high what do i do would be a complicated story, and he didn t want to know anything about Ashby the succubus.Well, anything to do with succubi is not going to be a good story to tell outsiders.I understand.Ashby didn t seem to mind Zebulun s reticence.He patted Zebulun s shoulder again and said, That brave man is simply an evil big devil.The real devil Misha Let s think about it, did he find out your secret Ashby took a breath, If it s a dragon He glanced at the end of the corridor, couldn t help but pause, and quickly tensed his back and stood up straight body, and then swallowed the following words into his stomach.He couldn t say that his eyes were red from staying up late, could he This excuse is too bad, no no no, he can t say that.Lance sighed softly.He got up from the bed, dragged the nervous Misha into the elevated blood sugar icd 10 code room, then stood in front of the mirror in the room with Misha s shoulders, and said, Look at your eyes.Of course, Misha was familiar with his own eyes.look like.Even so, he still had to pretend to be surprised, and said in panic, How could this happen After speaking, Misha immediately turned to look at Lance beside him, trying to find some nonsense from Lance s next answer.inspiration.Lance Misha It looks like Lance A devil.Misha Misha couldn t help but froze, almost thinking that Lance was about to see through his disguise.He recalled carefully that Lance seemed to have seen him show such eyes twice.The first time was when Lance fell into the volcano.In order to resist the lava that could melt through the dragon scales, he had to reveal part of the prototype of the demon king, but that was just For a moment, Lance should not have seen it clearly, otherwise he would not have raised such a question today.In addition, when he turned into a demon king and came to Lance s room that day, he was caught by Lance.He played a game of chasing me all night, and his tail was pinched several times.The familiar fear of that night once again blood sugar test video filled Misha s heart.He snorted his tail, hid it tightly under the hem of his coat, then swallowed nervously, pretending nothing happened, and said earnestly, Let s think of a way.The bishop was nervous Maybe we should contact the Holy See in the royal capital and ask them to send some professional exorcists.Lance said slowly This is the curse of the devil.The bishop Then we can t delay It s over He couldn t wait to leave the church and report the matter to the capital, and it would be best to invite the high priest to come over in person so that this terrible matter can be dealt with.Misha couldn t help raising his eyes again, and looked at Lance who was walking in front of him.Lance came from another world, but he was not a brave man in this world.The brave of this world.Maybe dead.There was a thunder in his heart, and he saw Lance turning his head and seemed to say something to him, but he didn t hear anything clearly, only felt that there was a thick barrier between himself and the brave man, and There is a great doubt that is stopping in his heart.If everything is as he guessed, the original brave man died, then why did he die Lance seemed to say something again.Misha came back to his senses suddenly, only then did he realize that Lance was talking to him, and everything was just his guess, he couldn t express these things directly, he could only nod with Lance, pretending that he was really He was listening to what Lance had to say.He quickly thought of the great god king according to everything the gods preached.The god king created the wind, rain, thunder and lightning, and the god king runs everything in the world.It is the king of gods that can give birth to such a shocking life.His awe is the awe of the god king s divine power, nothing more.It should, that s all.When Misha came back to his senses, Lance had disappeared.He took off his hood, looked left and right, trying to find Lance, but there were entangled branches and leaves of the tree of life everywhere, even though he tried his best to search, he still couldn t see anything.But what is that The light signs of high blood sugar in diabetics of truth Could it be that the light they see now is all false Lance had already raised his hand again and touched Misha s head.Misha was already very used to Lance s sudden head touching operation, so he just tried to move back a little, and whispered, Lord Lance, please don t do this.If something like this happens, he must find a way to avoid the brave man s overtures.Ke Lance s Hypoglycemia what is the normal range of blood sugar levels hand touched the end of his hair, and then drooped slightly, just across his side face.Misha tensed his back in shock, and was about to back away, but Lance said in a low voice, I still prefer the real you.They had to report this matter to the Holy See and wait for the response from the Holy See.The people of the Holy Land are there.Only those chosen by God can enter the Holy Land.Samuel swallowed nervously, and whispered, Lord Lance, you Okay.Lance suddenly interrupted Samuel, and Looking at the dark sky, he said, Go back to sleep.Samuel Sleep Arlo Misha couldn t help saying loudly How can you sleep The door, the miracles left by the king of gods in the world, all the miracles were destroyed, and the brave man only wanted to sleep.It was really hard for Misha to understand the brave man s thoughts.Lance was clearly not intimidated at all Huh Hypoglycemia what is the normal range of blood sugar levels Is that so Misha They will beat you up Lance changed to a more comfortable side lying position, he slightly propped his head on his hands, with that smile on his face, and said, Hit me Misha Very well, Misha understands.This brave man is overconfident in his own strength, and he doesn t seem to be afraid of the god who is about to be sent to investigate the destruction of the gate of the other world.But he should have such confidence.Misha is the new devil king, he is inexperienced, but Arlo is a senior envoy for many years, with profound magic power, but he also finds it very difficult to destroy the what is the normal range of blood sugar levels Healthy Habits gate of another world, which is almost the same as being in the God Realm.Lance Did I say I would use money Misha To be honest, Misha was somewhat curious.There are too many mysteries about the brave man.Even though the brave man has talked to him so much now, he still hasn t solved many doubts for him, and what is considered low blood sugar during pregnancy what is the normal range of blood sugar levels most of them are his own guesses.In other words, so far, he only knows that Lance is a brave man who doesn t like the gods from another world, and may want to sever the connection between this world and the God Realm.But other than that, Lance didn t seem to tell him anything.Misha finally cleared his throat with some hesitation, and asked in a low voice What do you want Of course there are different prices for different information.He clenched the sword in his hand again, feeling that Lance might not have even passed half of what he should say, and Lance decided to fall asleep.No, how could Lance fall asleep Misha couldn t help poking Lance s leg lightly with his sword, and threatened in a low voice, Why are you not afraid of me telling the story Lance didn t even bother to lift his eyelids, but he answered what is the normal range of blood sugar levels Misha anyway.Question You didn t say it.Misha muttered in a low voice How do you know I won t say it Lance opened some eyes slightly, still with his usual look, but I don t know if it s because he only opened his eyes halfway, the golden eyelashes covered the sharpness in the ice blue eyes, he His gaze was much gentler than usual, and there was a little helplessness in his tone, and he said, I believe in you, you won t say it.Lance s hand.You and I advise you to be careful.Misha threatened vigorously, I have a weapon in my hand Yes.Lance didn t even open his eyes, and simply followed Misha s words, I support You stabbed me to death.Misha Misha felt that Lance looked down on him.But he has nothing to do.Lance caught his weakness easily.Anyway, Lance knew very well that he would not really fight Lance, and if he didn t really fight to the death, he would can you die from low blood sugar definitely not be able to beat Lance.That is to say, unless Lance really did something unforgivable, he was always safe in front of Misha.Misha closed his eyes angrily.He even made some strange words , as if afraid that Ismail would not notice him.Damn, what on earth is this brave man trying to do Misha was afraid that someone in the knight s garrison would hear them talking, so he deliberately pulled the brave man to walk some distance outside the garrison, avoiding the what is the normal range of blood sugar levels patrolling knights, until he got under a huge rock, and then he couldn t help but speak angrily.He also tried his best to suppress his voice and asked Lance what are you doing Lance blinked at him, and in an instant he returned to his usual expression.He always smiled when he talked to him, as if his eyes were a little gentler, but he was narrow minded, what is the normal range of blood sugar levels and said, Of course I hope I can left symptoms of low blood sugar in dogs earlier.It just so happened that Samuel mentioned to him the spell of the high priest, which is called the spell of insight.Just make a combination of simplifications, and call your own spells the eye of insight.I once learned a spell.Misha said, It s called the Eye of Insight.This time Lance didn t speak, he just nodded silently to Misha.This spell can see the remaining magic on the item, and the flow of the magic power of some things.Misha took a deep breath, put on a serious expression, and said, I see the magic power of the gate of the other world what is the normal range of blood sugar levels left on your sword.Yes.Lance Misha paused for a moment, waiting for Lance s response.Misha blood pressure vs blood sugar Lance It s normal for the sword to be stained with magic power.Misha Why no What is this brave man doing Chapter 69 Some Confusion Misha is desperate.He shouldn t have trusted this brave man.What absolute power, what a great strategy, the brave man clearly wanted to bring the sword back to the gate of the other what is the normal range of blood sugar levels world, and then deliberately rubbed the sword against the place where the magic power was strong, and after he got out, he would mess around, insisting that the sword on his sword The magic power is rubbed after falling on the ground.Was the gate of another world really broken by this brave man Does this brave man who doesn t look like a hero at all really have the ability to smash the gates of other worlds He doesn t believe it Misha tried to calm down his mood.Does this brave man really know what he is talking about Pull him into the gang How could he agree Before Lance what is the normal range of blood sugar levels could say another word, Misha couldn t stop what is the normal range of blood sugar levels shaking his head.Don t say any more.Misha said, It s impossible.You are a devil king.Lance bit down the last two words, Don t you want to try what a real demon king would do Misha I don t want to He categorically rejected the brave man s proposal, and then he didn t want to listen to what the brave man was going to say next.He turned his head in panic and hurriedly left this place.He couldn t help but think about it, saying that the God King is all knowing and omnipotent, and that the brave man said such blasphemous words to him, the God King might know everything about it.Lance looked directly into his eyes seriously and said, I hope that I will tell you these questions when the time comes.Mi Sha Lance s expression is serious, he doesn t seem to be joking with him, but even such a strange brave man will talk to people seriously.Misha looks at him, hesitating whether he should believe in the brave man again , and said tentatively Then let me ask you a few questions first If you can t answer, can I ask other questions Lance Of course.Misha thought for a while, thinking of Al Luo Zeng told him that it was difficult what is the normal range of blood sugar levels medicines that raise blood sugar for ordinary people to have the power to destroy the gate of the other world, so that Arlo had always suspected that the one who destroyed the gate of the other world this time might be a god who had rebelled against the gods.It s urgent And this is Zebulon, not Ashby s weird succubus, Misha felt that it was difficult for him to see anything in Zebulun that was not suitable for being summoned.He could only smile awkwardly at Zebulun and said, There probably won t be a next time.Zebulun He heard Zebulun sigh softly again, as if he recognized his promise And explain, so Misha hastily raised the question in his heart, and said Zebrun, I have always found it very strange.Zebulon Yes.Misha You seem to be different from your dark elves.Zebulon Misha hinted euphemistically, Is there any story in it that I don t know After a while, he saw Zebulun turned his head away, as if he was trying what is the normal range of blood sugar levels to avoid his eyes, and said No.Misha Huh Zebulun I know, the black dragon is going to attack The capital of mankind is over.Misha Huh Wait, why did Zebulun know He didn t tell Zebulon about it, did he You ll see him, Zebulen whispered, and then you ll know the consequences of forcibly stripping yourself of your emotions.His voice became lower and lower, testing blood sugar blood sugar test video until it was almost unbearable.Hearing this, Misha was puzzled, so he could only tentatively ask Are you right, is it Gilly Zebulon Misha He told you this, right Zebulon You two have such a good relationship.Misha scratched his head, I thought you didn t have much contact with other great demons.The dark light from the gate of the other world has not yet spread into the forest, and what he saw when he raised his head was just the usual night sky, with bright stars, so beautiful that it was almost impossible to take his eyes off.And blood sugar 117 the closer you get to the Tree of Life, the starlight becomes dimmer.The tree of what is the normal range of blood sugar levels life s radiance is too strong, enough to cover up the twilight of the stars.The moon was just hidden behind the dark light like summer, and the ugly and twisted magical power was like a parasite clinging to the quiet night sky.Apart from this horrific scene, Misha couldn t see any problems in the sky The brave man didn t speak to him either.Does it look good Lance said, The night sky right now.Misha frowned, and replied, It seems to be within reach.Lance smiled It is indeed within reach.Misha Misha I don t understand what Lance means.He sneaked into the Holy Land with Lance and climbed the high branches of the tree of life, not just to appreciate the night sky.He looked at Lance, but Lance focused on the sky.Misha had to sit normal blood sugar level for adults with diabetes down beside Lance, and followed Lance to look up at the sky.He remembered Zebulon s description of all this.The sky in the place of stargazing is thinner than other places, and it is easier for what is the normal range of blood sugar levels them to testing blood sugar blood sugar test video get a glimpse of truth here.Lance how to fix blood sugar crash sighed, Speaking of which, they were kind at that time.Misha Then now After I escape, all disqualified brave men will be destroyed directly.Lance leaned forward slightly, put his elbows on his knees, and supported his chin, But it seems that except for me, they have never I ve encountered the second such waste product.Misha tried her best to clear her throat, and couldn t help blood sugar 87 2 hours after eating asking Did you kill the guard who arrested you At that time, how could I have such great ability.Lan Si couldn t help but smiled slightly, I can only be regarded as a human being with decent combat power at most, not enough to fight against the gods.Genesis hesitated.After all, this is not their common method, and in terms of her values, she really doesn t want to do such a thing, but she thinks, this is work, it is a request from the king of God, she has no choice but what is the normal range of blood sugar levels to Sighing deeply, he hesitated and asked Misha I heard that the brave man seems to have a good impression of you.Misha Hypoglycemia what is the normal range of blood sugar levels Isn t that right Who spread it Arlo You big mouth Genesis was very hesitant Misha, generally speaking, it is impossible for the God Realm to support this kind of relationship.Misha said loudly What kind of relationship I don t have that kind of relationship with him Ginny Seth what is the normal range of blood sugar levels was stunned by Misha s voice at first, but then he couldn t help but what is the normal range of blood sugar levels heaved a sigh of relief.Didn t you say you don t know much about magic Misha couldn t help but said loudly, Then what s going on Lance Uh Misha Why are you lying to me again Chapter 91 The sight of him overturning was so horrific that Zebulon decided to pretend he didn t see anything.He took a step back silently, almost going to hide what is the normal range of blood sugar levels medicines that raise blood sugar in the treasure house of Demon King City again, but Misha suddenly turned his head and saw him almost at a glance.Zebrun Misha yelled, Let s go Zebulun I ll take you to the Holy Land of the Dragon Clan.Misha said angrily, This annoying brave man, let s leave him alone Already Zebulun Zebulun doesn t know whether Misha wants to care about it, but just thinking about the terrifying strength of the brave, he also understands that if he wants to live, he must never agree to what Misha said.He could only see Zebulun raised his hand tremblingly, and while blood sugar levels for seniors he was stepping back, he was chanting a mantra quickly.It sounded like he was trying the teleportation spell he had taught the brave man before, the teleportation spell he didn t even know.He was obviously panicked, this seemed like the last attempt of luck, but it was impossible for him to suddenly be able to use teleportation magic in such a short period of time, the magic glow flickered at his fingertips several times, but it never The light what is the normal range of blood sugar levels was on, and he had reached the balcony door, so he didn t need to try any magic anymore.Misha Zebulon Lance Hiss.Chapter 94 The young dragon Misha could hardly believe his eyes.What what is that Didn t Zebulon say that he just used ancient magic to strip his emotions and have some little accidents Isn t the dragon egg the emotion he stripped out What is this baby dragon It turns out that Gilly has been hiding in the black dragon s lair to incubate eggs all these years.Is he really incubating eggs Misha looked at Zebulun beside him in astonishment, but saw that Zebulun also shook his head frantically at him, and said, I don t know He was not very familiar with that ancient magic, and he had never seen anyone use it before.Despicable, Misha really wanted to go to the theater with her.So Misha also nodded vigorously, and agreed with the brave man without hesitation.I haven t been to Gilly s castle for a long time.Misha blinked, trying to put on a nostalgic expression, and said, Why don t we go and have a look together Zebulon Wait.These two definitely did it on purpose Chapter 98 Brave, does banana raise blood sugar Deserve It Right Geary felt that in the past hundred years, he had never been in such a good mood.The territory of their black dragon clan, It can only be reached by teleportation circle or by flying, and among the few people what is the normal range of blood sugar levels in front of them, obviously only Gilly and Misha can fly.Geary didn t understand what Lance meant.What does teleportation magic have to do with the sky No matter how much magic this human brave man has, don t they all have to discuss the plan as soon as possible, and then find a way to stop the influence of the God Realm on them Teleportation is only in a split second.Lance said, I no longer have to worry about being stopped when the plan is executed.Gilry Misha low blood sugar scent Misha knows, what Lance said The execution plan mentioned should be referring to destroying the gate to another world.It s just that Nova is still present, and they haven t reached a final judgment on Nova s identity., Is it really able to withstand such consumption.Yes, just a little worry.After all, it is normal to be a little bit worried about becoming a partner fighting side by side.Misha couldn t help frowning, and felt even more that they should stop delaying time.Determine the plan as soon as possible, and find a way to share the pressure of some brave people.As for listening to gossip, they still have time and opportunities in the future.Misha doesn t have to be in a hurry at this time Lance suddenly stretched out his hand, as usual, does fructose spike blood sugar He patted Misha s head very smoothly.That s not a big deal.Lance said softly, We ll have enough time to do all of this.He obviously didn t want the stupid things he did to be made public by Nova, but he didn t know how he could stop Nova, let alone when he turned around, he suddenly found that Zebulun had taken off his hood, consciously Pulled a chair from one side, and sat down beside Misha silently.Gilly Misha Zebulon didn t say a word, he didn t have any questions, just waited silently, while Misha looked at him, hesitated for a while, and finally couldn t hold back his doubts.Misha blood sugar test video medications that can lower blood sugar took a deep breath Zebrun, why did you come here Zebulon I m curious too.Misha Zebulun whispered Hatching an egg for a hundred years, really It s very strange.He didn t understand why Gilly never explained.In this matter, Gilly had always been very anxious before, why this time, when Nova opened his mouth, Gilly seemed to be completely silent, as if he didn t even refute.There will be no excuses.Geary was right behind them.He stood a little far away, just behind the pillars of the throne hall, as if in extreme pain, covered his face with one hand, looked at his appearance, and even seemed to want to sneak out of the palace while everyone was not paying attention.Slip away here.Zebulon couldn t help being startled, a little surprised, and subconsciously called him out, Chi asked Gilly Gilly Zebulon Where are you going Gilly Gilly Covering his face in pain, he squatted behind the pillar.It s over.Misha thought, it took so long for someone to speak, and they wiped out Zebulun s courage just like that.No, he had to find some way to get Zebulon to finish what he wanted to say.He was so curious that he would feel bad if Zebulon didn t finish Misha cleared his throat, but he didn t know what to say.He could only reluctantly smile at everyone, and then whispered, Just pretend we don t exist.Uh.Lance He just opened his mouth at the same time, and happened to cut off Mi He s words, Actually, I have a doubt.Everyone turned to look at him.Lance put on a puzzled look, as if he was going to engage in some academic routine with everyone, and with this look, Misha, who was already familiar with the strange style of the brave, felt that something must happen.Lance smiled at Nova and said, She should know the exact location of the gate to another world, right Nova Nova left.She didn t expect the brave man to believe her words so easily, and she even felt a little dazed, so she went out in a daze, with infinite doubts in her heart, and really didn t know how to explain these things to Genesis matter.Misha couldn t help but asked in a low voice Is this going to happen Lance definitely replied No.Misha No, even if the brave man said that, he would still be very worried.Gilly has regained his demeanor as a black dragon city lord, and now he is frowning and looking at Nova s leaving back, with infinite doubts in his heart, he also followed Misha to question Lance, saying, You trust her so easily Lance replied softly Most of the time, I am willing to trust the oppressed.They re so dependent on it all, Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is the normal range of blood sugar levels and that s never a good thing.Not only them, but the brave man in front of him has obviously fallen into a strange circle.Zebulun couldn t help lowering his voice, and whispered nervously Occasionally, even if only occasionally.Lance frowned slightly, and couldn t hear what Zebulun was talking about.He glanced at Misha beside him, and the two exchanged words.He looked up, and at the same time leaned a little testing blood sugar blood sugar test video closer, trying to hear what Zebulun was saying with all his concentration.It s nothing, you have to rely on the brave.Zebulun whispered, Even if it s just occasionally, you still need to trust the people around what is the normal range of blood sugar levels you.Zebulun was more impulsive than a brave man when he said that he wanted to enter the God Realm.Misha couldn t help but sighed deeply, it was hard to imagine what strange things would happen next to the team that gathered the brave and Zebulun.Lance has been by Misha s side all the time, and after hearing all that Gilly said, he couldn t help showing a surprised expression, saying, It s strange.Misha nodded, Yes, Zebulon s transformation is really good.Strange.Lance sighed again This magic is amazing.Misha Misha always felt that the focus of the brave man seemed to be different from his.This magic can low blood sugar jittery completely change a person s personality.The brave made a request to Zebulun for a competition, and Zebulun agreed almost immediately.Both of them became extremely interested, and they didn what is the normal range of blood sugar levels t even plan to change the venue, and directly wanted to fight under the black how to raise blood sugar without calories dragon s throne.Gilly had taken the young dragon s body away on his own initiative, while Misha had no choice but to grab the brave man s sleeve, and couldn t help asking in a low voice, We may be going to destroy the gate to another world in a few days.Lance Nodding I know.Misha Are you sure you want to waste your magic power like this before the final battle Lance smiled at him and said, Don t worry, I will recover quickly.Genise Si Arlo Misha raised his foot without hesitation, kicked the brave man fiercely, and cursed through gritted teeth Don t you remember the name Lance quickly changed his words without hesitation what is the normal range of blood sugar levels , Jinny Seth.Genesis Arlo After a while, Genesis gritted his teeth and shouted furiously You remember my name Lance responded calmly Sometimes.Misha Speak well Arlo looked at Misha and Lance in shock.Yes, he thought, that s exactly what happened.They didn t know what happened at all, but Misha knew it from the very beginning, but based on Misha s brain, he obviously didn t guess it himself, it should be told by the brave man.Arlo said softly, They have already started preparations.Misha It s over.Misha thought, they really shouldn t have lied.If a war between humans and monsters is really triggered, and they break away from the God Realm, then all the injured and dead monsters in the war will no longer be resurrected by the God King.Such a move will definitely arouse the real hatred of humans towards monsters , even if they broke the sky and ended the rule of the king of gods over this world, it would be difficult to end all of this.Misha looked at Arlo nervously.Both Arlo and Genesis had been to the capital, and it was impossible for them to watch this kind of thing happen.Lance Taught the princess a little bit of magic and swordsmanship.Misha Arlo Misha Lance My smartest student.Misha Don t you Are there other students Lance continued to shift his gaze, Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is the normal range of blood sugar levels feeling guilty for not doing his job properly, and said, Planting trees in the Land of Bliss is too boring, and I will go out for a stroll occasionally.Misha Arlo Misha had mixed feelings.He understands that his mood at the moment is obviously a little strange, but whenever the brave man mentions what he has done, who he is acquainted with or has a close relationship with, he can t help but feel that everything the brave man has experienced in the past is inevitable.Misha Misha turned and left.Before coming here, Genesis had told Misha about the specific situation by the lake of life.The testing blood sugar blood sugar test video fairy they Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is the normal range of blood sugar levels are looking for lives in the 340 mg/dl blood sugar forest by the lake of Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is the normal range of blood sugar levels life, but to enter the forest must pass the test of guarding the forest beasts.After entering the forest, Misha took what is the normal range of blood sugar levels the bracelet of Ginises as an introduction to Ginesus.When the fairies saw the bracelet, they would definitely help them.The biggest testing blood sugar blood sugar test video problem lies in the strange beast at the door.Genesis said that it was a strange two headed dog with a cruel nature.If Misha and the others were not careful, they might not escape the next battle.To be strong, he tensed his back almost instinctively, wanting to retreat, but the brave man clenched his hand and whispered, Don t be afraid, I won t hurt you.The emotions of fear were separated, but the next moment, the magic staff in their hands suddenly emitted a very aggressive and dazzling light, as if in an instant, the staff suddenly became stronger.Misha was a little dazed.He could faintly feel the energy contained in the blood sugar test video medications that can lower blood sugar staff.Its power was several times stronger than the magic they injected.This staff could not only condense their magic power, but also strengthen the energy they injected With the power of magic, what is the normal range of blood sugar levels Misha even thought that if he relied on this staff, he might also have the ability to destroy the gate of another world just like the brave man.No, it s too weird.He couldn t imagine the brave man cooking.Misha shook his head, and decided to leave the kitchen that made him fall into strange imaginations.He walked back to the living what is considered low blood sugar during pregnancy what is the normal range of blood sugar levels room and found that there seemed to be a few small paintings hanging on the wall behind the table, so he moved over curiously, and was about to take a look at the contents of the paintings, but at this moment, he heard a voice coming from outside.knocking.The Brave has guests, no, this house has been vacant for such a long time, how could there be guests.Misha cautiously slipped over, first glanced at the situation outside from the window, and found that the person standing outside was the village chief they had just met, so he was relieved and opened the door for the village chief.What s rude.You shouldn t be polite to the brave Misha chewed the meat in his mouth angrily, and finally waited for Jielin to introduce the situation of the Land of Bliss.The dinner was coming to an end, and the brave man finally told the village chief that they would leave the Land of Bliss after what is considered low blood sugar during pregnancy what is the normal range of blood sugar levels tonight.He spoke very plainly, and the village head warmly invited him, saying that they would take good care of the brave man s house, and they would come back when the brave man finished handling everything.The village chief seemed a little sad and said, I don t know when you will come back.Lance smiled slightly We will meet again when we have the chance.Misha Misha nodded slightly.They stayed for a while longer, and then the brave man said goodbye to the village chief, and left the village chief s house with Misha, and returned to the brave man s house.He seemed to have packed his things, but looked at the house for the last time One glance, then sighed softly, turned around and said to Misha, Let s go.Misha It was still dark, and the road was empty, and they left the Land of Bliss in the quiet of the night , and may never return.When Misha returned to Black Dragon City with the brave man, it was already full light.There were still few dragons to be seen on the streets of the Black Dragon, and it was unknown if Ashby had arrived.But Ashby thinks that they have no right to choose with their souls disabled.When they can only experience the emotions of indulgence, he dare not what is the normal range of blood sugar levels medicines that raise blood sugar say that this is the freedom of the succubus.At least, they should wait until they have a complete soul and emotion, and the ability to restrain themselves, so that they can judge for themselves the life they want in the future.Such a good thing.Ashby said seriously, How could I not participate Lance propped his chin and waved at Ashby.Ashby has always been afraid of the brave.He always remembers his head being smashed, not to mention that he always feels that he is restricted by a contract.Misha thought for a while and said seriously, Ginises can t even recognize you, so he shouldn t either If You have an enemy who has been chasing and killing you for more than ten years.Lance said, Then he doesn t care what you look like, you will recognize him at a glance.Misha Misha from In the brave man s words, something was faintly sensed.Besides, there is bad news.Lance sighed softly again, If we meet him, he will definitely try what is the normal range of blood sugar levels to kill me.Misha We can only pray I hope we don t run into him.Lance smiled again and said, Too badly, my testing blood sugar blood sugar test video luck has not been very what is the normal range of blood sugar levels good.Misha slowly raised a hand, preventing the brave man from returning He wanted to say something, then raised his head in a very speechless manner, looked at the brave man, and asked, You just said, how many years has he been chasing and killing you Lance Misha gasped again You didn t Tell me, how old are you Lance Misha couldn t help being annoyed, and was about to speak, but couldn t raise his voice, so he could only restrain his anger, and said, This kind of thing Why do you want to talk Lied to me Lance I m sorry.The brave man s apology came too suddenly, and Misha was obviously not used to it.In the past, if a brave man did something wrong, he would never admit his mistake until the last moment, and often even found an excuse to deal with it.But this time is different, Misha just got angry, and how to keep your blood sugar down the brave man immediately apologized, this situation is too inconsistent with Misha s perception of the brave man, he couldn t help but was stunned, still wondering if this is the brave man dealing with him Lance had already explained it to him directly.I m not as young as you think.Lance whispered, Actually, I didn t mean to be wrong, I didn t want to hide it, I know it s wrong, it s my age for human beings, so My age is within a very subtle range.Genesis Huh Misha, what are you going to do What Misha We ll be leaving later.Genesis Genesis nodded solemnly.In fact, she also agrees with Ashby s words.At the moment of the decisive battle, they will be separated if they are not kept together.At this time, the young couple has something to say in private, and she can understand it.Understood, don t worry, I m leaving now.Genesis said, No one will disturb you Misha Misha always felt that Genesis seemed to have misunderstood.But at this time, it doesn t matter whether Genisus misunderstood or not.Misha closed the door of the war room smoothly, then turned around to look at the brave man in silence, and repeated, You should change into your armor.Instead, he raised his head and looked at the slightly distorted space.half empty.The void there was distorted, and a figure gradually condensed, raising his hand to greet him.Hi, Dalixi.Lance hung slightly in the air, showing a suppressed murderous and emotionless smile to the Valkyrie Dalixi in front of him, Long time no see.Chapter 135 Straight ball, give me a straight ball Almost the moment he heard Lance s voice, Dalixi turned his gaze to Lance.Lance said that Dalixi had hunted him down for many years and had an almost deep rooted hatred for him, so when Lance appeared, everyone else was naturally unimportant.Lance frowned, and firmly held Misha s hand.A warm current with a strong sense altai blood sugar support of oppression but also reassuring breath came from his palm, as if he was trying his best to calm Misha s hand because of the magic power.A sense of anxiety that gradually emerges from the absence.But what is considered low blood sugar during pregnancy what is the normal range of blood sugar levels Misha pushed Lance s hand away.Your magic power is to be used to destroy the sky.Misha clenched his teeth, almost uttering what is the normal range of blood sugar levels words one by one, I can try again.Lance What the gate of another world brought The protective magic is almost visible to the naked eye, and the twisted and weird dark purple mist is all over the sky, what is the normal range of blood sugar levels medicines that raise blood sugar with a feeling of almost terrifying and oppressive stagnation, and they are deeply immersed in the weird magic power, as if they are wrapped in layers The thick cocoon seemed to be only one step away from breaking through the darkness.Not only did the level of danger decrease linearly, but even the fear in Misha s heart also inexplicably decreased a lot.Misha took a deep breath, and couldn t help complaining in a low voice following the brave man s words Nonsense words can t solve any problems.Lance was still staring at the God King in front of him, and said in a low voice This is the main body.Is it The gray robed man in front of him looks so ordinary, if Misha meets him on the street, he won t even give him a second look, he doesn t look like a god king at all, it will inevitably make people suspicious.Lance whispered to Misha, Look with the eyes of the devil.Send it to him, Dalixi can t recover so quickly.He lifted the long sword he was leaning on just now, held it back in his hand, and finally recovered his pale and haggard look, and said And that The magical power of the King of Gods comes from people s belief in him in many worlds.And they cut off all the gates of other worlds, cut off the connection between all other worlds and this world, and separated the world that should belong to the King what is the normal range of blood sugar levels of Gods.All powers were isolated, he only had believers in this world, what is the normal range of blood sugar levels and he didn t want Dalixi to take away his few powers.As I said, he s just a liar with exquisite speech.This problem will be resolved soon, but before that, I think we need to explain this matter to the monsters first.Genesus looked at Misha and said, This is what you should do Yes.Misha Misha nodded.As the Demon Lord, this is indeed what he should do.Gilly and Zebulun have already returned to Black Dragon City, and they will explain all the reasons to the black dragons on his behalf.In addition, Nova has also gone to his own demon realm.As for Ashby s succubus, most of them are in the In Sky City, this part can of course be handed over to Ashby, but even so, there are still many monsters that need to be explained by Misha.Now they They are already getting married, and Dewente can t wait to spend time with Ashby every day.The two of them seldom go out, and Misha should be able to see them as soon as they pass by.In the royal capital, Misha didn t dare to fly around casually.He also thought about using magic to directly summon Ashby to the Holy See, but this might be a big trouble for Ashby.It s different from before, now Ashby is the prince s fianc , Misha didn t Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos what is the normal range of blood sugar levels want his behavior to attract inexplicable suspicion to Ashby, he decided to visit in person after much deliberation.Fortunately, Ashby s mansion is not far from the Holy See.This kind of magic.Misha finally plucked up his courage, raised his eyes and said quickly, A kiss of true love is always needed.Lance , Then blushed and immediately looked away, muttering The contract what is the normal range of blood sugar levels has been established.Lance Misha You, you can be an ac hs blood sugar ordinary person Lance After a while, Lance Si sighed softly, obviously unable to suppress the slight smile on his lips, but still couldn t help but said Actually, I just think that a simple signature can be forged, which is obviously not safe.Misha Huh Lance So it s better to have other supporting ways of proof.Misha Misha felt that he was cheated again.Samuel rushed to the side of the two, took a breath, but didn t express any dissatisfaction or complaints to them, he just said Master Lance, Angel Misha, it s great that you re all right.Mi Sha Yeah.I just arrived at the capital.Samuel heaved a sigh of relief and said, Master Arlo told me to wait where I was.I was worried that something would happen to you every day.After finally receiving the news, I came here overnight.Misha Misha looked away guiltily.Samuel asked again Where is Lord Arlo Misha Yes Lance answered Samuel very calmly, saying He has gone to deal with the predicament of the crack in the sky.Misha How long has it been since you met It s only been a month.Gilly showed an honest and happy smile, We have an appointment Yes, he will be back next month after investigating the ruins.Misha Gilly asked again What are you doing here Misha I Gilly I There are still a few reports to write.Misha stood up.It s nothing.Misha managed to maintain a smile, and decided not to add any more trouble to poor Gilly.I just came here for a stroll, so go ahead Geary Maybe it s in a relic of some ancient magic.Misha what is the normal range of blood sugar levels Misha finally realized that there was a little bit of weirdness in this matter.He looked again at the pile of documents and letters, and felt that many of them should be dealt with in a timely manner.