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Dog Diabetes Blindness - Wilford Brimley Diabetes Gif

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Xu Fangfei was attracted by the sound and subconsciously turned her head.I saw a woman walking in the groggy night.She looked young, at most twenty four or five years old, wearing a black lace tight dress with a skirt that was as long as her thighs, revealing a pair of sensual white thighs generously and ostentatiously.With heavy makeup, red lips and enchanting, slender waist like a water snake, round and plump buttocks, twisting and turning, a few cheap metal pendants hung on the purple satchel on her back, jingling as she walked.Looking at the swaying waist and hips, Xu Fangfei s eyes straightened.

Qiao Huilan smiled kindly, Feifei, whoever helped us, we should be grateful and repay the kindness.A few buns are worthless, what counts is your heart.Xu Fangfei held the icd 10 code diabetic foot ulcer buns, not knowing what to say.Qiao Huilan Then it s settled Boys eat a lot, I ll pack a few more for you tomorrow.Xu Fangfei muttered for a long while, and finally could only nod Okay.The homework assigned by the teachers of various subjects today is not enough Many, Xu Fangfei had already finished all of them at school.She reviewed her homework for a while in the bedroom, then turned off the lights and went to bed.Outside the window, the sound of the rain stopped, and the temperature of the small town after being washed by the rain dropped slightly, and even the night wind felt a rare bit of coolness.

I just want to say that there are many sisters in our place.If the boss and your friend need it, I can introduce one for him next time, and I can also give you a discount Jiang Zhiang interrupted him before he finished speaking.Jiang Zhiang Take your money, put on your clothes and leave.Ah Mei resented, she put on her skirt and stood up, but she still didn t give up, and said, The boss in the next room really doesn t need it So good looking, many people rush to do his business.Jiang Zhiang lifted one corner of his mouth and snorted, and said leisurely, Seeing that you are doing well, I kindly remind you a few words.

Have we met somewhere I don t know you Xu Fangfei panicked and tried to shake off that dirty hand, Let go of me.It s fate to meet you Let s go, let s have a few drinks with brother The drunk man used the drink to play crazy, Xu Fangfei was dragged to a private room without any effort.Xu Fangfei turned pale with shock, and blurted out Help She lost to the drunk man s body, and was about to be dragged in, struggling with all her strength.Then, taking advantage of the drunk man s unpreparedness, he bit him with all his might.Fuck The drunk cursed in pain and threw Xu Fangfei away.Under the action of inertia, Xu Fangfei s body flew forward, slammed into another unlocked VIP room door, and fell into it unexpectedly.

She was distracted blankly.I don t know if it s because someone is waiting, or 3206 took a shower quickly.In less than a minute, a tall figure came out of the bathroom.Hearing footsteps, Xu Fangfei raised her eyes subconsciously.3206 has already put on raisins for diabetics a pair of home shorts.The elastic waist surrounds the sexy abdominal muscle line.The fat trouser legs just reach the Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos dog diabetes blindness knees.The two calves are straight and slender, not slender, but just right with clear texture.He wiped wholesale diabetic socks his hair with a towel in one hand, and picked up a white short treating diabetes type 2 dog diabetes blindness sleeved sleeve that was draped over the back of the chair with the other.

Zheng Xiye took an empty hand, raised his eyes to look at her, and raised his eyebrows slightly, expressing his puzzlement.Thank you for inviting me to dinner.It cost you dog diabetes blindness money.Xu Fangfei hesitated.She is just a high school student with limited abilities, so she can a1 diabetes t think of any other way to thank him, so she can only pay the cheapest labor, I ll help you get this.Zheng Xiye stared at her for a while, and said, This is originally for the Yours.Xu Fangfei was confused For me She didn t understand.Zheng Xiye I remember, you also have a grandfather with limited mobility.Xu Fangfei was startled suddenly.

After a long time, Xu Fangfei pushed Yang Lu into the back seat of the car.Yang Lu was sobered up by the movement just now.She opened Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos dog diabetes blindness her eyes, rubbed her eyes, looked around in confusion, then hiccupped and asked, Xu Fangfei, where is this Pasted on the delicate and lovely face, it looks like a little tabby cat.Xu Fangfei couldn t help laughing, and comforted her, In the car.You sleep for a while, and you ll be home soon.Seeing Xu Fangfei s face, Yang Lu immediately felt relieved, nodded, and fell asleep on her lap.Xu Fangfei took out dog diabetes blindness a tissue and gently wiped away dog diabetes blindness the spent mascara for Yang Lu.

He s nervous about something.What the hell is he nervous about Afraid that she heard those noises and thought he was the same as Jiang Zhiang, fooling around with women all day long Afraid that in her clean and pure cognition, his heinous and sinful image would add another messy relationship between men and women Zheng Xiye suddenly closed his eyes, and pinched the center of his brows, feeling a little funny and laughing at himself.This is still a high school student, eighteen years old, a little girl who has just grown up.Don t be fucking crazy.Be silent for a while.Zheng Xiye calmed down, opened his eyes, looked at the little girl by the flower bed again, and asked with no expression on his face, What can you do with me After the words fell, the little girl froze for a moment, and finally raised her head quickly.

I have grown up, I I want to share for you.Looking at the well behaved and sensible daughter, Qiao Huilan s eyes were slightly moist, but she still waved her hand, caressing her daughter s cheek, and said comfortingly Silly child.With you and grandpa accompanying my mother, my mother has never felt bitter Xu Fangfei hugged Qiao Huilan tightly.She said softly Mom, I will definitely be successful.Qiao Huilan smiled through tears, That s for sure.Not long after Xu Fangfei left, Zheng Xiye also entered the unit building with a blue gift box.Turn the key into the hole twice, open the door, and a smell suddenly wafts out of the dark space.

Zheng Xiye s expression was cold, and he just asked, Where s old man Jiang I heard from Lao Qi that you almost lost your life in Taicheng.How do you feel now Are you feeling better Zheng Xiye didn t sleep well all night, his temples were aching, and he didn t want to chat much.He pinched the center of his dog diabetes blindness eyebrows, didn t look at her, and didn t have too much emotion when he replied It s okay.Xiao Qi still looked worried If you really can t bear it, go to the hospital.The Buddha of Longevity is in Laos.There is a virus laboratory nearby, which specializes in the research of some strange toxins, you have been tricked by him, Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos dog diabetes blindness so don t be careless.

Twenty four years old, she is a big girl.Jiang Jiancheng sighed sadly, Young girls are not allowed to stay.Xiao Qi felt flustered and nervous, and asked falteringly, Why did you suddenly mention this Stupid.Jiang Jiancheng said, You have been by my side since you were six years old.I raised you, just like my own daughter.I can t tell what s on your mind Xiao Qi glanced at Zheng Xiye.The other party had a cold face, playing with the lighter in his hand, with an attitude that had nothing to peanut butter for diabetics do with him.Xiao Qi was even more annoyed and gritted her teeth secretly.Forget it.I m old.I don t want to take care of your young people s affairs, and I can t take care of them.

She silently turned on the tap, washed her hands, turned and left the kitchen.The price of frozen shrimp is much lower than that of fresh red shrimp, and the taste is completely incomparable.But this diagnosis criteria for diabetes night, Xu Fangfei felt extremely satisfied and happy after eating the shrimp soup made by her mother.In her heart, this bowl of shrimp soup is better than All the delicacies in the world.After dinner, Xu Fangfei took the initiative to take over the job of washing dishes.Seeing that dog diabetes blindness Qiao Huilan couldn t hold back her daughter, she had no choice but to let the little girl go.He went into the grandfather s room and began to help the old man turn over for a massage.

Xu Fangfei was dumbfounded when the words fell to the ground.Zheng Xiye was still holding the Yellow Crane Tower in his hand, played with it casually with his slender fingers, and put it back into the cigarette case, I just didn t expect you to be here earlier.Xu Fangfei really didn t expect this man to appear here earlier , would be for this reason.It was because he was afraid that after he finished smoking, the smell of the smoke would suffocate her My dog diabetes blindness heart felt warm for no reason, but my ears felt faintly hot.Xu Fangfei s cheeks were flushed, she pursed her lips and said in a wilford brimley diabetes gif tandem diabetes login low voice, If you want to smoke now, I can go away and come back after you finish.

She cleared her throat, and it took a long while to summon up the courage to say By the way, I heard you mention the military academy last time.Have you learned about it Zheng Xiye drove the car, and replied naturally I know a little bit from hearsay.Son.Xu Fangfei .Zheng Xiye glanced sideways at her, Why do you want to apply for the military academy Listen to my uncle, the military academy tuition is free, and the state also subsidizes students monthly living expenses.Speaking of this, Xu Fangfei lowered her head a little, and her voice became softer, My family s conditions are not very good, and I don t want my mother to work too hard.

Don t be so polite to me.Yeah.Xu Fangfei responded, pointing a thin index finger at the closed gate of 3206, poking the air, Go back, I m going upstairs.After all, she was a little girl, and she behaved silly sometimes.Childish and cute.Zheng Xiye took her small movements into his eyes, and there was a faint smile in his eyes, he nodded and didn t speak.Then, Xu Fangfei waved to him again Goodbye.Zheng Xiye Goodbye.After saying goodbye, Xu Fangfei turned around, pursed her lips and smiled, and continued to climb the stairs lightly with her schoolbag on her back.When she reached the gate of her house, she stopped can you take golo if you are diabetic and reached into the pocket of her school trousers to find the key.

Say, if I tell your brother what you did behind his back, will he let you go The other side of the receiver was as quiet as death, and it treating diabetes type 2 dog diabetes blindness took a few seconds before he gritted his teeth and said, Fuzi, your longevity is too long to be hanged.How dare you threaten me .Third Lord, dare to break ground on Zheng Xiye, who is too old, brother, I admire you.But every yard counts, you can think about it yourself.After finishing speaking, he hung dog diabetes blindness up the phone with a snap.The other end of the city, No.9 Xiwang Street.Xu Fangfei s small shoulders drooped, and she sighed helplessly.She put the phone back in her pocket, then bent down, sat down on the stairs with her schoolbag in her arms, and was going to do some homework first by using the voice activated lights in the corridor.

Get up first.He said.Xu Fangfei then stood up in a daze.Zheng Xiye squatted down again, lifted the chair, placed the four folded cigarette packs on the bottom of the four chair legs, and laid them flat.He shook the back of the chair with his hand to make sure it was stable.After doing all this, he raised his eyelids and looked at Xu Fangfei, and said, Sit down.Xu Fangfei sat down.He raised his arms and put them on the table, and tried to use a pen to solve the problem, with a pleasant surprise on his face It s really much more comfortable Zheng Xiye stood up straight.Seeing the girl s joyful smile, a shallow arc crept up to his lips calmly.

Xiao Qi lifted one corner of her mouth and looked at the girl in front of her, Tsk tsk, she is really pretty.After speaking, she stretched out her right hand with red nail polish, trying to pinch the girl s pink face.Xu Fangfei was about to hide, but an arm stopped her in front of her.Zheng Xiye said Xiao Qi.Xiao Qi Huh Godfather asked you to watch me, so watch me carefully.He smiled, but the light in his eyes was piercing, and said coldly Don t do something inexplicable and annoying.Xiao Qi Hearing these words, Xiao Qi s delicate face instantly turned black.She moved her lips and was about to explode, but Zheng Xiye had already stretched out her hand to wrap her arms around the slender shoulders of the girl in school uniform, hooked her into her arms, and left without looking back.

After hesitating for a moment, she turned her head to look at him and said, Do you know someone named Liu Dafu Zheng Xiye thought about it for a while, and said, I have a vague impression.Then she turned her head to look at her How do you dog diabetes blindness diabetic wound healing know this person Xu Fangfei replied, My mother cooperates with their company.Zheng Xiye nodded and didn t say much.When getting along with people, the sense of proportion is especially important.He won t ask about things she doesn t take the initiative to say.Xu Fangfei continued Last night, after my mother came home, she told me that Liu Dafu asked her about you.

Jiang will protect you or protect me Chen San pulled his lips resentfully, daring to speak out in anger.Zheng Xiye withdrew his gaze indifferently, and strode away with Xu Fangfei.In the dark night, a few stars in the east are shining brightly, and the sky and the earth are stitched together on this street, forming a black ocean, boundless, with neither the end of the sky nor the end of the road in sight.Xu Fangfei followed Zheng Xiye.Stepping out of the brightly lit clubhouse behind her, all the hustle and bustle whole grain bread diabetes was left far behind.The joy and fear of the rest of her life welled up in her heart, her tense nerves relaxed, and she felt her feet go weak.

Let s start a small stove.Classmate B retorted What about Xu Fangfei Her family has no money, and people are different and dumped you eighty blocks.Classmate C was choked, and fell silent.Classmate A said again Also, I saw that the school Yang Lu filled in is a foreign name, it seems to be a foreign university Classmate D Her grades are not good, can she go abroad Classmate C showed his true nature of pickled vegetables again, muttering Yang Lu s grades are poor, but her parents are strong and her family is rich Tsk tsk tsk, so only those without umbrellas need to work hard.It s not as real as real money.

The girl s fair what are the 5 worst foods for diabetics wilford brimley diabetes gif little face is brighter than the pomegranate flower.Having said that, she stopped, looked up at him with big eyes, with a trace of uncertainty and a little apprehension, and softly probed You don t think I look like a watermelon good for diabetics second fool, do you Zheng Xiye s dark eyes were deep, and his eyes were also Seeing it directly, Xu Fangfei was even more disturbed.He asked her Are you very concerned about your image in my heart The little girl was stopped for two seconds, pursed diabetes and pancreas pain her lips, and replied honestly I m just afraid that I will do too many stupid things like this.You ll find me annoying.

Zheng Xiye looked down at her, That cabinet dog diabetes blindness is full of stuff, how long will you have to clean it up by yourself.Xu Fangfei s bright eyes sparkled Are you here specially to help me , so you can have more time to rest.Xu Fangfei felt warm and sweet in her heart, the corners of her mouth were already curved up unconsciously, and she raised a delicate arc, and whispered Thank you first.Thank me and you still won t let me in It was only then that I realized that I let someone stand outside the door for a long time, my face was slightly red, and I dog diabetes blindness hurriedly pushed the door open to invite him in.Zheng Xiye had dog diabetes blindness come to Xu Fangfei s house for the third time, but it was the first time for the two of them to spend time alone at her house.

If you don t come to pick me up, I can take her mother s car without getting caught in the rain.Zheng Xiye replied casually, What do you do outsiders.Xu Fangfei .Xu Fangfei was silent, speechless.In her heart, she thought This big boss in society didn t regard herself as an outsider at all Xu Fangfei was thinking nonsense in her heart.At this moment, Zheng Xiye who was beside him suddenly threw another sentence, and wrote casually By the way, that box of tapes is genuine, and it is a high rare cough syrup diabetes product.My friend who collects has already collected it.Really What Xu Fangfei opened her eyes wide and waved her fist in surprise, That s really great Seeing the girl s contagious smile and subconsciously cute movements, Zheng Xiye discovered for the first time that happiness is such a kind of happiness.

Zheng Xiye declined No, auntie, I have something to do, so I have to go first.I m busy, I don t even know how to thank you Thinking of her deliberate alienation before, Qiao Huilan felt ashamed and embarrassed.After thinking for two seconds, she went back to the house, picked up a large bag of fruit that she had bought, and stuffed it into Zheng Xiye s hand, saying, Take it back and eat it. Zheng Xiye originally wanted to refuse.Just accept it.The little girl took a few steps forward, tugged at his sleeve lightly, and is it easy to get diabetes whispered in his ear, If you dog diabetes blindness don t accept it, my mother won t be able to sleep well tonight.

Take such a big risk to see me, Jiang Xu took off the peaked cap on his head, swept the ashes on the left side of the table casually, jumped lightly, and sat up, Tell me, what s the matter.Boomboom boom Boom The ping pong ball fell to the ground, bouncing and rolling away.Zheng Xiye threw the racket aside, glanced at Jiang Xu, raised his eyebrows casually, and said, Have you best wraps for diabetics heard about me Jiang Xu didn t say anything.Zheng Xiye raised his chin indifferently Who did you listen to Jiangxu Police Academy was assigned to a police station in a certain district of Yuncheng after graduation.The captain of the Criminal Investigation Brigade.

Now Xu Fangfei was surprised.Yang Lu has always been dog diabetes blindness a straightforward character, she said one thing and said another, and she diabetic soups dog diabetes blindness was rarely coy and entangled like this.She asked, What do you want to say Yang Lu on the opposite side was silent for a few seconds.After a while, she took a deep breath and let it out, as if she had made up her mind, and finally mustered up the courage to say, Before you were so absorbed in preparing for the exam, I never had time to ask you Did Jiang Yuan take the college entrance examination Jiang Source Xu Fangfei recalled with a frown, and said, No.He dropped out of high school in the second semester of high school, and I heard that he followed his father to the opposite side of the port to engage in patrick mahomes diabetes border trade.

She could only lower her head reflexively and avoid those bottomless eyes Black eyes.A drop of cold sweat slid down her forehead, she pursed her lips lightly, staring at the white sneakers on her feet in a daze, heartbroken.After seeing the trainer s hands, she quietly returned her eyes to his face, staring at him intently.Trying to find traces left by 3206 from that calm and handsome face.But no.The instructor stood against the light.At the age of twenty seven or eighteen years old, his demeanor was extremely calm and majestic.Even his voice was like his own.He was not in a hurry, not slow, cool and magnetic, with a loud voice, which taught people in their hearts.

Along the way, he met many senior students who were marching in line.All of them looked serious and steady, and there was no chatting or joking, let alone joking.No wonder it is said that the focus of the military academy is the first word.This place is indeed both a school and a military camp.The overall atmosphere is as cold as frost and snow, and it is shockingly cold.You can only cheer up and tense your nerves at any time.In the gap between wandering in the sky, the two arrived at their destination. .t T eight 0.C M Xu Fangfei raised her eyes.The door of this self service hairdressing room is a transparent glass door, with a military green solid color decorative strip in the middle of the door, with the word August 1.

The only difference is that the students and soldiers live in a six person dormitory, while the rest live in a single dormitory.Zheng Xiye lives in Building 9, is diabetes chronic Room 507, a single dormitory.The space of about 20 square meters is divided into two, including a single bed, a desk, a chair, a large wardrobe, a TV, and a few simple items.It is composed of a bedroom and an independent toilet, which is uniformly configured for the whole army.After entering the door, he casually pressed the light switch on the wall.A room suddenly brightened.At the end of August, the weather is not cool.Zheng Xiye closed the door, took off his camouflage jacket and hung it on the wall, wearing only a military short sleeved gym suit, and poured himself a glass of water.

However, as soon as he saw the girl s sickly flushed cheeks, slightly pale lips, and soft eyes with a hint of timidity, his hardened heart softened uncontrollably, and his temper disappeared.He turned his head sideways, exhaled a low breath restrained and suppressed, and when he spoke again, his tone became soft again.He asked Tell me, why are you angry with me Xu Fangfei froze for two seconds, her eyes flickered, she didn t dare to look at him again, she turned her gaze away uncomfortably, and said in a low voice, I didn t either.angry.Immediately afterwards, her jaw tightened, and she was pinched by two slender and strong fingers, and she broke her face hard, turning her face back to face him.

Father Song knew that this man had gone to the United States to study in his youth, and he had made great achievements in the field of neurology.He trusted others and got in touch with that old classmate, thinking of sending Zheng Weiguo there to try his luck.After communicating with the attending doctor, Zheng Xiye went to the first floor to complete the transfer procedures.After that, gestational diabetes test the two came to the neurology department on the fourth floor, single room 418.The air is filled with the smell of disinfectant, white walls, white hospital beds, everything is clean and monotonous.On the wooden bedside table, a small porcelain ornament is the only vitality in the whole space.

Tomorrow, dog diabetes blindness your team cadres will come to check in person.You are only one person.Your team cadres will check you one on one.It must be very strict.You should pay attention to yourself.Xu Fangfei nodded vigorously Yes, I understand In the early morning of the next day, at 5 50, the wake up whistle sounded on time, and the student dormitory building was brightly lit in the blink of an eye.The girls in 307 got up as fast as they could, washed and changed into their military uniforms, and folded the quilts on the bed into tofu cubes according to the creases made in advance.The bell was about to ring at six o clock, and Wu Min, who commanded the brigade, stepped into Room 307 with his hands behind his back.

A trace of confusion appeared on diabetic soups dog diabetes blindness Gu Shaofeng s face It s not for you, who is it for Zheng Xiye raised his eyelids and glanced casually dog diabetes blindness The cadet team of the information brigade not far away.His chin casually moved in that direction Here.Gu Shaofeng followed his gaze, pondered for a while, then recalled dog diabetes blindness Our team s regiment pets the little female soldier Zheng Xiye did not answer, acquiescing.Gu Shaofeng didn t understand again Why did you get the love letter for Xu Fangfei I saw the inscription, it was written by a male student in the command brigade, named Liu Yang.How do you usually deal with this kind of thing Gu Shaofeng smiled and persuaded Although the school rules say that you can t fall in love, but idols, You also know that these soldiers are still in puberty, and it s normal to be a little restless.

What s the matter I don t know.It seems like someone is calling for help Go and tell the conductor, go When Xu Fangfei and Zheng Xiye rushed to compartment 2, they first came into sight It was a woman lying on the ground.She was about fifty years old, her eyes were closed, her face and lips were pale, and the fingers of both hands were tightly clasped into the palms of her hands.A girl in a blue coat was lying beside her, yelling in panic Mom, what s wrong with you, Mom Wake up quickly Mom treating diabetes type 2 dog diabetes blindness The other passengers in the room didn t know whether they were frightened by this scene or for some other reason, they all ran away Went to the outside of the compartment and observed in amazement.

The girl in blue cried anxiously, and said, Mom The situation was urgent, and Zheng Xiye couldn t care less about anything else.He reached out and unbuttoned the woman s coat, exposing the chest area, clasped his hands, and used the strength of his upper body to press down on the woman s heart.In this way, when the thirtieth time was pressed, the woman finally coughed a few times and slowly woke up.Seeing this, Xu Fangfei s hanging heart finally fell to the ground, and she let out a long breath.Turning to the episode, at noon, Gu Shaofeng brought everyone s lunch to all the students in the brigade instant noodles.

At this time, Gu Shaofeng walked across two carriages to find him.He walked to the door of No.6 compartment and looked in, still a little surprised What are you doing together Xu Fangfei and the others immediately stood up, saluted and shouted Captain Gu.Sit down.School, pay attention to and rules will no longer be rigid.Gu Shaofeng casually asked the students to sit down again, while he looked at Xu Fangfei and said with some embarrassment Xu Fangfei, are you still used to living in this cubicle Xu Fangfei was stunned for a moment, and replied I am used treating diabetes type 2 dog diabetes blindness to it.Zheng Xiye saw the clue from Gu Shaofeng s expression, dog diabetes blindness and said lightly, Would it be inconvenient for Wu Min to say it It s not Wu diabetes itchy lower legs Min s business.

Xu Fangfei Xu Fangfei was completely dumbfounded.It losing weight diabetes type 2 took her ten seconds to close her mouth that opened into an o.Because she was afraid that her skin would become chapped if the weather was too dry, I specially prepared a body lotion for her How could this man, who looks big and thick, be so careful and nice Xu Fangfei was pleasantly surprised and touched in her heart, and there was a hint of sweetness in her heart.After a while, she blushed and said softly to Zheng Xiye You are interested, thank you.After speaking, Xu Fangfei raised her eyes to look at him handsome again With a cold side face, after thinking for a while, he suggested Then you can just share some of the body lotion with me tomorrow, and you can use the rest yourself.

After admiring it for a while, he couldn t help grinning, and said with emotion Sure enough, beautiful things can heal all bad moods.Zheng Xiye was putting the peeled egg shells into the bag, and he paused, looked at her and asked Are you in a bad mood today As the words fell to dog diabetes blindness the ground, the little girl thought of something, and her originally bright eyes dimmed a bit instantly.The face is also drooping, and the toes of the sneakers are scratching the ground one by one, looking like a small strawberry that has lost its moisture and is completely wilted.Zheng Xiye frowned slightly, and said softly, Is it convenient to say Not really Xu Fangfei tilted her head in distress, hesitating whether to tell him her troubles.

After swallowing, he answered her in a casual tone You have two choices now.Xu Fangfei hurriedly asked dog diabetes blindness Which two Zheng Xiye The first choice, let me help you solve this matter.Xu Fangfei was surprised You come forward Yes.Zheng Xiye shook the paper cup of soy milk, his tone printable pre diabetic diet food list soft, I ll help you deal with it, you don t have to worry about anything, just adjust your mood and continue to go to school happily.Xu Fangfei paused, then asked What about the second choice Zheng Xiye paused, raised his eyelids and looked at her fixedly, and said, The second choice.You can t control other people s behavior and thoughts.

The little girl was worried and helpless, It s annoying me to death.Unexpectedly, Zheng Xiye snorted lightly after hearing this, and said casually I thought it was such a big deal.Hearing this, Xu Fangfei glared at him depressedly, incredulous Please, instructor, isn t this a big deal With Mujiao s temper, if I fail this exam, there is only an 80 chance of failing at the end of the semester.Section Zheng Xiye Isn t it just shooting, I ll teach you.Xu Fangfei was stunned You teach me Yeah.Zheng Xiye said, I ll wait for you at the shooting range after evening self study dog diabetes blindness today.Xu Fangfei was overjoyed immediately, and nodded again and again Okay At 9 30 in the evening, the evening self study bell rang on time, and there were footsteps in the self study rooms of several teaching buildings.

Silky, as clear as a rained forest, mixed with a little sweetness.It was the smell that belonged exclusively to Zheng Xiye.Xu Fangfei The girl s fair cheeks instantly turned red with a crushing force.Her heart was beating treating diabetes type 2 dog diabetes blindness like thunder, and she was so ashamed that she hurriedly looked away in a panic, not daring to look at him.He could only clear his throat vigorously, and whispered with a blushing face, Instructor, I ve almost mastered it.You can let me go.Hearing this, the instructor didn t respond.Xu Fangfei let go of the grip, thinking that he hadn t heard clearly, and was about to repeat it again, when a burst Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos dog diabetes blindness of cool breath came gently, brushing against her delicate red earlobes.

She asked Feifei, the last time you talked with Jiang Xu, did you get any results Xu Fangfei s expression was obviously stiff, she paused for a while, and sighed I asked Jiang .

qué tipo de canela es mejor para la diabetes?

Xu what he was thinking, and Jiang Xu said he There are only two reasons for doing all this now, one is that he likes girl Xiaoxuan, and the other is that he is alone in Lingcheng, and we are like his family.Qiao Huilan frowned slightly Then do you think what he said is right The truth Mom, we are all adults, I think there is no need to be so explicit about many things, which makes everyone embarrassed.Xu Fangfei looked calm, Jiang Xu knows exactly what I think, and I also know what I think.

, is the dog diabetes blindness boss of the entire Spike.A few seconds later, Xu Fangfei heard her own voice dryly, and replied, .Although Dou Huan was shy, he was very willing to help newcomers.He said kindly You just came out for an internship.It s a good thing to get to know some important people.I ll serve tea to Team Zheng later.Come with me.Xu Fangfei diabetic soups dog diabetes blindness was embarrassed when she heard the words.Nodding silently Okay, Brother Huan.The rookie in technology is a new company, and a few founders can make a small company bigger and stronger in just a few years.Naturally, they are all talented.They often cooperate with the military and police systems and sign non disclosure agreements to help develop new software.

Who knows, Zheng Xiye looked down at the watch on his wrist and said, Wait a minute.Xu Fangfei Xu Fangfei didn t understand What are you waiting for It s about time.Zheng Xiye said to himself Said a sentence.Xu Fangfei still wanted to ask, but who knows, the second his voice fell, the door of the room not far away rang for the diabetic soups dog diabetes blindness third time tonight bang bang.Xu Fangfei held her forehead embarrassingly.I thought to myself what happened tonight, people came here one after another, who the hell is this time People from local companies will not come to greet them in the middle of the night.Xu Fangfei guessed in her heart, but at this moment, the person who knocked on the door suddenly raised her voice and yelled, The takeaway is here Xu Fangfei Xu Fangfei was taken aback for a moment, then realized something, turned her head to look at Zheng Xiye, and asked him, Did you order takeout Zheng Xiye nodded, Yes.

Zheng Xiye I haven t had any other than this time.The little girl looked at him with sparkling eyes and nodded, Yes.Zheng Xiye stared at her for a moment, remained silent for two seconds, and then asked, How did you feel after drinking My My mother poured me a glass of wine, she probably only poured a little red wine, most of the glass was filled with Sprite.After all, it had been a long time, Xu Fangfei put down the porridge bowl and rubbed her chin, recalling seriously, while Seriously replied So I don t feel anything.After hearing this, Zheng Xiye looked away calmly, put a small steamed dumpling on her plate, and asked softly, Is this your first time visiting a coastal city Yes Did you see the sea Xu Fangfei s big eyes lit up immediately, she quickly swallowed the vegetables, wiped her what are the 5 worst foods for diabetics wilford brimley diabetes gif mouth with a paper towel, and replied excitedly, Yes, I saw it when the plane was about to land yesterday.

A few minutes later, Tang Yu followed Han Lu to the prison visit registration office, raised his right hand, and lightly Qing took off his sunglasses, his black hair swayed slightly, and a sexy yet indifferent face came into Han Lu s sight.He was slightly taken aback.Because there is an old wound near the woman s right eye, which looks like a severe burn, and the skin is wrinkled, which is particularly hideous.Han Lu clicked the mouse, the portrait was successfully collected, and a line of Tang Yu s identity information popped up from the database.Han Lu Thank you for your cooperation.Tang Yu smiled lightly You re welcome.

Zheng Xiye stood beside Xu Fangfei, put his arms around her shoulders, and then raised his phone to turn on treating diabetes type 2 dog diabetes blindness the camera.Seeing this, Xu Fangfei of course realized that he was going to take a group photo for them, so she slightly tilted her head towards him, showing a sweet smile.Half a second later, Zheng Xiye adjusted the camera from the rear to the front.A handsome and casual face instantly appeared on the screen, and a gust of sea breeze blew by, leaving nothing behind.Zheng Xiye .Xu Fangfei .Very angry.With such a big difference diabetic cat won eat in height, I can t even take a selfie in the same frame.Embarrassed and depressed, Xu Fangfei turned her head and raised her neck to look at him, complaining softly, Can t you be shorter Why are you so much taller than me Zheng Xiye was silent for two seconds, and said, I ll think of a way.

I don t want it.You go.She hugged him tightly, murmured coquettishly, You don t need to turn on the light, I can see you.Zheng Xiye s heart softened, and his eyes softened into two shallow streams, and he coaxed Be good, baby , You drank, and you need some hot water.Let me get wilford brimley diabetes gif tandem diabetes login you some water, okay No.She shook her head, shaking her head, and she cried out inexplicably, and said with her tongue out, I Don t drink water, I just want you to stay by my side.Zheng Xiye was stunned for a moment and froze.In sight, the girl finished speaking inarticulately, and then covered her face with her two small hands, and began to cry, saying, Are you going to leave as soon as you said you did the last two times This scene caught Zheng Xiye by surprise.

Itches more and more.She couldn t bear it a little bit, and then she opened her mouth by accident, and lightly bit that tricky lip.As soon as she finished biting, she clearly felt the slender fingers clamping her chin tighten slightly.instructor.Her delicate skin couldn t withstand his slightly heavier force, and she shrank her head weakly and hid back, not forgetting to protest honestly My chin hurts a bit.It was rare for Zheng Xiye not to indulge her.He stared straight at her, moved his fingertips back, not what are the 5 worst foods for diabetics wilford brimley diabetes gif allowing her to hide, but instead let her slender neck bend into an arc, facing him unreservedly.

Yang Lu shook her hand and pressed the callback button.After a while, the other person picked up the phone, and a sweet voice came out, speaking in Burmese Baby, why did you hang up the phone just now You won t be with your girlfriend, right Boom.Yang Lu s heart completely sank into the cold seabed.After hanging up the phone, she threw the phone into the storage basket between the passenger cab and the driver s cab, closed her eyes, and raised her hand to gently support her forehead.Jiang Yuan on the side is obviously no stranger to such catching traitors.He didn t even pause before giving some explanation, saying Lulu, this girl likes me, dog diabetes blindness pesters me all day, it s annoying to death, I don t want to talk to her at all.

With that sporadic light, the first thing Xu Fangfei saw was a cold white male chest.The pectoral muscles are bulging and firm, and do not need to be deliberately tensed.They are only in the most relaxed resting state.The texture lines are also neat and beautiful, full of vigorous vitality and explosive power.Desire to flirt, full of wildness.Xu Fangfei blinked her eyes twice in dog diabetes blindness Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos dog diabetes blindness a daze, raised her gaze a few inches, and saw a beautiful sharp jaw line again.The sluggish brain resumed functioning, and Xu Fangfei regained consciousness after realizing it, and was stunned.No wonder I can t move myself.

that end.Seeing the little girl s silence, Zheng Xiye thought she was silently refusing, so he kept quiet, and slowly loosened her slender wrist with five fingers.His cub is as pure as a piece of white paper, if she doesn t want it, of course he can t force it.Zheng Xiye didn t say much, closed his eyes, reached out with his long arms, wrapped Xu Fangfei s petite body in his arms, and continued to sleep with her in his arms.However, within a few seconds, he suddenly felt two soft little hands.Zheng Xiye dog diabetes blindness was unprepared, causing her forehead tendons to burst out, and a wilford brimley diabetes gif muffled groan came from the bottom of her throat.

Xu Fangfei was choked up and then Be prepared, who can tell about this kind of thing.Zheng Xiye looked at her sideways, and said very calmly In case one day, you have a whim and want to do something to me, I will not wait and serve you at any time.Xu Fangfei Xu Fangfei blushed, and kicked lightly Kicked on his calf, and said in a low voice, Shut up.Back at the hotel, Xu Fangfei carried the watermelon back to the door of her room, swiped her card to open the door, and carried several large bags of fruit into the room with Zheng Xiye.She put all the fruits on the carpet next to the TV diabetic soups dog diabetes blindness cabinet, squatted down, found two transparent bags, picked out about forty fruits with relatively better appearance, divided them into two dog diabetes blindness piles, and put them into two pockets respectively.

The person in charge of this docking dog diabetes blindness work dog diabetes blindness medicina para la diabetes is a dark skinned and dog diabetes blindness healthy young man in his thirties, tall and lean, named Mi Wei, who is an officer in charge of dog diabetes blindness administrative work in the Urumqi Military Region all the year round.Seeing Zheng Xiye and the others, Mi Wei immediately greeted them with a smile on his face.Mi Wei stretched out his hand Team Zheng, long gastral diabetes time no see.Zheng Xiye shook hands with the other party, and said with a light smile, Hello, Officer Mi.Go outside the airport.On the way, Mi Wei sighed suddenly, and joked with Zheng Xiye with a complex expression Captain Zheng, to be honest, after so many years, I really miss you again, and I don t want to see you again.

If you want to give a gift, just give it to me.Xu Fangfei was slightly stunned.She raised her neck, looked at Zheng Xiye s gentle and casual profile, and felt a sharp pain in her heart.This man is really pitiful.Just as he was in a daze, there was a ding, and the elevator door opened.Xu Fangfei came back to her senses.Let s go.Zheng Xiye said flatly, The one on the left..Xu Fangfei nodded, stepped out of the elevator, and walked straight to the left side of the passage.The lock was unlocked, and the two entered the house one after the other.Xu Fangfei stood at the entrance with a small satchel on her back.

After getting out of the car, Tang Yu casually tossed the platinum bag to the Filipino maid, and said with a blank expression, Are the two mercenaries at the gate new here Dare to raise his eyes to look at Tang Yu, and replied respectfully, Yes, Miss Tang.No wonder you re so ungrateful, even I dare to stop you.Tang Yu s tone was sarcasm.The Filipino maid didn t dare to answer.Tang Yu glanced treating diabetes type 2 dog diabetes blindness at the Filipino maid, his face turned colder, and asked, Say, what s going on The Filipino maid seemed timid, and hesitated for a few seconds before answering After Master Ang came back, type 2 diabetic meal plan he cleaned up all the people inside and outside Jiang s house.

Captured Zheng Xiye Yeah.Xu Fangfei pursed her lips lightly.Thinking of the many dangers he had experienced, he felt as if his heart was being stabbed by a knife, distressed and afraid.After a while, Zheng Xiye pinched Xu Fangfei s face and said with a smile, Why are you in a daze.Your rice noodles are here.Let s go and have dinner.Under the bright light, the two sat opposite each other at the dining table.Xu Fangfei picked up a chopstick of rice noodle and put it into her mouth, and wiped her mouth with a paper towel while refusing.After swallowing, he suddenly remembered something, and asked casually By the way, instructor, I see a painting hanging in your room.

The dumpling wrappers are all hand rolled, and the meat fillings are also chopped with a kitchen knife.During the time Xu Fangfei came to the Seventeenth Institute for internship, she came to patronize her almost every week.Because the dumpling restaurant is one kilometer to the left of the gate of the Seventeenth School, every weekend, many cadres in the camp who haven t returned home will ask for leave to go out and come here in groups to eat.Over time, the proprietress saw many faces familiar.Xu Fangfei is pretty and well behaved, and she is gentle and polite.She has been here several times, and the proprietress has a deep impression on her.

Ma Zai apologized repeatedly, shrinking his neck.Jiang Zhiang stood up tremblingly, furious Who the hell let Zheng Xiye in, those white ghosts outside the door are all new here, don t know him, you are also fucking blind If my mother has something wrong , I ll kill your whole family Ma Zai No.2 frowned, and said falteringly Young Master Ang, you can t blame us.Zheng Xiye and Mrs.Jiang entered the door together, and we all know that he is ruthless.Who dares to stop him.This old lady s mind is getting more and more confused The doctor is watching the medicine, it s useless at all Jiang Zhiang narrowed his eyes and thought, and continued to order Go, ask Tang Yu to help you contact a hospital or a nursing home.

Yang Lu was suspicious What are you doing at the airport My boyfriend s father is hospitalized in Xiacheng, so he went over to take a look.Xu Fangfei said softly, What about you Yang Lu laughed and said excitedly, I ve already I came to Yuncheng I arrived last night I wanted to give you a surprise so I didn t tell you.Shall we have dinner together Xu Fangfei immediately beamed with joy Okay. At around six o clock in the evening, a western restaurant in the center of Yuncheng City.Most high school friendships are long lasting.Although they haven t seen each other for a long time, when Xu Fangfei and Yang Lu meet again, they are still as close as yesterday.

Xu Fangfei smiled and shook her head, but did not answer.After rambling a few more words, the cell phone in Yang Lu s pocket rang.Yang Lu picked it up, her smile gradually brightened, and she hung up after a few words of Yes.A few of my IELTS studying friends heard that I m back, and invited me to Lanshan Road for a few drinks.Yang dog diabetes blindness medicina para la diabetes Lu hooked Xu Fangfei s shoulder and invited, Come on, let s go play together Lanshan Road is Yuncheng The famous bar street, rich and luxurious, a paradise for young people preventing gestational diabetes to have fun.Xu Fangfei bent her lips towards Yang Lu, and politely refused, I won t go.Yang Lu followed the example of a hooligan, raised Xu Fangfei s fair chin with a frivolous face, and said in a deep voice, Oh, little beauty, I m afraid your family s Porsche will not be happy.

But suddenly, he smelled something strange in the air.this taste.Cold and light male animal body fragrance, mixed with a slight tobacco smell.So familiar, yet so strange.Xu Fangfei was stunned.A guess rose in her heart, but she was not sure, so she blinked in surprise and doubt, paused, and turned her head like a robot.really.On the wall behind the door, there was a figure leaning lazily.The reason why it is called shadow is because the sky outside is really too dark, the light of the setting sun has sunk into the far west, and the diabetic ketoacidosis blood glucose levels lights of the residents courtyards are faintly distant.His figure, outline, and face are all trapped in a pool of nothingness.

The longing of parting for a few days is expanded without boundaries by this twilight and her sweet fragrance.There is fire in the blood, and there is fire in what are the 5 worst foods for diabetics wilford brimley diabetes gif the bones, which cannot be extinguished by drinking water and taking a shower, and dog diabetes blindness urgently needs to be comforted by this little girl.Next to it was a black leather sofa, Zheng Xiye flipped the dust cover off with one hand, and gently put the little girl in his arms on it.Then he pressed the person on the sofa and continued to kiss passionately.Instructor, wait a minute A voice sounded in the space, obviously flustered and nervous, but Zheng Xiye s brain selectively ignored her panic, and only recognized the softness and sweetness in it.

The shock was only for three seconds.At the fourth second, Xu Fangfei suddenly came back to life.She swished her head out to look around, and after making sure that there was no third person in the corridor of the guest house, she grabbed the man s arm and dragged him into the room.The door slams shut.Half a second later, remembering that the suitcase hadn t been picked up yet, he stretched out his hand to grab the suitcase back, and then slammed the door shut.Zheng Xiye s face was sueño despues de comer diabetes calm, he took off his general cap and threw it aside, feeling that the autumn uniform was a bit hot, so he loosened the tie of his general shirt casually.

After speaking, she didn t stay any longer, opened the door and left without looking back.Zaizai Xu Fangfei Zheng Xiye stepped forward to chase after him, but when he reached the door, he remembered that his upper body was naked and indecent.After the dispute in the guest house, Zheng Xiye went to the frontline of the mission again, and Xu Fangfei also returned to Yuncheng No.17.Within a few days, the list of candidates for the written test of the Spike Brigade came out, and it was posted on the intranet pages of each unit.Sure enough, as Liang Xue said, there was no Xu Fangfei s name.Regarding this, Section Chief Zou Daze and Commissar Feng Junlian of the Four Divisions of the Seventeenth Institute were very dog diabetes blindness confused.

The two took turns calling Xu Fangfei to the office to inquire about the situation.Xu Fangfei was also quite embarrassed by this.Her boyfriend is the boss of the Spike Brigade, and the personnel information sent by each unit for treating diabetes type 2 dog diabetes blindness the preliminary screening has to pass through the eyes of Zheng Xiye.Her registration form was detained by him when she was about to kick the door, which led to this incident.embarrassing incident.Xu Fangfei didn t know how to explain to the leaders, he hesitated for a long time, so she had to make nonsense I was not prepared enough, so I decided not to sign up temporarily, and took out the registration form.

I always thought that Aye was a bad bastard, and it was Aunt Bian who helped him in the sky to catch such a good girl like you.Xu Fangfei smiled softly Aye is very kind to me.Just treat you well.Song Yu saw that the artificial sweetners and diabetes little girl was cute and gentle, and couldn t help but reach out and pinch her face, If he dares to bully you in the future, you can tell me and Jiang Xu, and we will help you Get rid of him.I have agreed with Jiang Xu that we are all your natal family, and we will stand by you unconditionally.Xu Fangfei was moved in her heart, and the smile on her face became stronger, and she said sincerely, Thank you.

Now i think i have diabetes that such a good girl appears, Aunt Bian can rest assured.As a well known technical unit in the entire army, the Seventeenth Institute receives many tasks every year, with different secret levels and contents, and the dog diabetes blindness medicina para la diabetes places where can diabetic donate blood the tasks are performed are all over the country.The second week after Xu Fangfei and Song Yu Jiangxu met, she came to live.In the evening of that day, Feng Junlian, political commissar of the science and technology department, called Xu Fangfei to the office.First, he poured her a glass of warm water and asked her to sit down.Seeing Feng Junlian like this, Xu Fangfei felt suspicious and uneasy, and asked, Commissar, dog diabetes blindness medicina para la diabetes if you have anything to say, just speak up.

The locals gave it an elegant name called Snowland Burial Song.The highest altitude there is more than 7,000 meters, and the average altitude is more than 4,000 meters.The climate is harsh and the living conditions are extremely harsh.Difficult, and you are a girl, and I feel a little bit uncomfortable about sending you to carry out this task.Feng Junlian lowered her eyes and fell silent for a while, and then looked at Xu Fangfei again after a few seconds, and said, This way Come on, Xiao Xu.Think about it now, if you have any difficulties, bring it up immediately, and I will help you report it to your superiors in detail.

Shall we go to your room later Or go to my place.The girl wiped the water droplets on her face with a towel, Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos dog diabetes blindness her tone was very gentle and casual.She thought for a while, squeezed the towel again, and made a decision muttering to herself I d better go to your place.Although we all live on treating diabetes type 2 dog diabetes blindness the third floor, the room next to mine is my colleague.Xu Fangfei s reason for choosing was simple.This small hotel is actually a three story self built house of the boss s own house, and the sound insulation is not good.She was afraid that her voice chatting with Zheng Xiye would be heard by her colleagues.After all, at this stage, her relationship with him still needs to be kept secret.

Qin Yu immediately gave a thumbs up , Tsk tut amazed It s not normal, Xiao Xu, your physical fitness is better than the three of us, you are a comrade.Xu Fangfei curled her lips shyly, and said Altitude what are the 5 worst foods for diabetics wilford brimley diabetes gif sickness is different diabete from person to person.Well, maybe I have a special constitution.Several people were talking.At this moment, Zheng Xiye, who had been eating quietly all this time, suddenly spoke.He said to Bai Lu Chief Bai, you should have prepared the corresponding medicine when you come here this time.Bai Lu nodded, Kunlun is not an dog diabetes blindness medicina para la diabetes ordinary place, and we have quite a complete set of things.

As the white light swept and swayed, Xu Fangfei squinted her eyes, and then she saw clearly does cinnamon help with diabetes that dog diabetes blindness there were two Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos dog diabetes blindness people in the open space outside the guest house, both wearing thick Lei Feng hats and wrapped in bear like military dog diabetes blindness medicina para la diabetes coats, hugging each other, not knowing what they were doing.Hey.The ideological work in our Kunlun camp is doing well.Bai Lu and the others also heard the noise.They craned their necks to stare intently, and Nahan said, Soldiers love each other so much, why do they hug each other and dance tango at night Xu Fangfei, Bai Lu and others followed the sound to watch.It s Zheng Xiye.

She was very young, at most sixteen or seventeen years old, with skin She was dark, her eyes were round what are the 5 worst foods for diabetics wilford brimley diabetes gif and bright, and there was a delicate red cloud floating on each cheek.It is a small villager in a nearby village who specializes in delivering food to the frontier camp.A soldier from the cooking class came out to pick up the little girl, and joked with a smile Yangla, it s a coincidence that you delivered this dish dog diabetes blindness today.Gu Xuechao happened to be punished to sweep the front yard.The girl named Yangla was stunned for a moment, and turned around , Sure enough, I saw a figure bowed and sweeping the floor.

Seeing her blushing, Yangla thought she had guessed wrong, covered her mouth and whispered Isn t he Xu Fangfei s cheeks became hotter, and she murmured for a long time before uttering a word Yes.I ll just say it Yangla is young, but she has inherited the boldness and openness of the nomads, and she is not shy or shy when talking about love.Although it was the first time meeting Xu Fangfei, Yangla liked this soft cloud like Han nombre de vitaminas para diabeticos girl and was happy to chat with her.Yangla raised her chin, with a bit of self satisfaction in her smile The way you look at him is the same as I look at Gu Xuechao.You must like him, you like him dog diabetes blindness to death Tibetan girl goat milk The raised voice was crisp and bright, and clearly penetrated into Zheng Xiye s ears beside him.

But most of the time, you are very serious and calm.If you are in a middle way, you may barely be considered lively Zheng Xiye was so stupefied that he wanted to swear, he snorted, Describing outsiders is all compliments, what is youthful and full of vigor and vitality.The man who describes you is both a hooligan and a scoundrel, Comrade Zai Zai, you Is it something to clean up Xu Fangfei thought clearly, and immediately heard that this awkward man s jealousy had turned over again inexplicably.Thinking it was funny, the corners of his mouth curved back to him Comrade Zheng Xiye, he is almost 30 years old, can you be more mature Don t be so naive.

indeed.The frostbite on his hands is really insignificant compared to other large and small wounds on his body At this moment, the curtain of the tent was opened, and a loud voice accompanied by footsteps and wilford brimley diabetes gif tandem diabetes login the sound of wind and snow on the plateau, Unpredictably, Qi Qi rushed in.Brother Ye, what are you doing here I ve been looking for you outside like a headless chicken A Spike team member walked in.Xu Fangfei was taken aback and was extremely embarrassed.Without thinking about it, she quickly let go of Zheng Xiye s hand, cleared her throat, and looked left, right, the top of the tent, and then the floor of the tent as if nothing had happened.

It s Tsering Sangji from the protection station.How could it be At this time, Zheng Xiye took a few steps forward in silence, bent down, and looked carefully at the face of the deceased, and then He took a rough look around the body of the deceased.A few minutes later, Zheng Xiye lowered his eyes and said calmly, He was shot in the left atrium.It should be that the poachers came here and there was a conflict.The moment the words landed, an eagle s cry pierced the sky.Zheng Xiye straightened up slowly, stood up, raised his dog diabetes blindness hand and took off the snow cap and gloves on top of his head, with a serious and dignified face.

Her Aye is equally important and something worthy of her persistence.Zheng Xiye remained silent, but stared deeply at the girl s young and beautiful face and the heavy military uniform on her body.After a while, the corners of his lips curled up, and he said softly, Zai Zai, this trip to Qinghai was not in vain.Xu Fangfei understood the man s good intentions, and tears welled up in her eyes.Zheng Xiye said again Comrade Xu Fangfei, work hard.I hope to see your application form for the Langya selection next year.Xu Fangfei smiled and shed tears, raised her hand to salute him, and said loudly Yes, Instructor Chapter 80 Xu Fangfei s life in Qinghai, a month has passed in a flash.

For a legal young couple, it s normal to have some intimacy.Zheng Xiye didn t find it strange, and he didn t have any desire to spy.He smelled the intoxicating aroma of fruit wine from Xu Fangfei s body, and knew that this kid was already on top, so he prepared to take her away from this inappropriate scene.Just as he took a few steps in his arms, he suddenly felt the girl s petite body leaning towards him, staggering, as if she couldn t stand still.Fearing that she would fall, Zheng Xiye subconsciously half bent down to wrap her around her even tighter.In the flashy scene, his eyes met hers, and he clearly saw a flash of narrowness and success in the girl s blurred eyes.

How would you know Qiao Huilan said with a smile He passed by Xiaoxuan before When I saw Xiaoxuan, I sent our girl back along the dog diabetes blindness way.I had a chat with him at that time, and he gave me his business card.What a coincidence, I will bring Xiaoxuan next week Go and see Zhao Shuyi.Xu Fangfei was silent for a few seconds, and said, Okay.Xu Fangfei continued, Mom, take a photo of Zhao Shuyi s business card and send it to me later.Qiao Huilan didn t know what her daughter wanted, But he didn t ask any more questions, and hung up the phone after saying yes.Not long after, Xu Fangfei s WeChat rang, and she received a business card photo from her mother.

At that time, there will be demonstrations and demonstrations all over the world.The big battle is just around the corner.At this point, Black Mass looked sideways at Tang Yu and said softly, Xiao Yu, what do you think of my plan Tang Yu s pupils trembled violently, not knowing what to say.You don t talk Hei Misa raised his eyebrows lightly, then smiled lightly, his voice suddenly raised a bit Young Master Ang, what do you think There was a loud noise from the direction of the basement.Tang Yu was startled, quickly grabbed the coat next to her and put it over her shoulders, and rushed over quickly.

Zheng Xiye .Zheng Xiye With high eyebrows, she raised her hand and slapped her little butt hard Isn t my cub also yours How can a mother curse her baby like this It was rare to see him back down, Xu Fangfei burst out laughing, black and white The clear eyes are shining.But But what Zheng Xiye looked down at the little girl in Bad Li, pinched her cheek lightly with his fingers, then smiled indulgently, and said softly However, as long as it s my son Raw, let alone a fool, I like to get into my bones even if I m a little pig.Chapter 86 The next morning, Xu Fangfei and Zheng Xiye went to the martyrs cemetery.

As for.Zheng Xiye kissed her on the lips and said, It s good that you don t feel uncomfortable.But your physical strength is mediocre, and you really need to what the difference between diabetes type 1 and type 2 make up.Xu Fangfei was stunned, her eyes were rounded, and she was very curious I just I know that boys nourish their bodies by eating sheep s waist and drinking kidney treasure.How do girls replenish themselves I still need to know how to replenish.Zheng Xiye pondered for a while, and then said, It s just right.I have a friend who works in the Army Hospital Professor, I ll call him tonight and ask him.After hearing that speechless, Xu Fangfei really wanted to throw a piece of tofu on the man s handsome face.

But A Ye is a few months older than me.Comrade Xu, you are my sister in law, so I can t bear this call, Brother Mao.After greeting Su Mao, Xu Fangfei looked at Lu Qiming again, and amputate diabetes smiled actively Hello, you are Brother Lu Qiming, right I My name is Xu Fangfei, and she is Ah Ye s girlfriend.I often hear Ah Ye mentioning you, and Ah Ye said that you are his very good friend just like Su Mao.Lu Qiming paused for a moment, then got up to shake hands with Xu Fangfei, and the corner of his mouth curled up.With a faint arc, he said softly, Hello, brother and sister.Because of Xu Fangfei s self introduction, the invisible frost and snow in the private room gradually melted away.

You only have fifteen minutes apart from the distance.Zheng Xiye s eyes were full of surprise and interest, and he leaned back into the chair Leaning on his back, casually I m quite curious.You already know that I m checking you, why are you still so calm and think you can go Tang Yu said coolly If you are not going to let me go, show up today In Misty Rain, it is a large group of heavily armed national security police, not you alone.Zheng Xiye s eyes were slightly cold, and he diabetic jokes did not speak.You should be very afraid of arousing the enemy.After all, the opening ceremony of the summit is about to begin.

You ve finished eleven, and you can t find the remaining two.Qiu Minghe tilted his head with a morbid interest in his eyes, and said, You waited until now to let everyone TN16 were all sent into the venue.If I guessed correctly, your people must be digging three feet now, and the venue is full to find the remaining two, right Zheng dog diabetes blindness Xiye s eyes were ice cold, and his ten fingers holding the gun suddenly twitched.tighten up.Immediately after, Jiang Xu s voice came dog diabetes blindness out of the earphones, and he said anxiously Ah Ye, I can t find it.I searched everything, Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos dog diabetes blindness and all the detectors have not moved at all.

In place, I think you will be soft on the bed for a few days.Xu Fangfei blushed and scolded him Stinky rascal, shut up.Chapter 89 Ending At the end of May, Xu Fangfei returned from the Wubai Base to complete her learning tasks and returned to Yun Military Industry Attended graduation and investiture ceremonies.Everything about the school seems to be the same.The dazzling scorching sun in midsummer, the stern faced sentries at the gate, the solemn and solemn bright yellow cordon, the sweaty recruits shouting slogans, and the neatly uniformed cadet team, the only difference is that the open space behind the training building is surrounded I got up and heard that a new complex building best book diabetes was going to be built.

A few seconds later, Zheng Xiye asked in a deep voice Can this situation be treated It is a particularly dog diabetes blindness effective treatment method.The existing treatment techniques have different effects from person to person, and are useful for some people, but not for others.You tratamiento para la neuropatia diabetica can treat them for a while and see.Zheng Xiye asked again What is the specific treatment Means The director replied The main thing is to give needles to promote drainage.After coming out of the military hospital, the sun was still fierce.But Xu Fangfei felt a chill that shouldn t be felt in midsummer.She walked out of the hospital gate with a normal face, didn t go to the parking lot, just drooped her head, and walked forward without saying a word.

After that day, their life returned to peace and sweetness again.As for the matter of the child, the two tacitly stopped mentioning it.After typing out dog diabetes blindness the marriage report, Xu Fangfei and Zheng Xiye went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain the certificate on an auspicious day at the end of July.The moment she got the red book, the little girl childishly held up her marriage certificate, dog diabetes blindness looked left and right at the sun, the corners of her mouth became more and more curved.The heart is sweet, like swallowing a whole honey.Zheng Xiye noticed her silly smile, couldn t help but smile, and said casually, You re such a big girl, and she s just like a teenage baby, having fun all day long.

Xu Fangfei will never know that the man who never believed in gods once bowed dog diabetes blindness for her every five steps, kneeled every ten steps, and kowtowed her long head all the way in the wind and frost diabetic soups dog diabetes blindness at the foot of the snow mountain.Kneel down once and read a sentence silently.I love my wife dearly.For the rest of my life, I will be safe and healthy.All my thoughts will come true and all my wishes will come true.Zheng Xiye prays sincerely.Xu Fangfei was stunned What do you mean Zheng Xiye Death and life are inseparable, talk to Zicheng.Comrade Xu Fangfei, I don t know if I have the honor to be destined for three lives with you Fated for three lives Xu Fangfei was surprised, and with a snort, she said narrowly, But I remember it very clearly.